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Welcome back :)


Thanks. Good to be back :)

Wow…very nice theme.
Good luck!!

Nice Personal blog Design. GLWS :)


Thanks! :)

Nice theme! But I think it should be free on wordpress.org :)


Then we’d all be out of a job ;)


Why? open source is a good community of potential customers.

Congratulation. GLWS :)

Great work! Good luck!

what plugin do you use to minify the html output?


W3 Total Cache plugin

nice theme gud luck :)


Thanks Alia!

Love it.

A nice improvement would be to be able to add a header image to a page in the same manner as the featured image in a post?

Great stuff.


Thanks. That’s a decent suggestion. I shall note it down for any updates down the line.

Awesome work again Orman!

Small problem with video posts in Google Chrome.

My Home Page is a list of latest posts, including two or three video posts currently. If you click the title of one of the video posts and watch the video from within the post, then use the browser back button to return to the Home Page, all the video posts show the same video. Refresh the page and it’s back to normal.

Seems to be okay in Safari, IE and Firefox.



Hey! Thanks for purchasing one of our files, we truly appreciate it! Support for all our themes is conducted through the ThemeZilla support forums, if you’d like to start a new thread over there either myself or another member of the support team can take a look at your issue :)

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Hi, demo page don’t work. I guess this is a good minimal theme, but I need to see the demo. Thanks


Apologies, our host is having some issues with connectivity. You can view the demo through this proxy http://anonymouse.org/cgi-bin/anon-www.cgi/http://demo.themezilla.com/statesman


Thanks. I’m going to…

Miss you man, you’re my truly hero

Hi, I would like to add my support for Weepingtiger’s request. I am looking for a theme that does just that (for a client’s website), and he loves this theme’s simplicity, so that feature would probably seal the deal.


Duly noted.


Great! Can you give an idea as to when any updates could be expected?