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I’m pretty new to the World of WordPress, so I’m hoping this isn’t too silly of a question! I have my layout and text content in working order. How do I add images to the Mosaic portfolio? I’ve read through the documentation and can’t find it. Is there any documentation on where to add it?

Thanks! Nad

Hello there,

you can output classic posts with [blog_latest] or portfolio posts with [portfolio_mosaic] shortcode.

But before you need to create some posts (classic and portfolio) with featured images.

Thank you

Hi Danicci, is there a way to remove the two lines form the main slider? I would like to remove the text from my main slider , but the two lines remains there. Thank you. A


in style.css find ’ .stuff2 h1 ’ and remove top and bottom borders. Thank you

Thank you Dannici, one more questions regarding the core container on the main page and main menu. I have decreased the padding to 90 and now when clicking on the menu , the top of the typography on of the page I navigate to is cut when moving on it using the menu. how shall I change that to make the navigation slide on the top of the page and not to cut a part of it ? Thank you.


page can be scrolled only to the top edge of the browser. But there is fixed header and your section content (heading) is hidden under this header. You can decrease sections bottom padding but top padding needs to be bigger.



Im having trouble with the nav links and the border underneath them. The border isn’t showing when hovered on or when one is active. Have tried everything I can think of to fix and have re-ordered menu and layout to be in the same order also?

Hi, they have been disabled now. Cheers

That seemed to fix the issues!

I assume that ‘wordpress-tabs-slides’ is causing these… Very old plugin. Thanks

Hi, I installed this template 1 year ago but recently I don’t see the title of my post in Mosaic Category in homepage [blog_latest]. I see only the images. Can you help me please? Thank you

Hello, can you send me link of your website? Thanks

Hello! my website is: www.chiaradanese.com


have you installed some plugin in last days? Can you temporary disable plugins? Because some of them are causing jQuery errors.

Thank you

Hi Dannci,

This is a repost from a previous member but is the question I need answered please.

My only remaining issue is trying to exclude the featured preview image from appearing with the others uploaded to the post and displayed in the slider.

I have a bunch of images for a portfolio page that are displaying in the slider, but when I upload a smaller pic for the featured image it gets blown up and put in the slider as well.

How do I separate these two classes of image?

please see www.thrivems.com.au (portfolio section)


Hi, post slider shows to the post attached images. You can use this plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/unattach/ to unattach images.

‘Unattach’ link is below each media file in the Media Library admin view.

thanks works well!

Does it have a one column classic blog no sidebar? Is it possible to set the width of the pages and/or blog to a custom size?


all this is possible but it needs bit of customization.

Thank you

Hi, I’m a tech illiterate, but can do very basic stuf, like ticking some desired options, etc. It means that I don’t know how to handle codes. I’m confortabel using Prophoto theme on my site, and would like to try a more edgy one, like Status theme. the question is: Will I be able to handle it? Is it as WYSIWYG as prophoto? Can I install gravityform plugin using this status theme? Do they conflict? Thank you for your time!!

Hello and thank you for your interest!

Coding skills aren’t necessary to achieve look like in theme demo. You can change design (colors and images) using theme admin panel only.

Thank you

When I resize the page to 700px, the siider image is linking to the slider image, not to the link I have inserted in the website field. How to solve this?


in …includes\homeblocks\flex-full.php file replace

<?php the_permalink(); ?>


<?php echo $slider_url; ?>

Thank you



Is it possible to create 2 of the same websites with different languages? We have created a Dutch website (Dutch people are our main visitors), but we also want the same website in German. (Same portfolio, same clients, same services etc.) So our visitor can choose, by clicking on a small flag, which language they want to see.

Thank you .

Hello, you need to use; e.g. WPML plugin http://wpml.org/ You can create multilingual website this this plugin. Thanks


Is it possible to add a sitemap to this theme? What is the most easy way?

Thank you


I recommend to create new custom template and use code form 404.php file in it. There are posts, page and categories.


Hello, first thanks for this awesome job!

How can I change the order of the layout page? I do a new section but I can’t find how to set the position.

Thanks for your help.

Hello, I’m sorry (again). Smooth scrolling (to some section) is available only for menu items – I want to add this feature but it doesn’t work. Thanks

Hi Dannci, again jeje I can not include more than 9 slides in layout. I tried to change the homepage.php (line 46) and changing <?php echo short_title(’...’, 9); ?> to <?php echo short_title(’...’, 15); ?>. But doesn’t work.
<div class="container"> 

                        <h2><?php echo short_title('...', 15); ?></h2>

                        <?php the_content() ?>

                        <div style="clear: both;" />


                   <?php }?>

Any idea?

Thanks for your help! ;)

Hello, you need to allow more ‘posts’ in Settings > Reading

Hello! I would like to reduce the padding of only one of my layouts. If I change the padding of .section .container it reduces the padding on all my layouts (logically). Is there a way I could create a new class (let’s say .section .container2) with a smaller padding and add this class to my layout ID? And if so, which file should I use to do that? Many thanks

I found a way! I reduced the padding of .section .container and then put my title in the content instead of the title field. Then I used   to add spaces before and after the content for the layouts that needed space. However, it’d be great if you had a suggestion for a “cleaner” way to do it :) Thanks!


there is solution. You can use ‘Navigation anchor’ – this word is divs ID too

e.g. you can use this in style.css

#services .container{padding....}


Awesome! Thanks!

Does anyone know if it is possible to add a parallax style area at the top of other pages without having all layouts? I was hoping I could use some sort of short code to add a layout element(parallax one) to specified page(s).


no sorry, this is not possible without bigger modification.


Great theme.

Is it possible to change the accent color?

Hello and thank you,

you can set your own color scheme in admin panel.

Thank you

Is it possible to make the featured image on a portfolio page width 100%?

I was also wondering if it is possible to have the title of the page/post over the image centred?


in single-myportfoliotype.php file move line 14 on line 27. thanks


I was hoping to change the featured images that lies on top of the portfolio, the one with the little circles. Are we able to choose which photos or is the any way to upload them so we have the decision of which ones are on top.

Thank you!



in …includes\folio-types\gallery-slider.php

use following code:

                $args = array(
                    'orderby' => 'menu_order',
                    'post_type' => 'attachment',
                    'post_parent' => get_the_ID(),
                    'post_mime_type' => 'image',
                    'post_status' => null,
                    'posts_per_page' => -1

instead of

                $args = array(
                'post_type' => 'attachment',
                'numberposts' => -1,
                'post_status' => null,
                'post_parent' => $post->ID,

them you ca reorder images in Add Media > Uploaded to this posts (reverse order will be applied): http://prntscr.com/2tut1i

Hi Dan, I have trouble with my “browse our portfolio”, it goes with “Nothing found here Perhaps You will find something interesting form these lists…” I’d like to have something like the demo “http://themnific.dannci.com/04/?page_id=90” Can you help me please ? thank you

heuuu, sorry but where do I create a new template page ?

Hi, go to Pages > Add new and in ‘Page attributes’ select template.

ohhhh, it was under my nose…I was looking in “Mobile page template”... thank you for your help


I’m interested in buying this theme, but would like to know first:

- does the home slider support video content (mp4)? - is the theme full width compatible with plugins?

many thanks!


Hello and thank you for your interest.

- no sorry, slider video is not possible in Status, but in my other theme is possible to add video: themeforest.net/item/inside-creative-parallax-and-scroll-theme/6368314

- theme is compatible with well coded plugins

Thank you

Hi, thanks for the info! What’s the slider that’s included in the Inside theme? Is it slider revolution?


no, it is well known Flex slider.

Thank you

I have a few questions.

1. My slider, for some reason, is clickable when I visit it using a mobile device. How do I disable this?

2. A small smiley face shows up at the bottom of my page, below the footer, on mobile. Where did this come from and how do I get rid of it?

3. How can I increase the height of the parallax sections in CSS? I had previously done this with about a dozen line breaks, but this is a sloppy solution.

Please let me know if you can answer these questions. Thank you.

thanks for the response. I will try 1 and 3. my site is www.litlitlit.com.


it comes from ‘WP-Stats’ plugin – add
into style.css – http://wordpress.org/support/topic/avoid-wp-stats-little-face-at-the-bottom-of-my-pages

that did the trick. thank you!


I really like the theme! Just curious is it possible to customize the slider? Is it also possible to add a static image at the top and place the slider somewhere else?

Greetz, Mark

Hello and thank you!

You can disable slider and use only static image (in first section). Main slider can be used only on homepage and on the top of the page.

Thank you