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Hello, When disqus comments or facebook comments is enabled, does the them still count the number of comments?

I submitted the ticket. I want to know if i want to use ilightbox plugin to replace the lightbox in the theme, it will work?

It should. If not you can disable the lightbox effect in the theme options. I’ll be working through support this afternoon.

Hello, Please can you check the support page. I made a reply. About the minisite frontpage. I tried what you suggested but it doesnt work. Its still displaying the articles archive

Hello.. love this theme!

Wanted to know if you can tell me if there’s a particular setting or way I can list reviews of 4k camcorders the way this site list there reviews? Is there something I can enable within the theme? Here is the style I would like to use.. found here:

I own and want to list my reviews and amazon buttons this way.. can you direct me to how to do this?

Thank you! Winners!


furibe Purchased

I need an update of the theme please. We need to fix this three items in review articles.

-author -entry-title -updated


Please open a support ticket if you require theme support:



temabul Purchased

I was using theme, after I download last update(after months) I receive /public_html/wp-content/themes/steam/functions/core.php on line 954 and /public_html/wp-content/themes/steam/functions/core.php on line 955 errors. I don’t have old files. Do you have any idea about this

Please use the support center for support related questions so we can better assist you:


Please fix the password reset at your support site, after email sent, there is nothing to do to change it

I get the same error as temabul, at line 954, i had to disable the social counter since website was broken. I think it has to do with the youtube counter.

Yes it is the youtube subscriber count. Please disable until we can release a theme update.

Good theme! Has it the ability to sort posts in the front page or a page based on the most Facebook Likes?

Not via Facebook Likes, but several other provided filters.

hi, 1.update for this awesome theme? 2.Visual Composer (and add-on) not work well with ur theme u know?


Please use the support center for support related requests:

Why is the topic for so long should be loaded?

Thanks – can you please check in another browser on your same setup – like Firefox perhaps?

The same is the Opera browser and Tor

Thank you, will look into it.

Comments not look very nice, I propose to do in Steam, then the column will be rated under autarky and there is a lot of space. P.S. sorry for the translation is on Google Translate

I’d like to buy your template, but I need the radio, could you add poderzhku radio?

I think that is probably something that can be included via a plugin.

is this theme supports BBPRESS?

It does not have a skin specifically for bbpress. Check out our other themes Engine, Techwise, Explicit, or Implicit.

Hi, I’m going to buy this theme. my language is RTL and i should translate the theme. I wonder if you add RTL support in near future?

Our newest themes Engine and Techwise come with RTL but if you want that on Steam you’ll have to add it yourself. It is fully translatable into RTL languages though.

i want this type of layout can you guide me how can i customize it ? this website is using you theme.

Please use the support center for support related questions so we can better assist you:


can you please give me a reply on forum


vinay13 Purchased

there are a few bugs in the theme.

I really love the theme. Never thought of getting this much customization. But hell yeah! Please make the theme more effective and look into my issues :)

I would like to put few bugs and improvements needed for the theme here.

Improvement needed:

First, like button and their visibility. even if i disable like button from pages and posts, the no.of like are still being displayed in boxes. i rather want social like buttons in place of like buttons. and a site-wide switch for buttons like will be appreciated.

Second, option to chose the layout of boxes.

Third, option to disable excerpt in boxes.

Fourth, more simple carousels with overlays. hint: TheVerge

Fifth, reduce the blank space all around the theme. I think there is a lot of white space.


Social box widget is being pushed to the left (facebook), while the twitter widget is overflowing into other divs.

I’m not able to view the “see all” button even after opting for it in widgets under mixed columns.

I really love the theme. Never thought of this must customization. Please make the theme more effective and look into my issues :)

Thank you so much for the theme compliments! I really appreciate the thorough feedback and will add this all to the list of future possible theme updates. A couple of these are on the wish list already, but not all of them – so thanks again!


vinay13 Purchased

is there a way i can get horizontal mega menu with bigger thumbs?

That would require some custom theme mods. If you need help locating existing parts of the theme code I’d be glad to help. Please open a support ticket for that:



ewin229 Purchased

??Hi there, i have installed your theme, but there are seems some error.

1. The mega menu – why the mega menu wont show the article that i have been made? there are some error also, the red one written “parse error” what isthat?

2. What is the condition to show the article in mega menu? since i seems cant attached the article in the mega menu dropdown (no article attached in the mega menu, please take a look)

3. When we modifying the demo content, should i create the same looks or i can just edit it to my needs?

let me know the reply,



your support system is somehow wont let me submit the support question!

Hi, I really like this themes. its more cleaner & neat than explicits themes. but can i request a reaction & Content Section from explicits cuz its really amazing feature i can’t get here. so i’m really confuse what theme (explicit or steam) template i will buy tomorrow x.x

We have a wish list for each of our themes of future possible additions or enhancements, but we don’t have a guarantee or timeline for any of them. Please let me know if I can answer any other questions about any of our themes.

Hello, before I’ll purchase this theme, I would like to know if its possible to switch off the editors rating? We would like to create a website with only rating by website visitors or members, like Is this possible with this theme?

Yes, absolutely. Using the theme options you can completely disable the editor ratings and use only user ratings.