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JoshStack Purchased

All set, thanks!


OK, fine :)

sketchyas Purchased

Hi Dannci

I couldn’t be happier with this theme – thanks so much

One question – I really need to remove some white space (margin) at the top of the home page and the other pages on the site

At the moment the top margin on my site is about 70 pixels

I really want to make it 30 pixels

Can you help?

Site is currently here: roots255.wavekrestmedia.com

Is there a way I can do this by editing the stylesheet CSS?

Is it also possible to make the top menu bar thinner by 20px?

If you could help I would be really grateful

Other than that – really loving the theme – thanks



Hello and thank you!
- edit padding for ’.section .container’ in style.css
- force line-height for ’#nav>li>a’

montago Purchased

Amazing theme. I am having an issue with the Portfolio Page and really need some help!

I have tried everything I can and read and re-read the instructions. I keep getting a “500 Internal Server Error error” when I click ‘Browse our portfolio’ link.

I just want this to open up to a sortable portfolio page just like: http://themnific.dannci.com/04/?page_id=90

Thanks for your time.

(My site address is http://www.tremaynedesign.com.au/ )


Hello and thank you!
Try to rename Portfolio page (and its ‘slug’ too) or try reset your Permalinks settings. Thanks

montago Purchased

Thank you!

Nice theme. Excellent documentation.

My problem: “classic portfolio” rendered thumbnail images are missing “light box activation” button/image and “go to portfolio item” button/mage on roll-over (the two images in the bottom-left corners of thumbnails.)


Thank you.


Thanks for your response, Dannci. I made a video… shows the problem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIUqExyh7B4

To resummarize: the little icons are not showing up in the corner of classic_portfolio thumbs upon roll-over. The images are present in the theme directory and permissions are 644. Do not know why the images are not showing up as demonstrated in the video above.


Hello and thanks for the video.
You can “get” icons easily by uploading Font Awesome files – it is very easy and whole process is described in documentation (Theme Icons chapter). Thanks


Perfect :) Thanks!


I need submenu (drop list) in home menu but the template hasn’t it. Do you think upgrade?

Congrats! Great template!

Thank you!

Sorry my english, I’m spanish!


I need it because I have external links and some full-pages. Dropdown menu is not for the home. :(


Thank you for your reply.


This scroll menu is bit special – you can add eternal links (more in documentation) but dropdown is not available.

@kilianbarrera: I believe the author said that is not possible (in check comments thread).


Thank you for helping with support :)

have you think in a Comment client widget? Similar to Features but for Comments of the clients.. something like [“Great product”, John, CEO, Company Name, external link, photo]... I have a startup, you know.

korben Purchased

I have a question regarding menu styling. When the menu switches between a scrolling menu and a main (static menu) the style seems to change and shift. The spacing between the links and size seems to change. How can these two items be consistent in styling please?! Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks.


Hello, the only difference is left margin:
#nav li – 10px
.nav>li – 20px
You can find these elements in style.css

korben Purchased

Hmmm, it seems as though it is a change of more than that. Even in the live preview sample. There seems to be a change in menu position and size (it seems that way in the firefox inspector as well) when going from the main page to the portfolio section. The main page is size 10px, but the portfolio section is 12px. How can these be more consistent? Thanks.


The menu items are different but menu style is the same.

Interested in buying this. A couple of questions before I do;

Can the blog be made full width? Can the textured overlay on images be removed from the images, using in-built theme options, or is it in the code?



Hello and thank you for your interest:
- sorry full width blog is not available,
- it is in code
Thank you very much!


Damn, not full width blog is a bit of a deal breaker. May see how much it’ll cost me to change that , to whether I’ll purchase.

Thanks for your reply.

mcbbr Purchased

Hi Dannci – many thanks for the theme, I have a couple quick questions:

1. How can I remove the h3 header for the portfolio grid layout section and keep the header for the rest? 2. Is it possible to make the entire image clickable in the grid, rather than just the fade-in text?

Cheers Brendan


Hello, all this can be done in ‘mosaic_folio.php’ file (...\includes\homeblocks.. folder)
and in “folio blocks” in …\includes\sliders-types… folder

rolandcs Purchased

Two questions:

1) How can I adjust the background image for sections to show on iPhone? Resizing a desktop screen seems to work, but background images don’t show in mobile

2) How can I adjust the “speed” in which the Slider H1 copy fades to 0 opacity? I’ve adjust the H1 to show in mobile, but it fades to quick when scrolling

site is at http://www.socialpointforevents.com/

Thank you!


Hello, 1. parallax effect doesn’t work on small devices, but you can try to add ‘background-attachment:scroll;’ for ’.section’ class and for small screens into mobile.css
2. this can be edited in ownScript.js on line 26 – 27

alexbronn Purchased

Hi Dannici, Your theme is amazing. Yet I have some troubles to setting it up. could you please provide with step of. 1. How to create a portfolio post with a slider as here: http://wpdemo.themnific.com/pre/14/portfolio/to-the-end-of-time/ Only time I create post I got only a feature picture display as here : http://wpdemo.themnific.com/pre/14/portfolio/into-grey-clouds/ and I dont know how to change it. 2. When I click on “BROWSE OUR PORTFOLIO” I scroll beck to the top of the page ( to slider ) instead of to four grid portfolio page. How do I fix that ?

Thank you un advance for your assistance. Alexa

Hi, I would like to change the order of my sections in my 1page scroll homepage. When i change the order of the items in the menu settings the sections scroll to the wrong positions. how can i fix this? Hope you can help me Hans


Hello, if you re-order homepage sections, you need to re-order menu too. Menu layout should “follow” homepage layout. Thanks

shoclabs Purchased

Hi, I purchased the theme and I think it’s awesome, though a little hard to grasp at first.

I have one question though, what’s the minimal recommended size for slider and background images?



Hello and thanks… for slider is best resolution 940×545px and for BG images use big ones (1920×1080px). Thanks

shoclabs Purchased

Hey Dannci, another question. I read in another post that it’s not possible to have fullwidth layout custom posts instead of three columns, but I’m guessing that if I fiddle with the code I can do it. What I want to know is which file I’ll have to modify. I will just set it up as a child theme so that it isn’t affected by updates


shoclabs Purchased

Never mind, I figured it out. Found it in style.css


Ok … thanks

makimyers Purchased

Hi there,

Is it possible to have the ‘our client’ images load in colour, instead of being black and white and turning to colour on hover?

Many thanks

Hello, in ownScript.js (js folder) find ‘adipoli’ section and delete:
        jQuery('.clients img').adipoli({
            'startEffect' : 'grayscale',
            'hoverEffect' : 'normal'
makimyers Purchased

Fantastic, thanks!


I recently purchased the STATUS template to display my paintings (http://lucvernaison.fr/) and I’m actually facing a few problems.

In the Portfolio template (GALERIE on my site) the page navigation doesn’t work. Whether you click PAGE 2 or PAGE 3 you always stay on the first one. Any idea where this could come from ?

That said, I’m not necessarily willing to use the page navigation. Is there a way to display infinite links on the Portfolio template ? Instead of a 3×3 grid, what about a 3x…. infinite. Which code (php, html, js…) should I fiddle with to set this up ?

thanks for your time.


Hello, you can change


value in template-portfolio.php (line 23). Thank you

Hi Dannci,

thanks for your response, but how can i exactly order the homepage sections? Now the sections are shown ordering on time i created them. Should i use the order field on the detailpage in wordpress? Also it’s important that the page anchers change with the order of the page sections.. Can you give me some more detailed information about how to do this? Hope you can answer me soon.


Hi Dannci, i logged in with another account (commond076) but it’s about the question i asked you before from account hansvanpoppel. thxs. Hans


Hello, you can re-order section by changing publish time.
After this re-order needs to be re-orderd menu items.

Change of anchor is not necessary!


Ok thxs! That was the info i needed to know.

I can only choose in column layout for minimum of 2 columns. Is 1 column also possible? i want to include a custom contactform and now the whole form is divided over 4 columns..


If you want to have all content on one column (in sections) use video shortcode – put content into it.
Can you send me a link of your website? Thanks