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Very nice and clean template. GLWS :D

Thanks! :)

Very cool! Good luck, friend ! ;)

Thank you! :)

GLWS, I’m waiting for WP

All right :)

Great theme!!!i love it.have any plan to release wp version??thank u

Thank you :) Yes, in the near future

wow.tnks.i’ll follow u

Beautiful Crafted Theme Good Luck with your Sales :)

Thank you!

I love your template! But I think you forgot to include some of the slider images. All I get are the alpha transparency backgrounds.

Not a big deal since most people will most likely remove the slides and use their own :p

Hi! All slider images are placeholders. You have to create your own and replace the placeholders. All is written in detail in the documentation. Good luck and let me know if you need any help!

Good point :p thanks!

IE10 ’s menu bar has a bug

What a sneaky bug! It is repaired in the 1.1 version, which should be approved and available within a day.

It is available now.

Nice template but the pricing tables are messed up on mobile devices.

I just corrected that. Going into the next update. Thank you!

Is that html template or wordpress or any other cms.. Kindly respond me asap..


Hi! This is a pure HTML template, not integrated with any CMS.

Thanks for your response! I’ll be buying within some days most probably this week :) Regards

Hello Darinka,

can u help me pls? I will use german Language. Ä,Ü,Ö, for Example: für u Template make für.

sry my english ist bad

Hello Darinka, I’ve found the error. IE9 recognizes UTF-8 encoding automatically. you have to change the browser to UTF-8.

Have u a Design For Sun Studio ?

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand this last question.

PLEASE make this a WordPress template – I’ll purchase immediately :)

Thank you :) We’ll see :)

I want to use this template for my asp.net website…how easy it would be for me to convert these into aspx files and make it programmable? is there any documentation for this?

My template is very well commented and if you have good experience with converting html sites to asp.net, you should have no problem. Documentation is available (you can read it from the dome, there’s a page for it), but it doesn’t involve asp.net.

Looks really good. Nice job!

Thank you!

It’s look very cool, I just want something before the purchase. Is this template SEO Friendly?


Hi! Thank you! Yes, it is.

Thanks, sent you an email, awaiting for the reply.

Hi Darinka,

This really is an amazing template. The sheer quality of your code is amazing, and I am very happy with it. I just have one question – the person I am deploying the template for would like to re-jig the order of the three main elements on what is essentially the navbar, to move the logo to the left of the nav section, so instead of <nav><logo><address> it becomes <logo><nav><address>. I tried just putting the logo code in front of the nav section, but it didn’t work … is this possible using this template please ? Thanks !!

I’m sorry I should have also asked, is it possible to put a custom Google search into the address section of the top bar ? I see you have done this for your inHarmony template – any chance it could be done on this one too ? Thank you soooooooooooooo much !! :)

Hi! I am really glad you appreciate the code. Both thing would be a customization, it’s not that easy to change the order and add other box there, you have to take care of all responsive states etc. So there would be an hourly rate for these changes.

Hi Darinka, thanks so much for coming back to me so quickly. Could you possibly confirm your hourly rate to me ? You can reach me by e-mailing shadowpath [at] hotmail [dot] com. Many thanks !

Hello, I am interested to buy. I miss but two essential functions. - Submenu in the menu - Picture to iPad slider.

I do have one question. Theme contains source files for photohop? Thank you.

Hi! The menu has a submenu. if you add one. It is working nicely. Picture to iPad slider? What is that? There are PSDs for many elements in the package – for the illustrations, logo, etc. But there is no PSD for the whole front page or any other page.

Hello, my name is Sergio. I’m from Argentina and I do not speak English, so I’m using the google translator, I know it’s not good but I have no choice but to contact with you. You buy and annoying since I’m doing a website with this template, and I have problems with the form, you removed the “Captcha” and do not need it, but I failed to send (“Status”). I would need and help to solicionarlo. Notify me if you need a screenshot where you send it. Greetings and thanks!

Hello! Please send me a link or screenshot to dtyrpak@gmail.com

Nice one, good luck;

Thank you!

Good evening,

Is this template available for Wordpress or not yet?


Hi! Yes, it is for WordPress. Cheers!

Thank you very much! Cheers :)

Hi! I am sorry, I though this was a comment on one of my WordPress themes. This template is actually a HTML template, not a WordPress theme. This isn’t installable on WordPress. Sorry again.


I am having an issue with the Starter Responsive HTML5 Template that I purchased and used at lakeshoreengineers.com

I would like to have a solid shape with about 75% opacity behind the main navigation, as it is difficult to read and the logo is difficult to see with several of the photos I have to use. Is there a way you can help me with this?

Also, is there a function to use a completely different image for mobile devices? The photos tend to not make sense on smaller screens.

Thank you very much, Kae

Hi! I am sorry for the lack of support, I have my wedding this weekend. Please let me get back to you next week. Thank you!

Congrats! I look forward to talking to you next week :)

Congrats again!!

I hope your wedding went great! Just checking to see if you will have a chance to take a look at this. I have been sending emails to dtyrpak@gmail.com in case that is easier. Please let me know if that is incorrect.

Thank you, kae