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Maybe if I have a comment on the top of a page it will get more attention.

I’m having a huge problem getting the button text color to change. Every time I change it in the “Customize” theme option, it reverts. I have tried over and over but it reverts every time. My customers are not able to see the button text and all of my efforts yield no difference. This is incredibly frustrating and any help would be much appreciated.

Every time I try to change the button text color for the content, everything shows up fine according to plan. But the “proceed to checkout” button text does not show up no matter how many times I change it and no matter what color I choose. I have tried changing the ecommerce button text color also which does not change the “proceed to checkout” button. Only the content button section affects it.

It’s been a few days and no answer.. disappointing. Until this problem is finished my customers are not able to complete their purchase from the shopping cart page and it is affecting my profits!!

Is there any other way I can contact some kind of support system since the ticket system you linked me to isn’t working and hasn’t been for months? I really need to get this fixed and we’re going on almost 2 weeks now of having this problem which prevents buyers from making a purchase in my store.

Never mind, I was finally able to create a post to the forum AFTER I claimed the layout purchase using the code from Themeforest. I would highly suggest putting that on your support site somewhere so people know it won’t work without it!

So about that White_Hat :(


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I am using an iMac and can’t use Internet Explorer, so maybe that is why it is not installing correctly “missing stylesheet”? If this is the case then I will need a refund since I don’t have a PC.

Let me know because this is for my client.


Please could post your question in our forums so that our support crew can assist.