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Missing style sheet error when installing the theme

A common issue that can occur with users new to installing WordPress themes is a "Broken theme and/or stylesheets missing” error message being displayed when trying to upload or activate the theme. This error message does not mean that the theme you have purchased is broken, it simply means it has been uploaded incorrectly. Luckily, there is a very easy fix.

I cannot add more portfolio items to the grid. I have added 13, but only 10 is visible. When I am adding a new one, the last one by date disappears! Where’s the reason?

Go to Settings > Reading and change the number of blog pages to show.

Is there any way to remove the black line at the top of the header on each section?

You should add following style on Custom CSS field of theme option panel

.top-nav,.top-social,.branding,.top-text {border-top:none;}


Can the logo picture be bigger?

Now it limited 156px width. You can do it with following style.

.branding { width: 300px; }

Add it on your “Custom CSS ” field of theme options panel. 300px or bigger

Is it possible to make the post content appear to fit all text without using a scroll bar?


Scrollbar has on only portfolio page template. You should watch this video,

1. Remove checking section from the single.php
2. Change checking of content section in the js/scripts.js file. About line 65, inside the itemHeightReset function.
3. Add following style on Custom Css field of theme options panel
.entry-content { height: auto !important; }


How can i remove the arrows on the top right side of the image?

Please use following style with Custom CSS options of the theme options

.nav_post { display: none; }


Is it possible to enlarge the fields of the posts? I want to enlarge the height on portfolio page.

Please use following style with “Custom CSS ” field

.item.large { height:636px;}
.entry_touch { height: 257px; }
.entry-content { height: 257px; }

Default values 370 and 97px. This style increasing height by one block equals one tile height(160px). Also you can set your values there.


Is it possible to enlarge size of the open posts?

Please use following style with “Custom CSS” field

.item.large { width:636px; height:636px;}
.jp-progress { width: 485px; }
.large-info .contact-map,.contact-map iframe{ width:636px;}
.entry-video, .entry-video iframe { width:636px;}
.entry_touch { width: 606px; height: 257px;}
.entry-content {    width: 606px; height: 257px;}

This style increases with and height by one tile. Now open post size equals 4×4.

And we need to set image cropping size on line 23-24 of “post-featuredimage.php” file.

How can I get the thumbnail from youtube/vimeo to show? Now it shows different image than video thumb.

Please don’t add featured image in your video posts.
Then thumbnail comes from your videos. If you specially add featured image on your video posts, theme understands and shows thumbnail image with it.

Also you should this video,

Can someone tell me what is the deference blog and portfolio pages ?

Those are identical excepts ajax comments and flexible height of open post height. Those has on blog page template.

I can’t get my contact/about page to appear on my home page as the last/first square on the grid ?

Select the contact/about page on theme options panel.
Selected pages shows only on portfolio / blog pages at last / first.

How do I set up filter option? – I don’t see any checkbox in the theme optons panel.

In early releases filter option locates on theme options panel. Option was show or remove filters for whole the site. But we added few more page styles/templates such as 404, search result. Those pages doesn’t really need to show filters.

So, now you can show filters on your portfolio or blog pages. Please manage filter options from Additional options block when you are editing blog/portfolio page.

How can I manage my site like demo site? I’ve added my posts but the site doesn’t show filters.

1. Create new page with portfolio page template.
2. Manage filter options from Additional options box of your page.
3. Select it with home page. Settings=>Reading=>Front page displays = Front page = Select new home page.

You should watch this video tip,

Does anyone know why this theme is adding a ’#’ in my permalink urls?

It (#) is a result of google crawlable ajax. Breafly after you go another pages it helps to inspect where you are.

Also and are absolutely identical. You can type and try every page url without #! on your address bar.

Ajax provides a method for exchanging data asynchronously between browser and server to avoid full page reloads.

In our case, header and footer doesn’t loading when we changing page of site.

Can you give me all the sizes of the grid squares?

You can get all the sizes of cropping featured image from post-featuredimage.php file.
Also open post size equals 476×476px on portfolio page. It means content section set height with 160px

How do I update to the latest version and also how do I know which version I currently have?

- First, you should see changelog.txt file from download archive. There you can see description of version changes and modified files list. (modified, updated and deleted).

Then we have 2 way to update the theme.
  • Re installing. Remove the old theme and install the theme again just like initial install
  • Updating changed files. Connect to your host via FTP client application. Then upload and update the changed files to theme directory that you see on changelog.txt file.

Either ways save your site content and option panel selects.

- Please go to the Appearance=>Themes and you can see there current SG theme on your site. Also can version number displays right after theme name.

Can I remove little circles from image sliders?

You should open up the js/scripts.js file. And find down

jQuery(this).after(myPager).cycle({ ...

Remove the pager argument from cycle initialing script
pager:  myPager,
And refresh the site again :)

Is there any way to remove the – under the post titles when you hover over a post?

Use this style on Custom CSS field

.small-info h2 { background:none; } 

Is it possible to remove the spacing between the posts within the grid? Currently there is a gap of 4 pixels between each post and I want to remove this so that the grid items can seamlessly join.

1. Open up the style.css file and find down .item { ... } about line 701. Set margin attribute with 0.

2. Open up the js/scripts.js file and find down columnWidth attribute about line 530. Set value with 156. (Decreasing 2×2).

3. Refresh your browser few times. May you need to clear cache :)

How do I remove scroll bar and reverse back to default browser scroll?

Open up the js/scripts.js file and find down “niceScroll” function (about line 295) and clear inside of it (leave a function empty).

Is there a way to eliminate the page name being displayed?

Please use this style on your Custom CSS field which exists on Additional Options tab of Theme options panel.
.small-info .item_hover { display:block !important }

I want to show different order on my 2 blog pages. How do I achieve this?

Here I have very simple method. Please watch this,

global $post;
if(get_post_meta($post->ID, 'order', true))
$order_type = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'order', true);
// Available values for order meta: Date, Date ASC, Title, Title ASC, Random

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