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is it possible on the pricing table to have a tooltip popup when I hover the mouse over a line item and show some text please


Hi NeilB4TheKing and thanks for your purchase! Currently it is not, sorry.. but we are thinking on adding some custom solution for custom pricing tables to make them easier to manage..

thank you for the reply. can you help with with my FAQ section please http://proshop2u.com/#faq The ones on the right do not collapse like the ones on the left. is there an easy fix?
damirg Purchased

hi, are you get my email for custom work?

damirg Purchased

what’s up? I send PSD as we agree, are you get it? I am waiting for your feedback. If you are not interested, just let me know please.


Hi Damir, yes i’ve got them along with all additions and reviewed them all. We are having some high load currently with other ongoing things so unfortunately i can’t take any new custom orders right now, sorry.

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hi, the dropdown menu is not working in the toggle nav. any suggestions? thank you!


I would like to change the MAX_TITLE_LENGTH for the blog posts ? Does anyone nows were I can edit it ?

Thanks !


Hi mlerouzic, it is located at the very top of functions.php file

Hi is it possible to set the video on autoplay?

so it plays automatically as soon as you get to the page


Hello RenatoD, sorry but HTML template currently lacks video autoplay functionality but we are planning a complete HTML theme revamp very soon and will include this option too

is it possible to have a video as a background as in your wordpress theme? thank you


Hello RenatoD, sorry but HTML template currently lacks video background functionality but we are planning a complete HTML theme revamp very soon and will include this option too

saludos esta plantilla viene con formulario de contacto ? gracias

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Hi Vivaco! I’ve sent you a support ticket, can you answer me soon? Its a simple logo retina issue. But im not good with css and it one of lasts things of this project.



Hello iBruno and thanks for your purchase! Hm, for some reason i can’t find it, sorry.. can you please send us your website url and as i understood you need to add retina logo right?

iBruno Purchased

Can give me your email to I send this info?


please send it to office@vivaco.com


When I use the imported revolution slider with the fast registration form slide, the responsiveness just breaks.

The text and form look really off on mobile phone width, do you have any advice for me please?



Hello WHIHA,

can you please send us an official support request from the account used to make a purchase please? That way we can verify your license

What is the status on creating the admin theme reflected in this template? It looks phenomenal!!


Hi esheri3, we have started wotking on it. In the next release we are adding registered user zones but currently without the same admin design it is coming up next but i can’t say the exact ETA

Brilliant theme

what i wanted to know is how do I get the sound to auto-play on the homepage video?



Hi eventus, well it is controlled by embed video themselves, for vimeo you should do this -> https://vimeo.com/help/faq/sharing-videos/embedding-videos#how-do-i-set-videos-to-autoplay-or-loop-when-i-embed-them

Hi Vivaco, I did send you a message through envato, however it seems you are busy. We would like to buy additional licence for the smb_owner image. Could you send me the link where to buy it. Thanks nws


Hi netwerksys, i have replied to your email with links, sorry for taking it that long

Listen I’ve sent you 2 damn emails over a few days and no damn reply back. Your html version is NOT working on chrome (the tittle’s) dont show up. Please get back to me on this matter ASAP


Hi Laurenwp101, sorry for a late reply i would be glad to help you out but the link you have provided is not opening for me.. if the issue still persist i can fix it in the next 2-3 hours

Hey Guys,

Why are the dates in blog staying december? http://kickstartautomation.com/free-stuff/

Anything l can do to change this?

Thanks, Kyle


Hi harpmaster33, looks like you are using some other plugins that interfere with blog dates.. is there any way i can get your FTP credentials to check it onsite?

Hello, nice site but will there be an update for this site. Seems that there are some things that need to be sorted or clarified. New update coming soon?


Hi suprios, you are right.. Though we have started the development today and i guess in a week or two this template will have much features like new demos, more elements, new js plugins, drag&drop page builder and more

hello, thanks for your help. how can I make the right menu “featured” tab i added that says “free toolkit” a solid blue instead of blue outline?


Also, on a handheld mobile device, our call to action buttons for the FREE trial throughout the website get cut off short…

How can we fix this?

Thanks for your help. Awesome theme!



Hi leadPops28, can you please send us an official support request from item “Support” tab?

Hi, thanks for your huge work on this Template,

But i have a question for you, i don’t find how we can change the footer !

I really need to fix it before uploading my website !

Thanks for your response.