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Hi. Not urgent, but it would be cool if you could take at look at my site and let me know why the favicon has stopped displaying. Also, any ideas regarding mailing list integration without destroying the lovely atheistic would be nice. Thanks,

Don’t worry, I solved the favicon issue. For some reason, updating from Theme Options didn’t work so I used an FTP to overwrite the SG one.

Okay, well done with fav. So I have not any idea about subscription. Probably you need to choose correct plugin and I’ll give you some css customization with it

Thanks a lot

Hello. I noticed a little while ago that the posts do not load anymore. Sometimes when I click on a post it doesn’t do anything except show the loading icon. Sometimes it resizes the pane as if it’s going to load the post but it just stays blank with a white background. Can you please take a look and let me know what I can do to fix this? Here’s the site:

Please update the theme there. Your version is 1.5.1 but latest version is 3.0.0 now. Means there have tons of fixes and improvements. Hope latest version solves this issue.

You can get update instruction from the theme doc.

Thanks a lot

Id like to purchase the theme but I noticed the posts aren’t loading once clicked. Thoughts?

Correction, the load but when closed they just stay loading and don’t refresh.


3pi0 Purchased

Hi, in an earlier question you mentioned Page Links To for redirecting post to custom url. How can i make it work on this theme? When i click on the post i have set to redirect it disappears. I need it for advertising and i need when someone clicks on the post to open link to another page or in new tab, so if this plugin doesn’t work please give me some solution. PS i am still waiting for answer on my ticket.

Okay sir, I’ll take a look and give you a solution soon. Thanks

Something strange seems to be happening with YouTube and Vimeo video posts. When you click the post it is not always opening. Could you have a look..?


I raised a support ticket as suggested on the support forum but nobody has resolved this, which is why I am posting here. Can you please help me – this has been going on for more than 3 months now.

Hello… Anybody?

Themeton – please can you repond

I don’t have the “Filters” bar present on my page and I have no idea how to get it. Also, my images are all sized the same (as squares of equal size) and I liked how this theme had a staggered size and shape model for the grids. How can I achieve that? Thanks!

Hope this link helps you to understand set up of filters.

I have no idea about the image issue. Please send me the link via ticket


I’ve resolved the image issue but the filter option is still non-existent. I have already read your entire FAQ and none of it is helpful for my particular issue so please don’t link me to it. I have no Filter option in “Additional options” to click. That is the problem. The filter option is non-existent. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the theme but it doesn’t appear. Please help.

I am looking to purchase this but I need to know that there is a solution to the following issue from user jk171505.

I removed the ’slide image’ in ‘themeton featured image’ section and set regular featured image. After clicking on a thumb, the post shows up, but the image still links to the lightbox which opens the same image over the content of the page. Can this be turned off?

Hello beautiful theme ! I just have on problem… in google chrome sometimes in other too (safari)

when I click on a post the data behind the picture is cuted by other thumbnails…

here some screencapture :

when I reload the page… all came in order..

Hello themeton, this is a great Theme, thanks for this! I have a question: I’m using Filters (Categories) as main navigation for the site. Do you see an easy way to make Filters visible on every page, also on single pages, archive pages and normal pages? At the moment it is only visible under the main URL/front page.


Hello, where can canviar speed of transition from one image on one input?

hallo it is possible, once displayed the filter list in the portfolio page, to show also the subcategory for each category?

Hello! I am using the Events Calendar Plugin by Modern Tribe, and the page displays like this: But an “OOPS, page not found” message pops up at the top of the page. How can this be disabled. It should not be there because everything IS being found correctly. thanks Leif

Support forum

Dear Customers,

I wanna let you know that we’ve developed new support forum for you. We will provide quick and relevant solutions on this forum. Please register here with your purchase code and send us your questions further.

We’ve tried freshdesk and vanilla systems previously for supporting system. But those wasn’t complete to manage and had some lacks for our needs. And now I hope this dedicated forum solves us all those problems.

PS: Your ordered issues will be answered asap.

Thanks for your patient and see you there. Best regards ThemeTon

Hi I need a sample theme for WordPress users. If the sample sent to my mail if you give demo theme is this?

Hope you are asking about demo data. Please check your downloads directory and get dummy data xml from there. Thanks a lot

Thank you for the answer. This wonderful theme and PrivateContent – Multilevel Content Plugin is compatible with do? Join the many users that want to create a portfolio with

I don’t know and I’m not confident with it. Please give it a try if you have a purchase license of PC plugin. Thanks

Hi! I’ve puchrased this √≠tem and it’s fully functional on my website, really awesome. I would like to know if there is any way to use another post layout besides the default ones, for example 1×1, 2×3, etc. I would like to post in a 4×3 layout. Thanks!

Honestly I don’t want to suggest it because any custom changes to lead extra troubles.

But if you really want, you should make it there your self like following
  1. Add new post layout option on “functions.php” file (Line about 20-25, the array called shape). You’ll see current layouts and add yours same as they.
  2. Add featured image size on post-featuredimage.php file. There have an array and you should extend your size there. Looks 4×3 is 634×476 pixels.
  3. Last and most important part. You should make your own size style on style.css file. There have layout styles called shape11, shape21 etc.
Please don’t forget to make all those changes on ONLY child theme.

Thanks a lot

How come in your demo, when you close a post, the thumbnail stays in a loading state? The theme seems broken.

It’s a beautiful theme though.

Thank you for the notice. I’ll look at this and fix. Thanks

Hi. I’ve posted several times (above) and in the Support Forum. My issues have been going on for more than 4 months. Can you please help me.

Hello.. anybody?

Themeton – Please can you respond

I checked your ticket and will answer there soon. Thanks

How can I allow custom post types to load? It goes to the link I see the # in the url and it doesn’t open.

Figured it out, nevermind.

Thanks :)

Is there a way to fix the single post URL problem? If you share a link to a single post on a page, it doesn’t open up the post in its page, instead it redirects you to an index page with all posts from all pages.

For example, if you click this link: it takes you to a page with all posts from all pages, but it should take you to the About page where I’ve filtered this post to only exist there.

I’d like to be able to share a link to a post and have it open on the right page, not an index page with unrelated posts.

Hi ! Thank you for the really good plugin ! I would like to create a blog page ( I already have a blog page ) but with only ONE category displayed . I was trying to create a new template but couldn’t get a chance to code it properly. could you give me an hand on that ? :)) thank you in advance ! <3

Hello, please clarify your situation and desire again. I don’t understand exactly what you mean. Seems you’re mixing something. Thanks