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Hi, Is it possible that steam.xml did not get downloaded? I do not see it in the zip file that I downloaded on purchase

Please use the support center for support related questions so we can better assist you:

i really want to buy this theme but i wonder if this theme support rtl and can you tell me how can i change fonts to Arabic and make it rtl support

The theme doesn’t natively support RTL so you would need to perform some custom CSS mods to accomplish that. Our newer themes Engine and Techwise both natively support RTL if you’re looking for some of the functionality of our themes with RTL.

Hi there! Awesome theme. Really looking forward to buy it. Few questions:

That would require some tweaks to the theme code to accomplish.

Hi there! Purchased the theme. Really liking it so far. However I need to have the same article belong to two minisites: Games and Reviews. How can I do that?

You can’t have the same article in two different minisites. You’d have to duplicate the article into the next minisite. For more info or for alternate approaches please use our support center:


Will do, thanks.


cbmgdp Purchased

Hi. Can inform me if the theme are already compatible with the latest version of the WP 4.4. Thank you for your attention.

Hi Team, site looks really professional. My question, can i use a this website like a gamesite with shopping-system/woocommerce ? I love the layout and functionality but i want l8er sell games on this site. tell me plz is possible ?

kind regards

Sure, it should work well with wp ecommerce plugins such as woocommerce.

How or where I edit the footer of the theme at?

Please use support center for support related questions:

By this I refer this comment on the grounds that I do not get me mega menu function.

Although I element in the sub menus, I get the mega menu without structure.

However, if I turn off mega menu, I get the correct structure.

How I can get with MegaMenu have estrcutra as in the demo?

Thank you.

Cuando le pulso submit me da este problemilla:


Your related URL does not appear to be valid.


Looks like it works for me when I click on it. Perhaps the link was down for some reason before? Try it again.

Private tiket:


Your related URL does not appear to be valid.

Public tiket:


Your related URL does not appear to be valid.


ruxspin Purchased

Hi – I submitted a support ticket #643525

Thank you.

Please, answer as fast as you can

Thanks for your patience.


cbmgdp Purchased

Hi. Can inform me if the theme are already compatible with the latest version of the WP 4.4. Thank you for your attention.

I haven’t heard of any issues with 4.4 from any of our customers, but I haven’t officially fully tested it with the latest version. If you do come across anything please let us know via a support ticket:


cbmgdp Purchased

Thank you for your attention


I’m interest with your product I plan to create a Review Site with Function :

A) For ADMIN 1) Can Create Any Category and Set Default Review Points sample is Admin Create Audi from Category HOME>CAR>AUDI and Put default Points for Rate and Review like HANDLING,PRICING,SUPPORT

2) Can Put Default Information for each Post, sample post about Nokia 925, will be show as table for information about Spec of that devices above on Rate and Review

3) On each Post have option to put Prices table and this prices information will show Prices based on Member who gave informatiion about latest price of the each post/product.

4) Can Invite Any Customers From All Social Media (FB,Twitter,Linkedin,etc) to give a review on specific page

B) For REGISTERED CUSTOMERS 1) Can SIGN UP with any Social Media 2) Have option to send url from Review Site to Social Media when they put a review on our site. 3) Allow them to give Rating and Review Word on each page that Admin already created like on Audi Page. 4) Allow them to request new Category. 5) Each Review they give or submit can receive like/dislike rating from any member including free member. 6) Can send message between member (private message)

C) For Free CUSTOMERS 1) Can give like or dislike from each review from register member

D) For SITE BEHAVIOUR 1) Will make Auto Post/Review Head to Head or Versus between each Post on same Category, sample is if we have Post Audi and BMW, so when any visitor search Audi vs BMW on search engine,it will show BMW vs Audi head to head on our site. 2) Support for Compare up to 5 Post and easy to drag and drop each items post (not just 2) 3) Show Most Famous Post Category and Top Review Person. 4) Send Notification to Each Member when they on top of most Like Review. 5) Advance Search – will show many option for it so any visitor can search with many setting like prices or else

If some function not available please tell me which one is already have and which one is not and can you do custom work or at least tell me what i should do or combine any plugins ?

Kind Regards

Yes absolutely, this theme would work very well with a travel niche site. As far as which specific theme to choose, I would recommend Flavor/Steam over Made since Made is an older framework. Whichever design you like better between Flavor and Steam should be your deciding factor, they are both great themes and have the same feature set. We aren’t able to do custom theme work at this time unfortunately, but we can definitely help you with support on the theme.


You said before that “or look at one of our newer themes like Engine or Techwise which come with built-in comparison features”

is Engine and Techwise has all features i need too?

Kind Regards

Yes, I believe both of those themes have all the features you need as well.

very hard to learn, support sucks , no full doc , bad and worst .

After i have updated to the last version of the theme and when i went to the the minisite categories I received a message of parsererror in browser.

I have did all of this:

- turned on? mod_security?

- verified that style is located in …/wp-content/themes/steam/style.css?

- verified that all minisite have taxonomies

?Please tell me what more can I do to fix this

My website is this

Hi, this theme looks great and I believe it will be suitable for my site, but I just wanted to check a couple of things:

(1) Is it possible to change the Ajax Post Loop so that it defaults to Highest Rated instead of Latest?

(2) Is it easy to change the number of posts appearing in the Ajax Post Loop?


1) This would require some tweaks to the code.

2) Yes, you can change this easily in the options.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.