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Hi Dannci,

Is there any way to remove the “Browse Our Portfolio” button in the portfolio section?

Thanks Jeppe

korben Purchased

I have a question regarding menu styling. When the menu switches between a scrolling menu and a main (static menu) the style seems to change and shift. The spacing between the links and size seems to change. How can these two items be consistent in styling please?! Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks.

korben Purchased

Hmmm, it seems as though it is a change of more than that. Even in the live preview sample. There seems to be a change in menu position and size (it seems that way in the firefox inspector as well) when going from the main page to the portfolio section. The main page is size 10px, but the portfolio section is 12px. How can these be more consistent? Thanks.

mwestern Purchased

On the main scrolling page, in the portfolio mosaic section, how do I change the text on the portfolio bar that says “browse our portfolio”?


Hello Dannci, in the editor this Icon http://themeforest.net/item/status-parallax-and-modular-theme/3869485/comments?filter=buyer-author&term=portfolio+section&utf8=%E2%9C%93 isn’t shown anymore.

How is it possible to got a 4 column Design in portfolio section if “All” is selceted? At his time it is the mosaic-design. This design I only want on the “Homepage” the following ones should display a colum design!? Thanks, ajax



1. sorry, your link is not working and I don’t know what you mean…

2. [portfolio] shortcode shows portfolio items as classic portfolio

[portfolio_mosaic] shortcode shows portfolio items as mosaic.


1. Uh, sorry – wrong link. This icon (layout templates) is missing in the page-editor: http://themnific.dannci.com/04/?attachment_id=2093 2. Thanks, but how works this on your demo: http://wpdemo.themnific.com/pre/14/#portfolio [portfolio_mosaic] right? But here it is “classic portfolio”: http://wpdemo.themnific.com/pre/14/portfolios/ I tried to get it like this, but it’s shown on both pages similar.


Okay, I got it now ;) I created a new side “allportfolios” and insert [portfolio] there. Thanks!

Hi, I have a few navigation queries: 1. Is it possible within the portfolio section to go to the post when the feature image is also clicked not just the text also in responsive mode? 2. Is it possible when using a tablet (iPad or similar) to go directly to the post when selecting a mosaic image post and not requiring to select the image image twice. I like the functionality of the mosaic when viewed on a PC, although it does not seem self intuitive when view on iPad. Thanks.



1. no sorry, only text can be linked in mosaic section.

2. that behavior cannot be affected within theme. It is device related.

Thank you

mayhem88 Purchased

Hi Dannci,

This is a repost from a previous member but is the question I need answered please.

My only remaining issue is trying to exclude the featured preview image from appearing with the others uploaded to the post and displayed in the slider.

I have a bunch of images for a portfolio page that are displaying in the slider, but when I upload a smaller pic for the featured image it gets blown up and put in the slider as well.

How do I separate these two classes of image?

please see www.thrivems.com.au (portfolio section)


Where are new posts? I cant´find it. I want it appears in Blog Section


this post is not in blog section in home page :S


what I want is: to have Blog Section as Portfolio section in HomePage


Hello, your latest post is displayed on your blog page: http://www.videosmotivacion.com/blog/ Just scroll down.

But you have empty place on your blog page > in Status admin panel set featured category for blog mosaic section or disable this section.

Thank you

Hi, I´ve got some trouble while building the portfolio section on the home site. It only appears on the local server. The live server doesnt show the portfolio items. I compared every setting and found no difference. Any idea? Thanks in advance!



are some portfolio items created on your server?

Are [portfolio] or [portfolio_mosaic] shortcodes used in ‘layout’ posts?

Can you send link to your page?

Thank you


Hi! Yes I created three portfolio items. I use [portfolio] shortcut. The website is located at www.thomaswerr.es. Pw: tVtmQbNA


I have a few questions. Thanks for your previous help. The site I am working on is tattoosbyserena.com

1. Can the gallery images be larger in the Portfolio section?

2. How do I get an about section like this: http://www.sonhartballet.com.br

3. In the menu, when I click portfolio it does not scroll back up to the top?

4. How do I adjust the size of the header when I add a custom logo. It seems to through the whole theme off a bit?

5. When the site is in the mobile size, the slider font disappears and the about us section blends to become unreadable. Is there a way to fix this?

Again thanks for all your help.


1. I’m not sere what you exactly think,
2. create new section and insert contact shortcode in it (via shortcode generetor),
3. create Home item (with #home link) + item (link) to portfolio section – in dosc is screen,
4. header can be edited in style.css – find #header section,
5. you can delete this code from mobile.css:
.flexfull .stuff2, .flexfull .flex-direction-nav li {
    display: none;
    visibility: hidden;
and add this
.twocol-one,.threecol-one,.threecol-two,.fourcol-one,.fourcol-two,.fourcol-three,.fivecol-one,.fivecol-two,.fivecol-three,.fivecol-four,.sixcol-one,.sixcol-two,.sixcol-three,.sixcol-four,.sixcol-five{ width:100% !important; margin-bottom:15px !important;}
below line @media only screen and (max-width: 639px) { – in mobile.css too Thanks

Hi, I’m placing the layout section (services, portfolio. clients… ) but I tried to re-order and it doesn’t work via wordpress?? is any way to order in the way that I want.

mcbbr Purchased

Hi Dannci – many thanks for the theme, I have a couple quick questions:

1. How can I remove the h3 header for the portfolio grid layout section and keep the header for the rest? 2. Is it possible to make the entire image clickable in the grid, rather than just the fade-in text?

Cheers Brendan

ckisker Purchased

I’ve figured out how to add a portfolio to a section in “layout”. Is there a way to designate different categories to different sections on the layout page? For example, under “Services” have one set of portfolio categories show up…and under “Practices” have another set of portfolio categories show up? Thanks.


Hi Dannci, have purchased the Theme and am trying to replicate the alt demo layout. Have installed theme and uploaded xml but am having trouble making it look exactly like the alt demo. With the following issues: – When I disable slider the words Portfolio and text still appears before images. - Where do i locate the portfolio mosaic page to change the images? - Browse Our Portfolio link broken.

I am new to Wordpress so may be my issue.


Hello and thank you for your purchase!

when you disable slider, only slider is disabled, portfolio and text are parts of different homepage section (layout)

mosaic images: just change ‘featured images’ for posts featured in mosiac section

Browse Our Portfolio: add full URL of your portfolio page into admin panel > general layout


jbinder Purchased

First off, i am really loving the look of this theme! Very nice work. However I suck at understanding how it works. sorry!!

Latest issue is not know how to post to each section. I set up Home, Portfolio, About, Contact. But have tried creating posts in different areas, but they don’t seem to show up….. (help please?) Again, sorry.


Hi, love the theme, but have a question regarding the navbar.,, in your 2nd demo, I see that when you click through to the portfolio section, suddenly the Blog entry shows up in the main nav, while the other parallax items do not, and you have to click back to it to see those again. This smacks of the sort of “mystery-meat navigation” that is considered a sort of bad practice.

I’d like the ability to add specific Page links to the primary Nav, without having this issue of two separate navbars occurring.. Is it possible to include items from both the prallax sections AND individual Page items in the homepage navbar and have that be constant across the site?

In specific I’d like the Blog item and probably other sections with dropdowns to show on the homepage nav.

How do I go about accomplishing this?

spielben Purchased

Hi Dannci, thanks for your work, great theme ! the insert Theme SC doesn’t work, could you help me please ? thank you

spielben Purchased

Hi, thank you for your answer, but after a reinstal of WP, then of your theme, it seems to work. BUT, I can’t find the way to “feed” the portfolio_mosaic content…does the mosaic SC gather regarding a portfolio post category ? please help me, it’s a nightmare for me. in other word and to be really clear, how do I choose the pictures that appears in the mosaic ? AND can I have three different Mosaic (i.e photo, video, grafix…) that point to different level of my portfolio ? appreciate your help, and I hope I was clear.


Hello, you need to create some portfolio posts (with featured images). See ’Portfoliosection in left menu. And when you add portfolio_mosaic shortcode to some section mosaic will display latest posts. Thanks

- yes, mosaic displays latest 7 posts,
- no multiple and different mosaic sections are nor possible, sorry,
- deletetig code (described in FAQs works – for sure),
- in ‘single-s-right.php’ can be deleted slider code:
echo get_template_part( '/includes/post-types/gallery-slider' );
spielben Purchased

Hi Dan, thanks for your previous answers. -I have a problem with the facebook box widget that doesn’t seem to work….? -then how can I set up a link from a picture in my portfolio ? I want to link the title in the mosaïc to one of my page, or article. Thanks


Hello, facebook box – can you send me link to your website?
sorry it is not possible link to pages from mosaic – links can be only to portfolio posts.
Thank you


the theme is great. Glad I purchased it, and my site is almost done. The only issue is that my Menu won’t scroll, and clicking on any link but the home link will not work.

After a few hours of researching the comments, the biggest issue I could find is layout section order matching the menu. So I reordered my menu to follow the layout, but clicking on the portfolio link still does not work.

Just so you know, I trimmed down my site just for testing. In detail, this is what I have done: -unpublished all my sections but the portfolio and main slider. -changed the layout section to be called ”portfolio” and added navigation anchor of ”#portfolio” -changed menu to only have two items, home and portfolio. -tested site in firefox and IE 9

Regardless, the menu still will not work. Could you please look at my demo site, and tell me what you think?


Also, will having layout sections with no title (like “We do Parallax”) have any issues with the menu? I unpublished that as well just in case.

Thanks in advance,




it is easy
in ‘layout’ posts, in ‘navigation anchor’ use only plain word – portfolio instead of #portfolio.

’#’ sign should be only in menu links.


tamlot Purchased

Hello, I am interested in whether it is possible to change the part of the image that shows up in the flexslider on the portfolio page. Right now, it seems to be the middle section of the image that is showing up in the horizontal slider, and I would like it to be the top part of the image showing. Similarly, is it possible to change the part of the feature image that is showing up in the portfolio mosaic? Thanks!

hi there: reeeeeally beautiful theme. maybe some more customizable options would have been great. Two questions… 1. I have problems with pagination of the portfolio: clicking on page 2 etc it just returns a HTTP Error 404 – File or directory not found. It works perfectly for blog 2. can I arrange the order of the mosaic thumbs (both in portfolio and blog) according to “order” and not to the publishing time as it is now? I mean, is there any sticky option or something?


Hello, 1. can you send me a link – I will look at it, 2. do you mean i mosaic section? For portfolio mosaic is only date “order” available, for blog – you can set featured category. Thanks


hey there! I’ve switched to linux finally, I published the website and everything looks great… except the pagination! If you have any clue… http://www.sideways.it/portfolio/ thx

How did you change the font colors for different layout sections? The more I use this theme, the more I like it. Great job!


I’m actually trying to change the h2 title taken from the layout titles. I’ve set some parallax images between layout sections and want to change the text on those.


I have a few last questions. Trying to button up the site.

1. When you click “Browse Our Portfolio” it takes you to the Portfolio Page but the menu is not the same as the home menu.

2. The documentation shows a Google+ social media address, but it does not exist in my version of the theme.

3. How would I change the social media icons to be more visible? I want to make them darker.

I think that is about it. Thanks for the quick help!


1. it is bacause of scroll effect – if you are on homepage you need menu to scroll (to partial sections). But there are no sections on portfolio (or blog, page..) so you can add different menu (in menus).
When you use theme without scroll effect – then you use only one menu – more is in docs (4. Homepage Setup > step 2)
2. I’m going to look at it
3. find ‘ul#social-menu li’ in style.css (on line 1806) and set opacity to 1
Thank you