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i just followed your guide to setup with mailchimp api but it doesnt work, when i tried to input my email address on live site it just show red bar on top? why we cant get easy integration like Flatpack do?

Regards Zarif

Hi Zarif, the redbar usually indicates that there was some error on the server side while processing the form in general, please have a look at PHP debug logs. Thanks for a tip on Flatpack i see they are doing a great job on and we will have a closer look for sure


In Safari mobile (iOS 9.0.1) iphone 6, the template does not work. Take like 1 – 2 minutes to load the page, maybe it’s some javascript incompatibility with Safari.

Any solutions?

Regards Albert

Hi Albert, thanks for letting us know about this bug, we couldn’t verify it for some time and it turns out it was a minor issue in some of the theme’s minor version 2.3.4 i think, it was working ok in the upcoming version and works good on latest 2.3.7 Sorry for the inconvenience and please let me know if i can help you with anything else

Great theme! I have a question about the gallery on the shortcodes page. I want to use this to show the features of my app. I was hoping that I could have a screenshot thumbnail (using the gallery) and when visitors click on the thumbnail a larger image would show (like a lightbox effect). As it is now, it just goes to the top of the page. Can you help me with this? Maybe send me an example with javascript or whatever…and I could figure out the rest. Thanks so much!


Hi elevatetv, i would suggest using any lightbox JS plugin you wish, i would suggest Lightbox or Fancybox and install it accordingly

Hello, first of all your theme rocks!!

I can´t get the forms to work, I´ve uploaded the theme to my server and changed the signup.php file to add my email. Do I need to change anything else?

When I hit send I keep getting the following error: “An error occured. Please try again later.

Can you help me figure out what is the problem? Thanks!

<?php $to = ""; if (isset($_POST)){ $subject = "Startuply system email"; if ($_POST['fullname'] ! =''){ $message = "Fullname: " . $_POST['fullname']; } else { $message = "First name: " . $_POST['fname']; $message = "Last name: " . $_POST['lname']; } $message .= "<br />Phone: " . $_POST['Phone']; $message .= "<br />Website: " . $_POST['website']; $message .= "<br />Email: " . $_POST['email']; $message .= "<br />Message: " . $_POST['message']; }; $headers = "MIME-Version: 1.0" . "\r\n"; $headers .= "Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8" . "\r\n"; $headers .= "From: " . $_POST['fullname'] . " <" . $_POST['email'] . ">". "\r\n"; if( mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers) ) { echo "ok"; } else { echo "error"; }

I sent the ftp details via email but had no reply yet, can you let me know any updates please. thanks!

Hi kr2spain, afaik it should be fixed for a while already, please let me know if it’s not or whether you have any other questions


kr2spain Purchased

Hi this is still not working I sent you an email please reply as soon as you can I really need to get this fixed ASP.


Hi, I’ve sent my question by email to however I haven’t heard yet. I can’t setup the retina logo even I uploaded. Can you please check and reply me asap? It’s been about 5 days,

Hi mrcoincidence, ok i have finally found it but it wasn’t processed since it was sent for HTML template and not a WordPress theme, processing it now

I’ve sent the information you asked by email to support at vivaco Please proceed asap. It’s been so long since I asked for support.

Hi mrcoincidence,

i am very sorry for the late response this happened because we couldn’t confirm the issue with our original demo website but now we have finally found it. I have raised an internal ticket with the highest urgency and hope to get it resolved asap this week and so we can push theme update to Themeforest. I will also let you know when it’s done

Hi, which drag and drop builder did you bundle with the HTML version? Is there a demo of it that I can view?


Hi dotvince, sure, can you please send us an email to We will make a public demo of a builder soon but i can share it privately for now

I am also having an issue with the mail script. The server isn’t throwing any php issues (sent you an email with url).

Hi adla999, yes this is confirmed now, we are going to release the update to Mailchimp asap, sorry for the inconvenience

Great job with the theme. Is it possible to add the blog theme to the $12 version we purchased? Happy to pay for it.

Hello uppiddee, blog and blog page layouts are included with the tamplate 2.0 version and later

Can I easily add a full width video header?

Hi mod7, yes sure, you just replace the video url in the corresponding theme file and you’re done

Hi I’m not sure but is this product similar to Visual Composor where I can build a website by drag and drop or is this a addon for something else? All I’m looking for is something to build a template to replace my business site but keep the php coding intact. I was thinking using Visual Composure but it runs in Wordpress only and my business site runs in plain html/php/css. lmk

Hi clever1, yes this is a WordPress theme that has Visual Composer plugin installed, so technically you can create a basic webpage easily without any coding skills. But then if you do need any custom features and stuff i would suggest to look for some coder to help you out. Please let me know if i can help you with anything else

Sounds great and so I see in the demo that there is animated sliders that comes into view when I scroll down is this included as well? Or is there a demo or video?

Hi clever1, you receive everything you see in the demo

Hello! You template has MANY TROYAN jquery.flexslider-min Rilevato: HEUR:Trojan.Script.Iframer 08.11.2015 14:24:15 Attention!!!

Hi Vasyly, thanks a lot for pointing that out! Our demo website is under attack currently, we are going to move to another hosting asap tomorrow.

Just to make sure: theme files that you receive from Themeforest after the purchase are NOT AFFECTED by this, this is just our hoster’s security issue that is being addressed asap.

Have a great weekend and sorry for the inconvenience


Xedi Purchased

Hi, the mailchimp forms doesn’t seem to work. When I test it, it simply returns a 404 error in a popup. I’ve modified the settings like in the documentation. Could you let me know if there’s anything else that needs to be changed? Thanks!

Hi Xedi, are you using latest theme version 2.1? There was Mailchimp patch applied


Xedi Purchased

Yes, I bought the theme after the patch was applied.

ok then the easiest way to sort it out is send us your website url an possibly ftp credentials to and we will check it straight away

Can I look at demo of HTML Builder?

Hi colart, sure here it is ->

Hi colart, hope you received my email well and sorry for a late reply. May i ask you how do you find our new builder?


kr2spain Purchased

I´m still waiting for the developer to help out with the form. Is not working out of the box..


kr2spain Purchased

It´s been more than a month now and still no follow up, please you need to provide support!