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Hello Vivaco I’m running into a problem with the video template. with my self-hosted video i’m putting a html5 video tag inside the div, instead of the iframe.

the video completely breaks the page. Here’s a screenshot.

Would you please help?


Hi sulakemodel, HTML 5 video tag has to be put inside #hero div and then styled appropriately (extra). By the way, i can’t open the link you’ve sent me

Hi, Eugene,

I purchased the HTML version of your theme as well since I like it better than WP.

I installed the HTML theme, it looks great. However, 2 wrinkles here:

1. With the video version of the theme, if you try to go full screen on the main Vimeo video on top, it is OK with Mozilla but not so in Safari (tested on MacBook Pro, newest version, newest Safari update). In Safari on Mac, the video does not go fullscreen, but changes to some error screen.

2. The video HTML theme demo as you present it on works well when tested in Mozilla and MS Explorer, all latest versions running on Windows 8.1. (still, the fullscreen problem with Mac remains). However, the video theme that I downloaded from you has a slightly different video appearance than what you present on the demo website – there are no Share, Watch Later, and Like buttons in the top right corner of the video container, for instance. That would not be a big deal, opposite, it is OK like that. PROBLEM IS, if you try to view the video theme that you now offer for download in MS Explorer, the whole video appears totally out of the grey container, apparently an error.

Please advise on how to proceed. Try it yourself with the video HTML theme that you offer for download now. Can you send me the original styling, or preferably, can you fix both problems directly on my website?

I can send you access codes in an email. Thank you.

Hi Eugene, sent in an email regarding this about a week ago. Are you still doing support for this theme? If youre on vacation, when is the comeback? :) thx

Any chances of fixing these small bugs directly on my website? I sent you an email regarding this problem. If needed, I can resend it again.

Marek, yes we will fix it of course but i need FTP credentials as i wrote in my email previously, because it is not possible to do it without them, thanks!

Hi Eugene I sent you a support request about a week ago and also left a comment here regarding the video template.

Would you please get back to me?

Thank you.

Hi sulakemodel, HTML 5 video tag has to be put inside #hero div and then styled appropriately (extra). By the way, i can’t open the link you’ve sent me

thank you. The link was expired, it only lasted for 7 days. I’ll try to style it within the #hero div tag.

I’ve also sent you an email with no answer. Please have a look at it when you find some time – I understand it might be difficult…

OK, from your previous comment I understand your team is now working on updating this theme. If my desired changes will be incorporated in this new update, basically, I am happy with it.

Let me know when appr. the updated theme will be available.


Hi Marcellino777 this is the wrong thread, you probably needed the one about WP version, either way with some custom coding your issue is solved long ago

I opened a ticket but I never received answer…Why?

I want to set up a logo that is portait (vertical) oriented instead of the default landscape (horizontal) logo that comes with startuply; how do i go about this.

Hi ctuva, this would need some custom CSS sine there is no such option out of the box, the exact code depends on what your logo/dimensions/intentions are. If you still need this we can arrange it as a custom job with our new small developments department

Hi, do you support videos (for example instead of the top background image)?

Hi somosdcg, not currently but will be supporting them in the upcoming update (in the next days)

no multipage option instead of one page?

Hi BusinessNL, multipage is supported, just change the links from # anchors to any htl page you need

Thanks. Your reply came a bit too late so i had to buy another theme…sorry for that

Sorry for a late response BusinessNL, and no problems hope it serves you well :)

Helow how can i add it to my page created in wordpress,

Hi there,

Is it possible that when user subscribes using the form, they receive Thanks automated email ?