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where is the inherited height and overflow styles on the isotope coming from, i cant seem to find this anywhere

I found one bug with your template, the twitter timelime seems to only appear on ipad but not on pc or mac.

take a look at my page

youll notice the json is pulling back a error on the console.

any way to fix this?

yeah i forgot to mention afterwards i realized what the issue was, it was a stupid proxy issue in my network. _


This is an awsome theme, but the SF menu is broken in IE8. It renders > arrows all over when there are more than one level and the padding/margin is of


Hello! Can you please post this issue on my support forum and we will double check and if there is an issue it will be fixed.

got one more question, posted on the forum but here seems to get faster response.

How do i add values to whatever script it is that lets you make input field text disappear on click. I tried adding a company input field but the text doesn’t fade on click

here you go | and for the record im not claiming YOU suck cause every time i post on here you promptly answer me, which is great! BUT your forum team is honestly not doing a great job. I had posted my question today and got a short response quickly after that, the response was short and didn’t provide a solution, yet your support member thinks its ok to just sign off when im trying to discuss with him. Maybe he was passing out…but if you see a customer engage in conversation he should at least wait till the conversation is over and resolved to sign off.

I do provide quick answers here because I’m always on mobile. As for the support team on the forum, they have a lot of requests every day + there is live chat. Due to support policy the answers to the questions are provided in the order they were submitted and may take up to 48 hours. I do understand that you want to get a quick response but we do respect all our customers. I will take a look at the thread and respond to you later. Thanks for understanding.

understood, thanks for clearing that up for me. I honestly do appreciate you taking the time to help me personally- i know i may sound like an annoying bastard, and my frustrations may have gotten the best of me. I just got ticked off when i replied and he wasent there anymore. my apologies

how do I change it so the first tab on the accordion is the default open one? Can’t for the life of me figure it out.

Hello! Can yo please post all your tech related questions to my support forum at and you will be assisted.

I love the theme! It’s great to finally see a theme that doesn’t have 10-15 script urls to download on each page.


rez Purchased

Resizing a page (also happens in your demo, I am using the latest Chrome) makes the mobile navigation appear but it does not work. The page has to be refreshed. On certain devices if you go from landscape to portrait, the navigation will switch to mobile and not work. Other responsive sites do not work this way. I’m sure 99.9% of your potential customers would agree this is a problem and I hope you do as well.

Is there a fix? otherwise, great template so far. :)

The thing is that it requires the scripts to check the screen resolution, that’s why you need to refresh the page.

Is there any chance this will become a Wordpress Theme?

Unfortunately there won’t be a wordpress version of this design.

Greetings, I really love this template, and have purchased and used it. Will you all be updating it for bootstrap 3 anytime soon? Or will you sell a new one for that is the same but in Bootstrap 3?

Thanks, Stephen

Hello! I do not plan to update the theme to 3.0 they made a lot of changes.


I bought this theme few days back and i just figured that most of the images under the images directory are missing in the zip. Can you please send me those images? I tried downloading again but still no luck.

The images are not included in the pack, its mentioned on the description page.

Don’t know how i missed that.

It’s ok