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Nice and clean design. GLWS :)

Awesome work! GLWS! ;)

Hi few question:

Will it work for a multilanguage?

Will it work with IE8?



1) Yes, it will work with multilanguage as multilanguage is a part of Joomla! core functionality

2) It will work with IE8, but some CSS3 effects like border-radius, box-shadow, text-shadow etc. won’t work due lack of support for it in IE8. You can view the demo in IE8.

Nice Design :) GLWS

When Virtuemart component will be available for Joomla 3?

I’m afraid there is no information when Virtuemart for Joomla 3 will appear. Some information regarding this issue may be found here:


As you can read here: there is no specific date for this release.

it is complet version. the k2 component is integrated?

The Quickstart package includes the latest versions of K2 component.

is here in the pack? or this is just tmpl?

K2 component is included in the quickstart package, but if you are using the template package then you have to install K2 separetely

Nice Work Good Luck for Sale:);

Hello, how do we send a mail to an administrator and the purchaser at the time of order confirmation before buying?

Hello, I think that it is a question for the component technical support – we are providing only the visual layer for the eshop components.

Hello. No reaction via your support tickets. Hopefully now i do get one

I’m very interested in your template StoreBox and i have a few questions.

1. You have diffrent pakkages and the personal pakkage says there is only 3 months support via forum. Does this mean no support at all is available. Also the ticket system?

2. What is the average response time for tickets/forum – it is said 24/7 support…

3. The shopping cart in the StoreBox template /moves down with the screen. Is it possible to pint this down? In general what are the options in customisation. I ask this because i also have a website on the Helix Framework.


1. Membership = support, after 3 months you will need to renew it in order to get the support.

2. Forum reply time is usual 24-48h on the technical departments in the ticket system it is usually 2-6h but of course it depends from the current situation. The presale department where you sent the tickets is working only if our office works – the technical support is independent from the office hours.

3. It is possible to change this behaviour by small change in the template JS code.

Thanks for the quick reply! Will buy a subscription through your website!

does this work with woocoomerce & word press?

The wordpress version of this template with support for woocommerce is available on our website.

Hi guys,

Have you got a change-log for the latest update to Storebox?

The alert just came through today.

We wanted to see what’s changed to see if it’s worth updating it for the site, or to leave it.

Many Thanks, Daniel


All updates informations are available here:

The change log for Storebox and list of the modified files is here:

Great! Thanks Robert


goxell Purchased

Hey, I cant post a new topic in ur support center. How can i fix that :(


Do you mean our forum or ticket system?


goxell Purchased

I mean ur forum.

Sorry but the theme forest customers have access only to our ticket system

virtual mart 3 is available when will it be on this template and how do u migrate from it is u already using the 2.5.x with the content in virtual mart


The last update of this template supports VM3. The migration from the old version is described on the VM pages:


I am interested in Buying this template.

Do you have a quickstart package with your template and joomla 3.3 and virteumart 3

thanks for your answer


Yes, the quickstart package contains newest joomla 3 and VirtueMart 3.

Hello, i’d like to know if it’s possible to add an ‘add to cart’ button to the items in the category page, similar to the products displayed in the home page module

Very nice template by the way : )

So the template is not compatible with VM2 then?

Currently this template is compatible only with VM3.

Ok, i’ll think about upgrading to VM3 then, i really like your template, thank you very much

Ok, thank you for the quick reply : )

So can the J3 work well with the VM2 now, or should i just install and use Joomla2.5 till VM3 is out?

As it was written before: please create a ticket here: – please create an account to have an access to your previous tickets. If you still cannot do it properly, please contact with a moderator who replied to your tickets via his e-mail.

Hello i have tried to send you mails on the email “”, but it kept bouncing back. so i have just sent you some questions on the PM. Please attend to it and revert.

Because you have wrote to a no-reply e-mail with ticket details. Please reply to your moderator – in this case

Hi Robert, I’ve found 2 issues with the Storebox template: 1. I created 2 columns page but the K2 items show one on top of the other 2. Sidebar module change the position and goes down (under the main content) when you navigate in subcategory section. The right position of Sidebar is only in Categories section. This link explains better my problem:

Could you please help me solve this problems?

Thank you, Chiara


Please create a support ticket at

Hello again, I’ve created a support ticket, but I didn’t get any help from you, just an e-mail that says that I have a non-Developer license and that this area is reserved for the exclusive use of our Developer license-holders only (???). After 3 days of constant work I’ve fixed the 2nd problem and now I am wondering how much time I have to LOSE to fix the 1st one. SO STRESSED AND SO DISAPPOINTED!!

Hello, most probably you have not provided your purchase code from Theme Forest so our system was unable to find your license – please create a new ticket with your purchase code or please provide us your ticket ID – then we will manually assign it to our moderator.

hi, it’s a cool theme. But when i install this new theme, can you keep my installed extensions on my site. For example, One Page Checkout For Virtuemart


Please write a ticket at with more details of your issue – one of our developers will help you.