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Hi refer to my previous comments:

Dear Team, I m having fun using the theme and setting up my site. However I m facing the following problems:-

1. I ve changed the theme color to berry(#fe6760) which is a predefined theme. However i find that the mouseover on the button which reads “Get 14 day free trial” is still blue.

2. The problem of color not changing is also valid for a small strip on the three tabs in About section. How do i change these to my theme color.

3. I have only two members on my Team, I want to ge trid of 2 pictures of Team members and center align the remaining pics which I m unable todo. I can remove two pics but am unable to change the alignment.

4. The three tabs on About page lose their alignment when viewed with a 5” Android mobile phone using Chrome Browser.

I see that you are interested in replying to comments of people looking to buy and are not replying to users who have already purchased the theme. We need to launch our site and hence cant keep waiting for bug fixes. Please help us out at the earliest.


Hi Team,

I ve uploaded my demo. pls chk www.avakaash.com/index7.html

I m facing the following issues.

1. Although i ve tried searching for the blue color in css file i was unable find it. I ve done a complete check and it shows 90 entries of find and replace.

2. In the team section, i m unable to center the two team members.

Request early resolution. Thanks!


Hi madhavs9, i will answer inline:

1) please find this css rule
.nav-tabs > li.active a {
-webkit-box-shadow: inset 0px 8px 0px -5px rgba(26, 198, 255,1); 
-moz-box-shadow: inset 0px 8px 0px -5px rgba(26, 198, 255,1);
box-shadow: inset 0px 8px 0px -5px rgba(26, 198, 255,1); 
in assets/style.css and replace the rgb color to the desired one

2)This is done by default Bootstrap column offsetting, please add “col-sm-offset-3” class to the first team ember holding div, like that:

<div class="member col-md-3 col-md-offset-3 col-sm-3 col-xs-6 animated fadeInDown visible" data-animation="fadeInDown"> </div>

Hope this helps


Thanks a ton for the timely support.

Can I change the signup for to a lead capture form, ie name, email, phone number?


Hi JackMagic and sorry for a late response, sure this is just a plain JS+PHP script that sends all the fields to the desired email address

How do I insert a table shortcode like in your demo ????


trandber, WP version doesn’t have a specific shortcode for this table so you would need to add it manually with plain HTML code, this is a valid point however and i am considering adding new Table shortcode soon

P.S.. thanks for the kind words, we really appreciate it!


Cheers. I’ll do it straight in HTML code.


ok, you are welcome trandber!

where do I put in the desired email address to send all the form submissions to?


Hi jonathanmabey and thanks for your purchase! Please have a look at signup.php like 5


hello, thank you for the quick response! Where can I find all the thin social media icons? I am looking to put an instagram and snap chat logo on there.. Thank you!!


Hi jonathanmabey, here’s the full list http://vivaco.com/demo/startuply/icons-reference.html

We like the theme and we want to use it for our website landing page. We need a contact form which will be used for merchant to contact us. Is it possible to configure it on main landing page ?


Hi Yomats, sure it can please copy-paste the register form from register page and edit as needed. this form is just sending emails so can be used as contact form for sure

Hello Vivaco your work is amazing! I just have some trouble with Newsletter form. When I try to register it return an error. I think that is because it is in .html and it have a php script inside, so I changed to index-fast-register.php, but when I did it, the page don’t loaded. :(.

Can you help me?


Hi dande1000 i have already answered to your email, please enable PHP in HTML files here’s the quick reference: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11312316/how-do-i-add-php-code-to-html-files

Hi there,

Great theme but I have issues getting the site to load on Safari Mobile 5 on a 1st gen iPad.

Does the theme support this?

Background images show fine but the text on them doesn’t.

Any sections without background images just show as blank white.

If you look at your example theme in safari mobile 5 you should be able to see the issues I describe.

Is this legacy browser not supported? Is there a workaround?




Hi Neil, and thanks for your feedback, i can say that we have checked the page on real iPad 4, and iPad 1/2/Mini only with the emulator and in all these cases it worked pretty good. We don’t have 1st gen iPad on hands unfortunately so i don’t really have a clue how we can test it..


Thanks for your prompt reply. I’ve added some code to sniff for that browser which then redirects to another page.



Hello. I need Cyrillic font. I have changed Google font type in index.html and style.css but nothing. What should i do?


I have fix it

Hi, I purchased this theme sometime ago and have managed to only get started working on this now.

In you documentation you have mentioned the following: While you can surely edit any file you want, please note that main template styles reside in main.css file

When I search for the main.css in the package the main.css is not present. Is the main template residing in style.css? Also isn’t there supposed to be bootstrap-responsive.css file in the package. I can’t see unless I have missed it completely.

Please help

Please help.


Hi rash77 and thanks for your purchase! Yes, it’s a typo the main styles are located in assets/style.css The responsive styles are inside the main styles file moving responsive settings to external file is optional

Hope this helps!


Thanks a lot!


No problems rash77, glad we could help ! :)


Nice theme! I have a bug here vivaco.com/demo/startuply/index-main.html with firefox. Slideshow does not work as I have an error on jQuery FlexSlider v2.2.0: ReferenceError: g is not defined

jquery….-min.js (linea 5, col 7880) ReferenceError: g is not defined

Is it on my firefox only?

Regards Marco


Hi Webando, thanks for reaching out! Looks like that.. what is your FF version and OS?


Hi Vivaco, Win7 FF 34.0.5 Thanks for helping me

samted Purchased

Hello everyone,

Question for those who purchased and have already a working site with this template.

Did anyone experienced receipt of a message through the contact form without any contact details.

When I make a test i receive a message with test details. However it happened to me couple of times and keeps happening, I receive message without contact details….

Thank you!


Hello samted and thanks for your purchase! These may be some bots or other automated submitters that just submit forms across all the web with random stuff. We are using Contact7 plugin for our forms so maybe there is something in their forums about that but we really don’t think this is a real issue so we didn’t check it really.. We did however checked the forms against normal user submission and always got their contact details in our mails..


sorry samted, i have mistaken this thread with WP version one.. but the answer is still the same.. looks like these are just bots

samted Purchased

I understand, I thought the same about this. Regards.

i want to remove the text-heading part,”Do not wait-launch ..” but when i do it,there is an empty space in its place,but i want the video part goes up. what can i do?

You might want to check your website. Google reports it as a possible badware/attack site.

Vivaco Author

Hi yorick007, and thanks for reaching out! Yes the hosting server was compromised and this new fancy malware attack affected around 100,000+ of users worldwide and looks like our server too.. We have removed all malicious code and updated everything early in the morning already but the message won’t be lifted instantly and can take 24-48+ hours before the revision occurs, sorry for the inconvenience guys!