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Themeton, a couple of questions PLS…

1.if you visit the site…

you will see that it’s post opens with one move. How i can do that pls??? It’s really important.

2. I want to move down a bit the search box in my page, what i must change and where pls in order to have the search fev px down?

Pls answer as soon as possible,’ Kindest regards, xrisxal2000

Answered your email. Please check that and check another comment. Thanks

Many thanks my friend i really really appreciate it. Support is the most important thing for all of us with very less knowledge of that, and you make happy clients, kindest regards, xrisxal2000

Dear Themeton, the issue is not resolved, i click to a post, the posts open with icons in front of it and in the second phase the icons leaving and i can see the post. Pls check an old ticket from a purchaser…

in order to help you understand pls see what i ask.. if you have found a solution to it. I really appreciate your effort support team, a need 1-2 couple things and i am ready to deliver.

Thanks again., kindest regards, xrisxal2000

I have problem with the scroll bar, i have a lot of issues but now is this the most important, i wait for someone to respond because i must finish the site and presented to the client, i wait for your answer , i cannot wait any longer, my issue must resolver. I can give creds or whatever to help me.

Go to play with the posts and after a while or at the start the scroller is not working. We must fix it, i cannot finish the project. I wait for your help.

i think i found the problem to the scroll bar…is the search option, when you enabled it on chrome it makes problem with scrolling and scroll bar. i put it in another place and it works ok. with this i fix the problem with flickering. Very important and common.

Bad support, bad documentation, important template issues that no one can give solution

Good afternoon, I have the following active website ( but the windows do not show content when it’s open, begins to read and does not advance, just work in safari. What better way to update the template without losing the information that is already inserted? I want to leave the site as is, but to begin operating in explorer and firefox.

Can you help?

Kind Regards,

Update depends on just theme files. You content won’t loose. But you can backup your content with some plugin (backup plugin). You look updated your theme already there. If you have another questions please let me know

Thanks a lot

Hi again,

I update the theme, but i need to put the main menu as was previously! You can check this image to see the menu

Can you help?


hi i installed this theme, but when i click on post, the post open but the page automatically scroll to up. please see my this problem on my website:


I don’t see this issue on your site.
Seems you found the solution there.


Hi again, i test in several browser: chrome, mozila and also my ipad. but the problem is still existing. to see my roblem, pls scrool down to bottom post, and after that click on some post in the middle. you will find that the age scrool to top. i also see the demo sites here, they are okey and don’t have my problem in showing post.


Love the template!

Any options for widgets on pages? IE: lead capture forms, related posts, etc?


Theme doesn’t support any widgets. Thanks for intersting


Can I use adsense with this theme?

There don’t have adsense option.

Thanks for interesting


I purchased this wordpress theme I find very interesting, I have a question, I can insert images to make them look at the inputs. It is possible to modify some code to insert an animated gif on the entrance and anime? An example would be this website cargocollective staff:

Hi varese,

Theme uses TimThumb image cropping library for tile. If you upload there gif image it crops by timthumb and doesn’t animate. Then it will animate when you open the post.

Thanks for the purchase. Regards, TT

Hi themeton, not clear to me to put a youtube video. Thanks again

Hi varese,

Thanks a lot

I am having an issue with the pinit feature offered for the theme. When a user selects the pinit button on am image from a gallery, the gallery images is not being pulled into the pinterest share page. Instead it pulls the image of the site’s logo every time.

Could you please help me.

Thank you.

I this theme still functioning? The demo doesn’t work. I would like to check it out. It seems like just what I am looking for.


I just would like to know how to remove the white spacing like these pics.

This is important. Please advise…

Thanks very much in advance. ;)

can we use front end posting with this theme?

No sir, Thank you for interesting

Hi! Can anyone explain how you get the filter board on your site? I can not find how you do it… Thanks for all help… Peter

I answered on your another question. You can find the answers from FAQ page. Thanks

Hi! How do you get the filter line? Regards Peter

Here is the answer on FAQ page. Thanks

Is this compatible with the latest Wordpress version?

What about IE 10 and 11?

If so, I recommend you update your info, also for the other themes. I have to take a decision fast and now I have to wait the answers. You might lose sales if your info is not up to date

Hi, I make a website for a client, based on your theme (he purchased it) – and I have a big issue as no image is showing – I did everything you said in the theme documentation – and then images will show, but the next day they wont’t – this happened to me already 2 times in 2 days. I also searched this comments section trying to find an answer but there wasn’t anything new beside what was already in the theme documentation.


About SquareGrid’s “Full Width Page”,

Image1 [separator type=”simple”] Check Out with PayPal

Image2 [separator type=”simple”] <input type=”image” value=”Check Out with PayPal” src=”” />

Image2 becomes larger than the original size of Image1. But we do not need image size change in input tag.

Please tell us what file we should change to fix it. And please tell us where and how to change in the file.

Thanks in advance.

Image1 [separator type=”simple”] img alt=”Check Out with PayPal” src=””

Image2 [separator type=”simple”] input type=”image” value=”Check Out with PayPal” src=””

(”<” and ”/>” are removed)

Hi, update for wp 3.8 ?

Can you tell me what exactly problems on your site?
I was out of the service for a while. And now come back, I’ll take a look and update the theme with compatibility of 3.8

Thanks a lot

Hi, I downgrade the wp to be able to manage the content but soon as possible I send you some stills of the problems… In words, it’s impossible to manage / access to the settings of the theme in pages, and also the drag drop options.

Many thanks for the reply, Carlos

My website is

After upgrading to the latest WP and manually adding the latest files form Squaregrid based on the documentation, the homepage is no longer showing the video clips and none of the nav bar links work.

This is an urgent issue affecting the whole site and design so I would appreicate greatly your immediate feedback! Thank you.

in the 21 hours between response time, I had to add some code to the tim thumb file, as it was stating relative url addresses, not absolute. Is there another plugin you recommend that creates thumbnails instead of using the tim thumb ? As for the menu links that weren’t working, it was a server issue, which i resolved with the hosting company.

in the 21 hours between response time, I had to add some code to the tim thumb file, as it was stating relative url addresses, not absolute. Is there another plugin you recommend that creates thumbnails instead of using the tim thumb ? As for the menu links that weren’t working, it was a server issue, which i resolved with the hosting company.

I’m prepared image cropping changes here. I’ve replaced it with aq_resizer and it doesn’t require extra folder permission and hosting config now.

And another ongoing fix is covering issue when open a post. Hope those update included on download soon.

Thanks a lot

Dear themeton,

I use your theme at the following website:, it recently developed a bug:

If you scroll down and click on a lower post it’ll navigate the viewport to the top or to another area where you cannot see the post anymore.

Do you have any suggestions what this could be?

thanks a lot

I couldn’t connect to your site last days. Is this really working?


somehow, it won’t work if you have but if you just enter it shows up, confusing.

You have to check following things related your address,
  1. Domain mapping
  2. Htaccess restriction
  3. Server configuration

The “largeTop” function navigates scrolling when items open. Seems server responses too slow and 1 second isn’t enough to wait. Can you increase animation time and try again? js/scripts.js file line 428

Thanks a lot