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Hi, I love your theme. My content isn’t loading in Chrome anymore (it still works in Safari). If I update to the new version, will I lose what I have? Thank you for your help!

Thank you!

Hi again, it won’t let me install the latest version (zip). It says:

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.”

If I give you my password, would you be able to help me out?

Thanks so much,

Please just extract the main archive and use file for installation.

Thanks a lot

Thank you for your answer, I’ve downloaded the js you sent me. I’d like to make our website along the lines of

The question is… how can I use the js you sent twice or more times? I mean, I want to link some posts (3 or 4) to the same number of pages. Can I do it like this?
var $blankid=234;
var $blankurl='';
var $blankid=235;
var $blankurl='';
Is it right? More questions about the template:
  • how I have to do it to order the post how I want to? Ordering by dates?
  • Also, I’d like to know how to do it so the featured image is full size when I click the post. Now it resizes to the size of the post box.
  • Is there a way to not show the category of the post when you roll over?

Thanks again and excuse me about all these questions.

You’re the best, Themeton. I don’t know what I’d do without your help… but it doesn’t work yet. I’ve replaced you links by the ones I need… and it doesn’t work. $blankid=[‘470’,’547’,’487’]; var $blankurl=[‘','',''];[/pre] Thank you very much

Also… the tablet & mobile version doesn’t work properly with that js, but it works with the original one…

Also… I’ve noticed the Custom CSS field doesn’t work for me…

Strange. Please add your css changes at bottom of style.css file.

I will, thank you.

I have a problem with the theme at the moment. It may be something very simple.

the images won’t go the a larger size when you click on them. The loader keeps loading.

Any Idea?

Thank you


Word press question.

Any idea why if I am updating the files with filezilla, they are not updating on the website version.

It seems to be staying with the old version and not updating the theme?

I am stuck back at version 1.5

Anytime You have chances to update your theme via ftp and regular built in wp options.

Via ftp: You should overwrite all (or only changed) php files into your theme directory. But it is hard to collect modified files from theme when updated the theme. Also you can Rename old theme folder and upload new theme with old name. That’s would be easy.

WP method: You can delete old one and upload new one there
Don’t forget to read update instruction from the documentation file.

Thanks friend

Great thank you very much.

Hi again, themeton.

It seems that the scripts.js file you uploaded for me doesn’t work. Or at least it doesn’t work for me. Also, it doesn’t work properly in phone and tablet.

I’m sorry about asking so much, but I don’t know what to do. Thank you very much.


Don’t forget to delete cache of your browser.

Thanks a lot

No, thanks to you. Now it works just great!!

Now I only have the problem I told you in the next post. If you could read it and tell me what you think, I’d be very grateful.

And hi again… sorry, maybe I’m doing something wrong, so let me explain my issues to you.

Besides the js you sent me didn’t working there is another issue that is troubling me very much: In our web we have 3 blog pages: one is the “home” page, another one is our blog itself, and the last one is a portfolio (although I use blog instead of portfolio) of our past works, each one only shows one category.

In Settings>Reading I have the “home” blog as “Front page”, and the “Post page” is currently empty, although I’ve tried all the blogs here. The thing is, when I send someone a link to a post of our “home” blog, everything works fine, but when I use a direct link from one of the 2 other blog pages, it shows the home page, though the URL appears to be fine. Do you have any idea of which could be the problem? I’m quite desperate right now…

Thank you again, and excuse me about all these questions.

Is there any way to fix the loop so the #filter works after the second reload?

Okay, Lets meet on it next week. Thanks

Hello. one question. I can agree files in the post??? for example .pdf files??? I am teacher, and I would like to create a web for ,y students. every post have written introduction and study guie in .pdf format… I can use this template for this????? thanks

Theme can’t show pure pdf file. You can put download link there in posts. Also you can put your pdf files with embed of some embed sites such as slideshare …

Thanks ;)

I would like some help with my personal site. After i updated the theme about a month ago or so, this is the result i m getting

Tell me what you thing the problem might be, so i can get the site back and running properly.

Thank you for your time


There has a problem of javascript. js/scripts.js file has problem and causing those issues. Can you check this file and update again?

If you can’t please send me your site login details from my profile page.

Thank you

Hello again, themeton,

Well, this is an example on the things I told you… If you go to everything works fine (thanks to your modified script.js), but you follow directly the url of a post, like, you can’t see the entire post.

And if you follow the url of an older post, like, you can’t even see the post… I know I can raise the limit of the posts shown on the homepage, but I want a lower limit, you know. Besides that, as I told you, there are 3 blog pages in the websites, and I want them all separated.

I think this is my last issue with the template. Thank you very much!

Ok, let’s see… This posts are part of our blog ( When you see one of them from the blog or by direct url, you can see it complete, like this:

But when I open one of them from the search results page, the post is shown incomplete:

I guess it’s the same problem you solved last week.

Hello, Hope I’ve fixed it now. Please check your site. On search and any other pages. Thanks

Hi Themethon! Now it’s perfect, thank you very much!

Hi reinstalling through wp, and I am getting this problem.

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

any idea.



You look found the solution. But probably need for another users, just extract the main archive and check the FAQ page.

Thanks a million

Got it

This is the very common issue. If you go to the TF forum, you can find multiple questions and answer for that. Solution is simple. Please extract the main archive and use the file.


Yeah that’s it :)

I have an issue. I have updayed the theme.

I can not get a logo to uplaod, ping jpeg…nothing. it uploads but will not appear, and the size is fine less than 300 wide and 160 high.

Help would be appreciated.

Your image location has problem or your hosting restricts wp directory access. Please check this link and contact with following

Thanks a lot

This is the answer I got from the tech support from my provider

Can I ask why this is happening with the upgraded version of SG, and it did not happen before?

Wordpress tries to set file permissions itself when files are uploaded from inside the Wordpress interface. This can sometimes clash with the security in place on our Web Hosting Cluster resulting in the newly uploaded files being inaccessible to the web (page no found or access denied messages)

To prevent this from happening in future, all you need to do is ensure the permissions set on the upload folder is 775 (as opposed to 771 which it likely is currently). Once you have done this any files uploaded in future will upload with the correct file permissions (either 664 or 644).

To fix already uploaded files in the uploads folder that cannot be accessed, simply change their permissions from 660 to 664.

You can change file permissions either through your Online Control Panel’s File Manager (the globe icon) or more simply through any FTP client such as FileZilla or Cyberduck.

To avoid this from happening again there is a plugin you can use called “Change Uploaded File Permissions” which can be downloaded and installed via the plugin section on your WordPress Dashboard you would simply need to install and activate this plugin and it will set the permissions for you.

I got it sorted.

Thanks friend.

hello, i just purchased this theme at themeforest, but unfortunately the posts won’t load, neither in portfolio nor in the blog layout. also the themton support forum does not accept the icense key i got from themeforest. the website in doubt is

what can i do?


Please check your email. I sent you a reply and fixed the register problem

Thanks a lot

I’m interested in purchasing this theme. Is it possible to redirect the links on the grid squares to open up a new page without rearranging the other squares? As in, no animation when clicked.

It opens only arranged type. Thank you for interesting

I am trying to get an ABOUT Page up.


I can’t see a way of getting this done as the template only allows for 2. So what am I doing wrong? Thank you


Please just select About and Contact pages on Theme Options panel. Then select a home page on Settings=>Reading.


Absolutely awesome theme, but it stops loading the posts if you scroll down using the mouse scroll:

If you use the down arrow key the next set of posts will load. There are over 100 posts. But if someone comes to my site and doesn’t know to push the down arrow key, they think there are only like 10 posts for the whole site, because the loading stops. Any ideas how to fix? UPDATE: Okay so I changed the settings under READING and this seemed to fix it. So we’re good!

Hi, Sounds good. Thanks

Hi, I re-installed the squaregrid template on my site ( and all category filters on the top disappeared. I’ve tried going around the WP panel looking for an option that would activate it, but nothing.


Have you selected your blog/portfolio page on Front of your site?
Regular index page doesn’t have filter capacity. Those pages have filter options. Also please read this answer.

Thanks a lot