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Murrr Purchased

Hi there,

I am having trouble changing my slider tab. I’ve followed the instructions:-


Create a new page or edit an existing one Scroll down to beneath the text editor and look for Slider Settings within the General Settings container.

The trouble is, there’s no “Slider Settings” section under the “General Page Settings” section when editing a page.

Assistance would be appreciated.


Hello! Thanks for being a customer :)

Let’s see… are you using the latest version of our theme? The current version is 1.9.1, and the “Slider Settings” section that you’re looking for was introduced in version 1.9.

If you’re using an older version, the latest documentation has those instructions as well (under the instructions for doing it the new way).

Let me know if you run into any issues…

- Jarrod

Hi, I have another question, In the Menu I don´t see the category. And I don´t know, Why? Is possible that this problem to be relation with the htaccess.

I need answers a soon as possible.


Hi there, Javier!

It’s difficult for me to diagnose what the problem could be without being able to see your website. It sounds like you added a category to a menu, but that category isn’t appearing on your website… Am I understanding you correctly?


Hello, Yes it is the problem, I can´t see the category in the menu. This is the website  http://nueva.zut-ediciones.com. This web is in Spanish and the menu is in the header. That moment this web is no active. Thanks


Alright, I can see a list of 9 categories that appear when I hover over the “Revista” menu link. Are there some that aren’t appearing on your end?

mabrip Purchased

Hello. I can not display slider on top page. According to your instruction(new way), I created new page and selected some options in Slider Settings. Then saved changes. However, slider does not appear on the top page.

Should I also change the other settings? Thank you in advance for your help.


Well, damn… that was fast. It looks like Themeforest has already approved the update!

Again, please don’t hesitate to let us know if you run into any other issues.

- Jarrod

mabrip Purchased

Sorry for the late reply. I applied new version and it works well. Thanks. Regarding the slider by “new way”, I can not understand why it does not appear. And I’m not using related plugins.

Now I applied version 1.9.2. What is the difference 1.9.2 and 1.9.3?


1.9.3 was a pretty minor update, we noticed a minor issue with the “tagline” shortcode… and someone requested the ability to launch social links (the ones in the header) in a new tab.

Regarding the slider, are you able to create sliders using the new way on any pages at all? When you have the time, do me a favor and create a test page, add a slider, and make sure to only use “Default template” or “Homepage” as the page template (I’m now realizing that those words need to be added to the documentation, btw).

Let me know what happens… no rush.

- Jarrod

I am thinking of purchasing Staggerly. Very nice. But I need to be able to add full ad backgrounds where the gray and white grunge background is in the example. Is it possible to add one image in the background or would anything that I use in the background have to be a tile or pattern?


Hi there! Sorry for the late reply.

Yes! The Staggerly theme does allow you to use a single background that does not tile.

- Jarrod

Would it be difficult to use a featured post and image instead of the slider?

Hallo there, How can I fill the advertisement places? I do not see a widget for it or a place where to add a image and link.

I hope you can tell me where I can make these changes. Because right now i have a yellow-ish field that states: “Advertisement 728×90”

Thank you!


Hi there!

You can change that ad by going to Appearance > Theme Options > Footer Options and adding your own code to the “Footer Ad Code” field.

If you ever decide to remove that ad space, simply toggle the “Show Footer Ad” setting to “Off”.

That’s it!

- Jarrod

Hi there, I got this as part of the blogger bundle, which I know is not entitled to direct support, but I’m struggling with one thing and wondered if you can help me.

I’m trying to add an “author box” at the end of post (single.php) and it’s working, except I can’t seem to be able to style it at all via CSS (style.css).

My author box is inside a div id=”author-info”



I have two questions regarding configuration for our Wordpress (http://bit.ly/VgYcnR) and would be happy about some help:

1. Do I have to make the starting starting page a static page to use the slider? If not, how do I activate the slider on the index-page?

2. How do I translate “Read more”, “Comments” etc. below each article into another language? I uploaded a changed language file, but that didnt help.

Thank you for your reply


Hi there, Andre! Thanks for being a customer :)

To answer your questions…

Re: Question 1. Yes, you do need to make your homepage a static page to use the slider. However, if you still want to show recent posts on the homepage, you can do so by using one of the “Homepage” templates or by using the “Blog” shortcode.

Re: Question 2. Okay we just tested on our end and everything worked. I’ll take you through the steps we made…

  1. Use Poedit to edit our default language file. Our file is located in the following directory:
  2. Be sure to save as a new file using your language code. For example, if translating to German, you’d name your file “de_DE.po”
  3. After saving your file from the previous step, two new files should be created (the .po file and a .mo file). Upload both of those to the languages directory from step 1
  4. Lastly, edit your wp-config.php file and look for this line:

    define (‘WPLANG’, ‘en_EN’);
    Change that line so that it corresponds to your language code, like this:

    define (‘WPLANG’, ‘de_DE’);

That’s it! Let me know if you have any further questions…

- Jarrod

Hi, I have a question, In the Menu I’m not able to add the categories.


If you’re referring to the slideshow (like the one on our homepage), the first thing you want to do is set your homepage to be a “static” page. Here are the directions for doing that:

  1. If you haven’t aleady, create a page called “Home” (or rename it whatever you want)
  2. You should probably create a “Blog” page too
  3. Next, go to Settings > Reading
  4. For the “Front page displays” setting, select “A static page”
  5. Underneath that, select the following:
    • For “Front page”, select the “Home” you created from step 1
    • For “Posts page”, select the “Blog” you created
  6. Be sure to save those changes

After you have made your homepage a “static” page, you can edit the “home” page you created from step 1, then use the “Slider Settings” (beneath the main text editor) to add a news slider. That’s it!

Let me know if you have any questions or if I misunderstood your issue…

- Jarrod


Thank you Jarrod. how to realise the solution called Home-grid?


There are a couple of options for creating a page that looks like our “Home – Grid”. To get started, create a new page (or edit an existing one) and…

  • Simply use the “Homepage (Grid)” template (within the “Page Attributes” module)


  • Use either the “Homepage” or “Default” template
  • Then, within the “Slider Settings” (beneath the main text editor), set the “Slider Type” to Grid

That’s it!

- Jarrod

jwduim Purchased

Hi, great template, thanks! I get an abuse message from the hoster. the item that is abuse is in template folder staggerly/images. Can you please help me to solve?

Thnaks in advance


Hi there, thanks for the kind words!

How strange! Can you tell me more about the “abuse message”? I’ve never heard of that happening before. The files in that sub-directory are just images (no executable files). Hmmm…

If you wouldn’t mind, please use the contact form on our profile page to send the full message from your host. Thanks


verco Purchased

Hi, I am sorry to bother you but I am really helpless:) Everything is working great with Staggerly but since yesterday I have problems when I want to change a font/typography in Appearence sheet it´s still showing Error message. I can not change anything connected with appearence. I checked if I have css sheet but it looks ok. What could be a problem?


Hi there, verco! There’s no need to be sorry :)

Hmm… let me ask a few questions first…

  1. Have you tried logging out and logging back in? Sometimes when weird issues arise within WordPress, doing that can help.
  2. Have you installed any new plugins lately? If so, try disabling them so that you can see if that is the cause.
  3. Do you remember any other changes that you may have made?

When you get a moment, answer the questions above and we’ll go from there :)


Hi. How do you translate the “Recent Items” found in the main page – or any other untranslated items? Thanks in advance.


Hi there, Jacob!

There is a way to translate WordPress themes to your own language, and this is the best tutorial that I have found.

WordPress’s solution for translating themes is a bit more cumbersome than it should be, but the tutorial I linked is fairly easy to understand and thorough.



I would like to embed just a part of a youtube clip. If I use the following start en end time: http://www.youtube.com/v/Y7mJYwNHGwk?version=3&start=1&end=69&autoplay=0&hl=en_US&rel=0 It works in my browser. However if I copy and paste this link into the ‘Featured Video Settings’ in the Staggerly theme or if I want to use it in a youtube shortcode it doesn’t work, the video won’t play. Is there a solution for this?

Thanks, Adriaan


Hi there, Adriaan!

You know, you’re the first person to find this issue! Although we don’t update the Staggerly theme very often anymore (due to how old it is), we’ll make an exception because this feature should have been present from the beginning. We’ll submit an update to fix this issue by the end of the week :)



Thank you very much!


No problem! I completely forgot to tell you that the update was ready but you probably already figured that out ;)



One more question. I’m setting my website up with posts in chronological order about the second world war. The first post on top is the oldest (beginning of the war), the second post is a bit further in time etc. On the single post now, the buttons on top say previous post and next post. They link to older and newer posts. Hower I want to see that in reverse. The newest post (in wp time) must be the oldest (in history). How can I change the code so the two buttons work in reverse order? Hope you can help me with that.

Link to website: http://www.kiezenindeoorlog.nl/


Hi there!

There are two ways you can do it…

Option 1:
If you’re comfortable editing code, you can edit the single.php within our theme (or if you’re using a child theme, make a copy of it, put it into the child theme directory, and edit it).

On line 74, change previous_post_link to next_post_link.

On line 75, change next_post_link to previous_post_link.

Option 2:
You can also do it with some JavaScript and the Header and Footer plugin. Simply install/activate that plugin, then go to Settings > Header and Footer, and under the Page head and footer tab, add the following code in the first text field:

    if($('body').hasClass('single-post')) {
        var prev_link = $('#page_caption .post-links a[rel="prev"]').attr('href');
        var next_link = $('#page_caption .post-links a[rel="next"]').attr('href');
        $('#page_caption .post-links a[rel="prev"]').attr('href', next_link);
        $('#page_caption .post-links a[rel="next"]').attr('href', prev_link);

Be sure to save changes.

Either of those options should work :)



Works brilliant! Again thank you very much!


No problem! Happy to help :)