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I want to add custom link into scroll menu

Hello, hello, I didn’t forget… Now I have some filter solution, it will be in next version. If you don’t want to wait send me an email. Thanks

Sent you an E-mail

Hello, new version (1.3) is available now, you can download it in download section. Thank you

Hi, your contact form’s Name & Email fields do not work on iPhone 4. Is there a quick workaround you’ve found?



Thanks for your reply, but all that did was hide the Name and Email fields on the mobile version. Any other ideas?

Cancel that – my mistake. Thanks for your help that was great.

Cool :)

I love your theme, but I’m having some issues creating the mosaic effect (no using the homepage slider), is it possible to get dummy files and art that I could import to make it look like your Alt Demo?

Seeing how your pages are actually set up, and mimicking would help greatly.

OK, got it. Now is it at all possible to show only the mosaic portion on the home page, then not have the scrolling effect? I would rather my navigation items simply link to pages rather than the way it is currently configured. Thanks.

Actually, I figured out how to hide everything in regards to the scrolling effect, but the navigation doesn’t do anything and won’t link to my pages (just from the home page).

Please disregard all of these questions – I figured it out!

how could I change the name of “Browse our Portfolio”?

Hello, you can change these in folio.php or mosaic_folio.php files. There are located in /includes/homeblocks folder.

and how could I have the social buttons like you http://wpdemo.themnific.com/pre/14/ (about us section)? I mena the same buttons.

Hello, in admin panel set you nerworks/social URLs and use layout shortcode to add whole icon section into homepage.


Is it possible to have the colored background be 3/4 across the page and have it scroll over a background image? so that its two layers?

Sorry I don’t understand what you mean. Can you explain bit more? Thanks

when I post a video, the social buttons are disrupted, not in the same level http://www.videosmotivacion.com/portfolio/protege-tus-suenos-video/ I would like to have it in the same line. I have tried to change the position several times, but I donĀ“t find the correct way.

I am confused. These buttons are built-in, shortcodes or your own coe/plugin. Thank you

Helloo how to update theme?

or you have some other solution!

I will look at it…


Greetings again, I am having difficulties seeing the top portion of my pages (probably sue to my logo size). Can you tell me how to adjust that, so that they appear below the header? Example: http://www.tcgad.com/2013/our-work-2/

You’ll notice that you can’t see the portfolio categories at the top.

Thank you, and again, great theme!

Hello, what do you mean?

Here is a link to a screenshot with notes… http://www.tcgad.com/ScreenShot2013.png

In template-fullwidth.php delete line 12 (page title)

Hi, I’m placing the layout section (services, portfolio. clients… ) but I tried to re-order and it doesn’t work via wordpress?? is any way to order in the way that I want.

Hello you can change publish date: http://i.imm.io/WIgB.png Thank you

thank you, it works

Hello! I saw that someone asked about this before, but I could not understand the answer … I want to add custom link into scrolling menu. How do I do it and how do I update the theme?

I’m so happy with everything else. Very nicely built theme!

Hello, this feature is in version 1.3 available – you can download this version in Themeforest download section. New docs are also included, there is described how to add external link (just adding ‘external’ class). Thank you

Thank you! Worked perfectly :)

how can i add new fonts? where I can place my facefont kit?

Hello, you can use font folder to add /upload your font files and then put css code into stale.css Thank you

Hi there. Beautiful theme!! I have a couple pre-purchase questions.

1. Any idea how the Status theme will handle a WordPress update?

2. I need to build in a forum into the site I want to use Status on. I plan on using Simple:Press or bbpress. Is Status compatible with other WordPress plugins?

Thank you! I am very interested in purchasing this theme.

This theme can be used as standard them too (without scrolling)!
And you can add ‘external’ links to the scoll menu too. Thanky you.

I understand that it can be used standard (without scrolling), but can it be a combination of both? Like can most of the pages scroll, but then there be a couple pages that are individual (listed in the same menu?)

Essentially, I want to have the parallax functionality on the homepage, but I also want to have a forum on its own page. Can both things happen at once?

Thank you!

Yes, links in menu can be with scroll and “classic” funcionality. Like demo with purchase link: http://wpdemo.themnific.com/pre/14/

This is a fantastic theme and the support that was offered was beyond anything I could have hoped for.

A few tips for new users that would have helped me: If you have icon errors make sure to read “icons” in the docs. I missed this but is a easy but critical step to getting all working. Large images prevent parallax errors, be sure to optimize for smooth scrolling! The slider scales better with taller images due to the way the site shrinks and expands so bear that in mind when creating a slider image! You can set the thumbnail size in functions.php so that in the reading of a blog post a featured image gets more normal proportions.

This theme really does make a great impact and is super fast with some caching, my site using this theme can be seen here: www.lifeatwaistheight.com

Truly excellent! :D

Thank you, it is great to read lines like these! Thank you! :)

I have installed version 1.3. And check the version. Put css menu external keywords. But it still works do not. please….Custom link

pqrcreators.com Thank you

oh im sorry… i did it !!

OK, cool!

Hi again. I have three questions:

1. How do I update the theme? Do I need to delete 1.2 first?

2. Portfolios: in the Mosaic it looks like images are not at full brightness. Firebug seems to suggested that they are at opacity 0.8. Is that correct, 0.8 going to 0.5 on hover? Can I alter this in CSS? I would like the static image to be fully bright ie 1 changing to 0.7 on hover for example.

3. Does the new update include a link from Portfolio image to external site? Hope so!


1. yes you can delete old theme or you can reupload new files,
2. in stale.css find ‘ul.block li img’ and set opacity to ‘1’, and in ‘ownScript.js’ (js folder) on line set opacity to ‘1’ too,
3. I don’t know yet….

Hi! PLEASE HOPE YOU CAN HELP ME! I really need to find the solution.

1. Fonts, where I can add my own facefontkit? where is the code where I can change that.

2. Contact form, I know you have the option of really basic contact form, but I need the input to “upload files” but when I apply my form, the css change the final result, where I can fix this or what is the best solution http://icruz.ca/contac2.png

I really will wait for you response.


1. you can add font files into folt folder and use style.css to call them (via @font-face)
2. you need to know class or ID of this ‘upload’ field – them in style.css add overflow:hidden; and clear:both

Having a hard time with viewing the admin bar when logged in and viewing site. php is included in the function files.. however I am not seeing it. User is set correctly to show.

Please advise. thanks

Is there a solution to this? or anyone else having this issue?

So.. been waiting for a solution to this… I cannot see the admin bar when viewing the site. Been a couple months now.

Hello and sorry…
in ‘ptype-portfolio.php’ (...functions\posttypes folder) delete this line:
add_filter( 'show_admin_bar', '__return_false' );
it is at the bottom of the file. Thanks

Portfolio excerpts. Noticed the copy on the main portfolio page cuts off without a “more” link or [...] to say there is more copy on the single portfolio post. Is there a way to have the main portfolio show an excerpt only? or perhaps just have a “more” link to show that it continues?

Hi, in template-portfolio.php you can set your own lenght of item excerpt (line 49). ’...’ are there but are hidden because of item height.

Hello, I am interested in whether it is possible to change the part of the image that shows up in the flexslider on the portfolio page. Right now, it seems to be the middle section of the image that is showing up in the horizontal slider, and I would like it to be the top part of the image showing. Similarly, is it possible to change the part of the feature image that is showing up in the portfolio mosaic? Thanks!

Hello there, you can use default ‘crop feature’ that comes with wp instalation – ‘cos there is no other “tool” to select crop area.