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Firstly great work!

I am however having a small issue. When using the automated way of designing the html template, the generated file, whilist viewing correctly on a pc browser, does not view correctly on my Samsun Note 2, with some of the fields broken (screenshot: In addition to the 3 box images being off a little, the text/images in the boxes above also seem to be very close, with no spacing.

Is this something that can be solved? I will test it out on other tablet/mobile devices as well.

Kind Regards,


Hi niteshnp2001,

Thanks for purchasing Squarepath. Ill have a look and will mail you the fix with a update via Themeforest.

Thanks for the comment and letting us know about this issue.

kind regards,


Many thanks Sebastian. That would be great. I’ll be hoping to make use of the template for an e-mail in a few days so will help a lot.

Many thanks again,


Hi niteshnp2001,

I’ve just updated Squarepath with version 2.2. Now you can re-download the the files.

Please let me know if everything works correctly.

Thanks and regards,


Stunning and clean theme. However I notice none of your themes have a way to add a nice big centered button that we can use to link to our product. We need a button that we can change the text on with campaign monitor. Ideally the button will be a separate element so it takes the focus on call to action.

If this is what can be done, then you have a new sale.


Hi Ciaran,

Thanks for the comment :) Our buttons are coded with css, this means that you can change the color and edit them in Campaign Monitor. if you want another kind of button we love to make this for you.

Please let me know.


Hello, i bought your template and it’s a very nice work. Thanks. I have one question about screen size in firefox. When i try to reduce my windows some content disappear. I wondering how to fix it ?

Hello marciv,

The template has been updated with the fix. Updating the live preview now. :)


Hi marciv,

Excellent email template! I REALLY like your Generator for easily creating components / sections to emails.

My question – images are bitmappy (low-resolution) on iPhone 5 (Retina). How do I improve the image quality?

Thanks, ~ Johnny

Hello Johnny,

We disencourage you to make the newsletter Retina ready, as it will most likely land in your customers Junk folder. E-mail does not tolerate heavy/big images and will flag your e-mail right away.

If you still want to have your Newsletter optimized for Retina screens, send our support a mail and we’ll modify the template a bit.



Since we are hosting the images, is it possible to not change the img scr of the elements and to just output an HTML file instead (sans image folder)?

Currently not. You can change the image path manually within the source.

We’ll update the script with the option ‘File only’.



Thank you Kevin! This might interest you, but I’ve been playing around with using this for templates other than MailChimp/Campaign Monitor… but automation systems like Marketo/SendGrid/Eloqua/ExactTarget… Generating for these email marketing systems would instantly boost your sales within enterprise software companies. If you want to take a look at what it requires, I can send you a link. Email me if you like:

The template is fine and looks good in MailChimp. However I was disappointed by the customer service I received from Stamp Ready. I emailed twice regarding help on a particular issue but didn’t get a reply. I’m quite new to using such templates and sending out mails, so some assistance would have been useful. Maybe I expected too much. Anyway, I managed to sort things out myself.

Hello mcariton9,

I’m sorry to hear we haven’t managed to reply to your emails. We receive over a dozen support requests daily. Sometimes these requests got caught in the spam box. Which happened to yours.

Just let us know if you need anything, as we marked you’re address as ‘not junk’.



Is this constant contact ready?


I was about to purchase your email template when I realized that within your full screen demo, the responsive part of email template is not working (using firefox). See the attached screenshot.

Is this just due to the demo? I want to use this template with constant contact.

Hi coupon22,

It was a small fix and we already did it, so it will be no problem anymore when you buy it. Good luck with your purchase.

Kind regards,

StampReady support

I just checked the demo and it looks like the problem is still there. Did you not update the demo with the small fix?

Hi coupon22,

You were right we forgot to update it in the demo version, but know it is. Thank you!

Kind regards,

StampReady support


First of all, thank you, great work!

The download file doesn’t include a version with separate CSS code in the head tag. I’m trying to use this template in my Rails web app (I’m sending emails with Mandrill which automatically inlines CSS rules in the head tag).

Do you have a version of the template with decoupled CSS and HTML you use internally for development? If yes, is it possible for me to get my hands on that version? If not, what’s the easiest way for me to decouple it myself?


Hey there!

All email templates we build are build using inline CSS. However, we may need to consider developing for both. I believe strongly in separate CSS, as indeed, services like Mandrill automatically converts external css to inline css.

Note has been taken and we’re gonna discuss this today.

We apologise to everyone who has been trying to contact us in the past 2 weeks and may have not yet received response. A special compensation will be given to all our trustworthy customers and fans, but we still need to work a little bit more in order we can give it. Please, bear with us as we work 24/7 on the major update.



Hi I’m still not sure how this template works. You simply buy the template and load it through your webhost provider -and start using it ? Or does it works otherwise ? Thank You

No that’s it, very easy to use.

Hi, I have a question. Can I use this template with my own email sending service, or can it only be used with StampReady?

If your sending service reads html templates you can, but it’s created and tested for StampReady.

I don’t see any builder files in the download? How do i use the page builder?

Hi rcompany, you can access the builder online on If you need any support please email to support[at]