Stone OnePage Multipurpose - HTML

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  • HTML5, CSS3 & Cross Browser – Don’t care the browser. Your website can be viewed. Always on! Stone works fine in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer.
  • Responsive Layout & Retina Ready – With Stone you can have your website in any device, any place and in any moment. Simple, easy and modern.
  • Adaptable Menu and Mobile Menu – After scroll, the menu is fixed on top and when you see on mobile device, a new menu appears.
  • Plume Slider – An unique fullwidth slideshow to enhance your website. It can be easily customized and has a multipurpose style developed by Ararazu.
  • Masonry Portfolio – Organize the content of your portfolio with Isotope Plugin ($25 – included).
  • Satisfied Clients – Get more confidence using the testimonials of your clients. Show for your visitors more than just company words. Show results!
  • Skeleton Grid – Now, you have a grid based on 16 columns easy to apply on a custom layout. Refer to the manual framework (
  • Parallax Effect – Background moving in a different way scrolling. It gives a professional touch on your website and you can customize it easily. Try yourself!
  • Font Awesome Icons – Speed up now the loading of your site using the vector icons from Font Awesome. Choose your icon and replace it fast using CSS classes! (
  • Control Color, Pattern and Opacity – Add color, texture or transparency with CSS classes specially created for this theme.
  • LESS included – Be a “customizer”! This is a CSS pre-processor that extends the CSS language. You can create variables, mixins, functions and many other.
  • Portfolio Image & Video with CSS Animations – With a Responsive Lightbox you can show your Youtube and Vimeo videos in Portfolio. More than images, motions!
  • Predefined Elements – Enjoy of buttons, links, form fields and lists pre stylized and making your development faster.
  • Owl Carousel – Show your products, clients and project thumbnails using Owl Carousel and control it using bullets or arrows. (
  • Count Down – How about show some numbers of the company and maybe fun facts about their history. It’s a good idea!
  • Basic jQuery Slider – Maybe you need show a simple photo slider using jquery. Yes, you can do it! (
  • AJAX Contact Form – Send the form data without reloading the page. Your contact page becomes much more elegant. (jQuery Validation and PHP ready to use)
  • Fullwidth and Responsive Google Maps – Customized with Snazzy Maps, a repository of different color schemes for Google Maps aimed. Enjoy it now! (
  • Featured Employee / Team Details – With Stone you can have a fast modal page to show details of your team or specific person.
  • Animated Accordion & Progress Bars – Simple effects that make your website be amazing. These highlights use CSS3.
  • Icon Box – Box with icons and call texts. A great effect is the icon shadow behind of original icon.
  • Scroll Spy Effect – Animating after page scroll
  • Infinite Color Schemes – Unlimited colors to compose your website. A unique experience!
  • 3 Bonus Page – 1. Project Page, 2. Not Found (404 Error Page), 3. Maintenance Mode.
  • Free Updates – Buy once and get updates for free always that released. Your website always updated.
  • Free Support – Your questions always answered.


Version 1.2 – August 20th, 2014
  • New paragraph below image on “About Us” section
  • Icon “expand” on image hover in “Team” section
  • Different background color to “Be one of us” section
  • Job Vacancies modal page (like a board)
  • Other option to showing feat. clients (without carousel)
  • Option with background image on section title
  • Map marker with your own style (9 predefined images)
  • Youtube and Vimeo examples (working)
  • Border default width (from 1px to 2px)
  • Background, fonts and colors on Fun facts
  • Parallax on “Team” section from horizontal to vertical
  • Smaller “Plus/Minus” icon on accordion list title
  • Colored google maps style
  • Category tags on Project Page with bg color & rounded
  • Positioning of page when opened by some section (url/#about)
  • Error messages before sent the contact form
Version 1.1 – May 3rd, 2014
  • Colors for client logos on hover status
  • Navigation arrows on Testimonials section
  • Problem with scrolling on Safari (Mac)
  • Problems with animated content on small devices