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Hello! Quick question,

I would like to use only the very first page. Is there any way to disable all of the other pages? I’m only going to use it for an online resume/portfolio, with the two buttons leading to other sites.


Thank you for your interest.

Sure, You can. Its all separate HTML. You can only use the one needed and delete other pages. No issues.

If you have any trouble, Send me an email to

Great! That worked. One other question…in the “Link Through with Buttons” module, I’d like to use the green AND orange button. First, how do I get the orange button to show, and second, how do I take the buttons out of the “submit” button type and use it for an external link (a href=”“)?


I’ll be glad to help.

I need some more inputs. Could you please send me your website link to

Hi @surjithctly,

I need to hook up a contact.php file to the forms instead of MailChimp. Is this easy to do?

Thanks, Matt


Just send me an email to, I’ll send you a compatible contact.php file.

So you don’t have to put much effort.



ftrflyr Purchased


I can’t seem to get the white space at the bottom of the page on mobile to disappear. Please help!



In /css/startup.css line 172, add

min-height: 100%;

to ’.masthead’ class. That will fix the issue.

If you have further doubts, send me an email to

Thanks, Surjith


I recently purchased this type. I’m having trouble with the navigation web page. When I use it on smaller devices, I get the dropdown toggle box for the navigation panel. However after selection something on the dropdown box, the dropbox doesn’t disappear?


Hello hughesjl1,

I feel sorry for the trouble caused you. I’ll be happy to sort out this issue you are having.

I need more information about this issue. Could you send me an email to with your Website Link and Screenshot.

So that I can fix your issue faster.


Hi! I’m having a few issues with leaving comments on the blog. Is there any additional information or resources I need to make it work? I’ve added all my information but it seems to not let people record comments.


Thank you for purchasing this template.

To make the Comment section working, you may need to do custom coding. Because this is just HTML template.

However, There is an easy way to accomplish that. You can use Disqus embed commenting system. Its popular and free. You will get an embed code that you can copy and paste to your HTML. Register here :

Hope that helps. Let me know if you need further assistance,


Thank you so much, I’ll add this a bit later and test it out, have a great day!

Thank you so much for your future help!


May I know the page you’ve put the disqus code? Also make sure you have copied the HTML code.

Please send me the link. I’ll have a look.

I apologize, I confirmed my account and saved my changes again and it works. Thank you!

Glad I could help. :)


cawobue Purchased

Hello, I dont want to use mail chimp. I have an email account for my website. Can you help

Sure. I’ll be glad to help.

Please open a support ticket on with your Website URL and requirement.

I’ll be glad to help you.


Please send me the working contact page for this web site.


I’m sorry, you’ve got an issue with the Contact form.

The template itself comes with a working contact page. So, if you say its not working, there may be some another reason for that including server configuration.

But don’t worry. I’ll help you to fix that. But I need some more information.

Could you please open a support ticket on  with your Website URL + what you have tried and what went wrong?

I’ll be glad to help you.