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Beautiful theme!!!!! I love your work my friend!!!! ;) Wish you many sales!!!! ;)

thank you very much :)

Great work mate. Good luck. ;)

thank you very much :)

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Nice theme!GLWS :)

Hello, I have some questions:

1) How many projects can I use thema? 2) Will I have to renew the time or the thema be my forever? 3) There are updates to be made??? They are paid? 4) There ourtas URL using this thema? What? 5) How long will I have available a support help?

I await answers. ABS

If you buy it on themeforest – is equivalent to Silver Price 1. With 45$ we only support 1 project 2. You can use theme forever 3,5. You can get update/support in 3 months. 4. Could you explain me about it ?

More detail

Dose this Template support RTL ?

Hi, current this template does not support RTL

how we can use the sliders ? in the documentation there are no infos about that. i try to look into demo content but is not clear. I mean the st-slider from joomla artciles

Hi, Please create a account on our site and login to submit a ticket


I just installed the quickstart files – and in this version there is only 3 different showcase/ colors to choose – but on youre demosite – there are alot more – how can i choose more colors ??

- and another issue – how can i make the logo visible for mobile phones ?

and – is it not posible to choose colors in the template admin ? i cant see any params for this …

Hi, Please create a free account and submit a ticket

I just bought the template because it stated it was using Joomla 2.5 but as I was going to install the quick start I noticed it is using the 3.0. Do you have a quick start that uses 2.5, if not can you please refund me as I don’t want to use 3.0.

Hi, please create an account on our site. Then i can activate your account on my site for you to download the version for J3.

i don’t want version j3 i want the quick start for j2.5

Oh, i’m sorry for my mistake. You can download quickstart for j2.5. Please create an account on my site to download

hi, how is possible to make a background module image full screen as your demo ? if i add an image the them crop it to the width of the page instead full width


I have checked server, thank you for your report.