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Hello all,

I want to update/improve some of lack for this theme. Specially replace timthumb with another cropping.

Then do you have ideas to improve this theme, please let me know and reply on this comment. Lets talk together and make some improvements.

I’ll try to update if they are doable. Thanks a million

Hi, Themeton, A user of my website has noticed that, in Firefox, the scrollbar (when it’s needed) only appears when she resizes the window. I’ve tested it and it seems true. Is there some adjustment to make it to work properly? Thank you very much!

Can we remove this scroll (nice scroll) bar? Thanks

Hello Themeton, is it possible to disable the link to open the post for a message/picture on the home page (blog style)?

Sorry what do you mean?

Hi there,

I have 2 questions:

1) on the homepage - if i select a static page, all the blog items show on the page (this is what i want) but the filters menu disappears. - if I select the blog age, only a few /latest blog items show unless we scroll down, but we have a the filters menu on the page (which i would like on the homepage)

Do you have a solution for me?

2) Like another user, my blog items have stopped loading when we click on them from the grid, the loader keeps turning… Following the advice you gave, I have updated the theme files the morning but the problem persists.

Do you have an idea?

Thanks for your help.

1. Yeah you should select there a page. Looks you missing to set filter option there (turn uncheck “Hide filter”).

2. Most of the time it is related timthumb. Looks you’ve set it now.

Thanks a lot

Hi Themeton

I have a website setup to have multiple posts on the homepage (set up like your theme) but also another page with multiple posts on it. When I directly link to a post on the second page by typing in the url it loads with everything on the homepage. (the url dynamically changes from the complete url to instead of – is there a way to directly link to a post on another page without it opening on the homepage with everything else?

This kind of direct access is impossible sir. Explain, wp gets page information by http access as which page or post needs to open …
Looks your access needs to open blog page first and open single post on it. But there don’t have a possibility to do multiple actions with single access.

We can open posts on pages but not direct access. This was our logical mistake when we developing it. Hope you understand me.

Thanks a lot

Hello. How can I stop showing the categories to which a post belongs on the main portfolio page, when the user scrolls over a square grid. I only want to show the title of the post. For example on the website: when the visitor rolls over a photo the title (in red) I want to keep, the categories (in black) I don’t want to display. Thank you.

You can hide them with custom css. Add it on Custom CSS field of admin panel. { display:none }

Also we have a chance to remove it with php changes. Please open up the post.php file and remove highlighted lines on this image

Thanks a lot

Thank you Themeton, the support is great as always.

Hey great work! Only one question: when I click on a tile, the post opens at the bottom of my screen and I cant see whole of it. can this be fixed?

I suspect this is an issue of nicescroll bar. What is your browser and OS? Probably if we remove this it works fine.

Thanks, TT

My OS is windows 7 and my browser Google Chrome.

Thanks ;)

Will you be adding the Theme Builder to this in the future? I love the squareGrid but would like the ease of the builder. Thanks

I have no plan for it. Thanks for interesting


What options are available for advertising with this theme? Is there a way to have homepage images to open up an external website or to display an ad code in place of the post image.

Love the theme, very good work with it.


You should use “Page links to” plugin. If you bind external url on your posts, they jumps when you click on them.


Hi Themeton!

I just purchased the theme and I found it very nice – but, please correct me if I´m wrong:

The whole content is simply not visible for Search-Engines and so the site is nice but because the ajax & co. dead like a fish in the water.

I try it with different search engine spider simulators, but not even one get´s the honey-pot, the content. So you got a nice side but you get invisible for Google & Co.

Is there a solution, so that a search engine can READ the structure and the content?

If no solution possible, please refund.


Yes, Search robots can read site content but not analytics work good with it. We write browser history by script when click on posts but analytics couldn’t count their clicks


Hello Support, is it possible to change the Animation to the original isotope animation, where the Element which is clicked does animate in one step to become the large item? In the “Squaregrid-theme” the clicked item animates in two steps, first item gets bigger, image loads, and the all siblings/elements gets animated afterwards.

I would like to animate like the isotope demos:

Would be so glad to get your support on this issue…

Thanks in advance halione

They uses same methods but theme content loading is little bit late than rearrange looks different. We can add image and video or rich content our posts. They need time to load as they show up. I’m searching solution for it but couldn’t find yet :(

Thanks a lot

As always, I love this theme but have been having some trouble with it when loading jQuery into a full width page particularly since updating Wordpress. In the case of the first link the page won’t load and in the case of the second link, the page gets stuck and won’t back up.

Is there some code I can get to prevent these conflicts or is there an update for the new Wordpress that will fix it?

Thanks for your help.


1. Looks your first page has height issue and conflicting item height with theme style. You should remove item height from 701 line of the style.css file and gets height by your plugin

2. I don’t have exact idea about second page. Seems conflicting social stream plugin and theme scripts. May be we need to restrict some scripts on fullwidth page. If you think it is efficient please let me know


This support is so poor! No reply no infos for more than a week! Thats is not professional and i cant recommend Themeton at all.

it is possible that after clicking on portifolio when he was reorgranizar he went to the top left corner? same site

It has only category filter which filters existing posts on your display. It doesn’t have exactly same the site. Thanks

Dear themeton, great theme! a couple important questions pls… i need a theme for a web radio. in this site i want to have ads instread of pictures…i want in each picture to have preview (preview website as themeforest), and i would like to have a chat room…

Can i use your theme for that purpose? Kind regards, xrisxal2000

and pls is it possible with a plugin or something in page loads to be able the ads to change place, or order??

i really love this theme! i hope is easy to wor with seems to be ok! i love your theme… it solve me a lot of issues. i want a chat plugin , so i have a pic. for example chat with us…click on it and open in the layout the chat, and it perfect because my ads will be around all the time for everyone to see… pls i wait for your response

There shows only images (featured image/images), no ads. I’m sorry.

Thank you for interesting.

Dear themeton, a couple of questions pls…

1. In Theme options panel where i can change the Squaregrid 2.4 on top of the page to what i want? 2. My favicon icon not showing up, either via the theme options panel or via plugin. 3. how pls i can create a full page like the one in your demo? and how i enable the filters in blog page? 4. i want my pages ?????? (Profile)...Events, ????????? (Program) to be in the hoe page, when someone enter the site and you see what you are see now, i want a post ” about” , i want “events” , i have create posts , but opens only if i make a clik in the primary menu

pls visit

Kind regards, xrisxal2000

Please check your tickets now. I’ve answered there. Thanks

Thanks Themeton! Great Support!!

Dear support theme…

pls look

Kind regards, xrisxal2000

waiting for replay, kindest regards, xrisxal2000

ps i wait for someone to’s important in order to finish. KInd regards, xrisxal2000

When i choose a item from main menu and scroll the mousewheel to see the post or image the page flickering, or better goes up-down-up-down really fast and it’s very annoying.

Go to -> from the menu choose -> EVENTS and when you make click to EVENTS , form that point try to go down to see the image with the mouse scroll wheel. You will see taht the pages goes up-down really fast…

It’s really important to be solved’Kind reagrds, xrisxal2000

Can you tell me where exactly the problem?


dear friend, click on events…AND LEAVE the cursor of the mouse THERE don’ t move it, then just move the mouse wheel, you will see the screen to go up and down, i try to send it to you with video, like you, but when the screen was recording the issue disappear.pls do what i tell you i will try to send you a video.


So please just remove this line from js/scripts.js file. This function identify top position of current post and scrolls. And without this line means there don’t have any scrolling effect when you click on items

Thanks a lot

something funky is going on with my site. it goes blank a few seconds after you get to the page. Also I can’t get the filter to actually work.

here’s the site.

nope. deactivated all plugins. still does it.

Is there have your custom scripts (js) in your site?
Seems some javascript line has problem and it blocks next line scripts …


I just started over with a new wordpress install. I think it’s going ok, but that filter doesn’t seem to work right. I have it set to categories and when I select one, it still pulls in images from other categories.