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Thanks so much for your theme! I have one tiny problem. It may be my hosting situation though. Could you take a look at http://katsomoto.com/games/ and see that the portfolio section does not have a thumbnail but the article does have a featured image inserted. Thanks.

hi – notice your support forum isn’t online so will ask the question here – how do i activate the shortcodes button in the theme so i can use one click to load shotcodes onto the page?

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hey, great work!

but i havent found a solution for changing “send us an email” on contact-template to “senden sie uns eine email” which is german or any possibility

please help me :)


Hey Flow77, thanks for purchase… its possible… look in template-contact.php (96 row)

<h4><?php _e('Send Us An Email', 'startis') ?></h4>

and replace

<h4>senden sie uns eine email</h4>

in theme included german lang :) (de_DE.po and mo) in Languages folder… just copy in theme folder and change Language in settings) maybe its help you… regards!

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I had a problem with the portfolio. I can’t see the photos in the portfolio.

Can you help me? You can see my website in http://www.despedidainolvidable.es/espectaculos/gogos/


I have a bug with the sliders, on the third picture, it starts bugging and the text doesn’t appear properly anymore. There are also some errors and the header with Internet Explorer & scrpt errors with Firefox. Can you please help? www.peblogement.be

Thanks, Vincent

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Any idea why the recent tweets short code would have stopped working? We’re running Startex 1.0 but WP 3 .4.2. The site is rso-consulting.com.

Slider Question :

I am using the “Cycle static slider w/ mini content ” with a suggested image size of 500×350. But The image stretches.

What is the fix for this?

Please see www.uvflutechnologies.com (only refer to the first slider image, the others need to be replaced with the correct size.)

Thank you for your help!

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Great theme. My drop downs have stopped working for some reason. Very confused about this as it was an overnight issue. Yesterday they worked, today they dont.

Any suggestions?


Hi, pls give me link, i visit ur site, as I understand it, you solved this problem …

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Im trying to switch to Swe language. I have copied the .po and .mo file to the theme folder , but nothing happends. What am i doing wrong?



hi MrMonster, thanks for purchasing… set in wp-config.php define (‘WPLANG’, ‘sv_SE’); Now, i tested, its working! http://screencast.com/t/4Ebn8hXot

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Is it possible to pull in any kind of widget through the page builder? How much customization can be done with the new and improved Startex? Are there shortcodes for the slider in the event I want to use it on other pages? I had issues with the previous version and stopped using it, so I’m just curious if I should try it again. Thanks!

tboogie Purchased

Excellent! I’ll give it another try! Thanks Alan :)

tboogie Purchased

One more quick question, do you think Startex will work ok with WooCommerce?


Startex havent compatible With woocommerce, i created 3 theme for woocommerce look its in my site www.startis.ru

I have a problem. I want to upload the xml file, but gives an error. I could not find the problem. Can you help me.

Failed to import Media “internal_bg_noise” Failed to import Media “recent1” Failed to import Media “recent2” Failed to import Media “recent3”



this error you can see, because you need upload without images its normal all images will be replace with placeholders



I can not create ContactSidebar. Can you tell me how to do?