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Having an issue with my RSS feed (not working) does the theme handle my RSS feed?

Nope, nothing to do with the theme unfortunately.

Hello, my twitter feed at the top has stopped working( I noticed that is doing the same thing our your demo site. Please help.

i updated my site to 1.3.2 the twitter @ the top now reads: Could not fetch Twitter RSS feed.

i tried 3 different user names

What version of WordPress are you using?

Assuming you’re using the latest version of WordPress, unfortunately, there’s no real great answer I have for you. The theme uses WordPress’s built-in implementation of SimplePie to fetch data from Twitter’s RSS and then it stores it for two hours before fetching it again. —In other words, we put the functionality into WordPress, opposed to handling it ourselves.

When the theme outputs “Could not fetch Twitter RSS feed,” it means it received an error from WordPress when it tried to fetch the data. There are various theoretical reasons this could happen. If you’re on a cheaper, shared hosting account, you could just be working on limited resources the time the request was sent to Twitter, maybe Twitter was running slow at that exact moment, etc.

If this is the case, it’s possible you will see varied results depending on what your server and other customers are doing. Continue to monitor it. If it continues to be a problem on your server’s environment, that are a lot of Twitter plugins out there you can try. Many of them retrieve data by accessing the Twitter API in different ways, opposed to how we fetch from the RSS. So, possibly one of these other methods will work better for your setup.

wanting to make the top of the screen WHITE but in the demo the twitter details are up there – is there a way to make the twitter details black so they stand out properly against a white background?

About to install and configure the site this weekend.

Thanks – and as usual – great theme.

cant get the slider to work – uploaded images as featured but and the outer wrapper shows but no images are displayed (using wordpress 3.5.1)

help needed


Here’s where to get support:

The Twitter convo just above was kind of a unique scenario.

thanks – have purchased other themes from you – i should have remembered – now added a ticket on the support site – thanks

Use of support forum mandatory as of January 1, 2013

We’ve recently setup a new support forum and we’ve been slowly transitioning all support there over the past few months.

As promised, starting January 1, 2013, we have made it mandatory that all support given to verified buyers will be done there.

Support Forum:
Support Terms:

No support will be given through the ThemeForest comment system. The only exceptions will include pre-sale questions and any issues you may have accessing the support forums.

We apologize for the extra step this takes you to register for the support forum and verify your purchases, however we hope that the forum will make support easier for buyers in the long run.

I have the theme installed at – the homepage slider shows correctly on FF, Chrome and IE – but the bottom half of the image in the content slides keeps getting cut off in Safari. i have checked the slides themselves and cant find an obvious problem. i would appreciate any help!


We do all of our support at our support forum:

Here’s how to get access:

If you can get that purchase code, come on over, and provide a link to the issue, we’d be glad to help you out with the slider issue.

nice theme. Can I have a sidebar on the homepage? Thanks

great, I purchased. Where is the XML dummy data?


Here’s how to get support:

The dummy data isn’t something we include by default, but could give you an export from the live demo if you like.

ok, most importantly I need there to be a sidebar on the homepage without the blog attached please help! i posted on the forum too.

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Good day, your topic I have not installed! After I activated the theme, a white blank screen! I have the latest version of WordPress!


Come on over to support, and we can help you out:

Hi, this theme does not appear to be responsive. Is that correct, or am I missing something? Thanks, Evelyn

ah – I just found another comment where you say no.. thanks. Evelyn

Yeah, this is an older theme, and I’m not quite sure what we’ll end up doing with this theme. We’ll either need to eventually remove it or redo it, all together.

I love this one. If only this could be responsive, would be a perfect match with one of my projects.


We’ve got a few other themes that can be made to look some what similar.

The Akita theme has a stretch option that will give you a similar structure, which you can see in the live demo.

And in our Alyeska theme, if you select the “stretch” layout option and the “classic” menu option, you’ll also get a somewhat structurally similar look to Stealth. You can see this in the live demo, as well.