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Hello I jumped the gun buying this theme i am very new to this trying to help out a friend and am using a youtube video explaining how to build a site using wordpress and WooCommerce i have no clue what cart66 is or how to use it i cant find the info i need to use this most of the free templates install with allot of the work done this did not can you please email me at [e-mail removed] so i can talk to you about a refund i am so sorry i should have looked into this more

Sorry, I have no control over refunds. You’ll need to contact Envato support. I’m also going to flag your comment for your own safety, as you left personal information in it.

Hi, any news on getting Stored compatible with WooCommerce?

I Absolutely LOVE this theme, problem is I’m from South-Africa, and Cart66 does not offer a decent gateway that works with our currency… :(

PLEASE!!! – I will be your first buyer for sure!

At this point, I don’t think this is going to be happening. It’s looking less and less likely. Sorry to disappoint!

Hi everybody,

I just bought the theme and I love it. Nevertheless, I don’t quite understand how to obtain the same result as the live preview one :

Mine is located here :

I followed all of your explanations but when I bought it, I thought it would look exactly like the preview and that I could modify it then. This is not the case at all :s

I would be really thankful if you could help me to get the exact same result as the live preview which I could then adapt to my store.

Thanks in advance for your answer and your help

Hi there!

It looks like it’s coming along. You need to set up your menu under Appearance > Menus and continue to put your content in. If you follow the included help file step by step it’ll walk you through setup, but it looks like you’re almost there.

Please open a thread in my support forum if you need help with any specific steps.


Thanks for your answer.

As you said I finally understood a bit better how to install the theme but I am quite stuck now and my project requires an urgent website.

Do you think you could send me a zip file including everything needed that I could upload on my ftp (and replace my “stored” folder) in order to get the exact same website as the one of “live preview” ? It would be much easier for me to find how the website works if I could see how you inserted the elements. I must admit I am not super familiar with wordpress yet.

If that’s possible, could you send that zip file here :[e-mail removed] ?

Thanks in advance for your help.


First of all, I flagged your comment because you left your email address in it and this is a public section of the website.

That’s not how WordPress works. The theme file only includes the theme itself, not any of the content. What you’re looking for is the WordPress import file which is an .xml file. I don’t have one for this theme as I can’t redistribute the images in the demo; But I can send you one from another one of my Cart66 themes.

Hi guys,

Finally managed to go further ;-) ! Thanks for you help !

How can I insert the same form as you did to my contact page ?

Thanks in advance !

You need a plugin for that. I recommend Contact Form 7 (free) or Gravity Forms (paid). Gravity Forms is a much more robust system, but it is paid software.

Love the theme, and if your on the fence, thinking about buying this theme, do it! I dropped BigCartel and got Cart66 with this theme and haven’t looked back since.

I do have one question and I know its an easy one, how can I custom order the layout of products in my store?

Thanks for the awesome theme!


Glad you like the theme!

The products are ordered by post date. So if you want to change the order, you’ll need to change the date they were posted. You can do that on their edit screen (near the post button).

Hi, Would it be possible to implement PagSeguro as a form of payment? If so, would I have to hire you to do this seperately to purchase of the theme? Thanks,

I’ve never heard of that, but it would be part of the Cart66 plugin, not the theme. You can check with them at

Do I have to pay for using cart66?

Cart66 Lite is free and only uses Paypal or Mirijah. Pro is a one time payment, or Cart66 Cloud is a monthly payment.

A couple of quick question before I buy…

1. On the homepage where the shirts are listed, is it easy to add more rows of products? Right now there is only 2 so just want to check to make sure it’s flexible enough to show more rows.

2. Is there an easy option to hide the name and price of the shirts on the homepage? We just want to list the shirt images.

Thanks for your time! Sinoun

1) Yup, that’s a setting in the theme options, as seen here:

2) You’d need a bit of CSS for that, which I’d suggest doing through a child theme (which is included with the download). It’d be:

.single_grid_product h3, .single_grid_product .product_meta { display:none; }

And that would display them like this:

Thanks for the quick response! :)

Sure thing! Thanks for the interest!

Hi, after I installed the latest update of your theme my site fell apart :/ do you have any clue what might have happened? the site is


ps. I deactivated all the plugins except the Options framework…no change…

3.0.3 has is live now. You can get it on your Downloads page.

all looks good with the new version. thank you for a prompt reaction, I appreciate it! And I apologize for judging too fast, you obviously work hard to help your customers. thanks a lot!

No problem! Glad I could help!

And no worries, I’ve definitely been in your shoes before ;)

Hi, I’ve trying to use a social bar plugin for products pages but there seems to be a problem with this, as the bar appears almost on top of the product images.

I’d like to know if there is any solution to this.

Sorry, but I can’t give you support for third party plugins. May I suggest you contact the plugin’s support site or maybe try a different plugin?

Sure. I also found a way around it by placing the social buttons below page content, which works alright, hopefully it helps other people facing this particular issue as well.

Cool. Thanks for reporting back!

Do you know how to write on the footer of the homepage? Or add any widget to the footer?

Also, do you know what the php code is for the “product type” pages, I am trying to write text on those pages. Like what could go here instead of “is_category”: <?php if (is_category(‘gloves’)) { ?>.

Thank you!

You can customize the footer using a child theme. You can learn more about that here.

I don’t understand your other question. But if you’re looking to put text on product archive pages you can do so under Products > Product Types or Product Tags > Name > Description. As seen here:

That was very helpful. Thanks!

Sure thing!

Is there a way I can translate some parts? Edit the “en_US.po” file doesn’t seem to change anything, so where is it hidden? :-) I just need to change some simple but basic items like “buy now”

Right, you can’t simply change en_US.po, that’s for actual translations.

You would need to edit the text in the file itself (preferably in a child theme), I’m not sure which “Buy Now” you’re talking about though. It could be part of the Cart66 plugin.

Ah, yes. Just found it in the single-products.php Thanx

No problem! Copy that file into your child theme though, that way when updates get pushed out you can update without losing your changes.

You can learn more about that here.


I see comments of you saying that you probably wont be integrating woocommerce from a few years ago and was wondering if anything has changed and there is a chance now?


Hi there!

Nope, I still have no plans to add WooCommerce support into the theme. Sorry!

What would happen if I used the woocommerce plugin with this theme? Does it just not work at all or is it manageable?

It will still work, but the home page and item pages won’t display exactly as the same as you see in the demo.

How do I setup a thank you page so I can add google analytics conversion tracking?

I cant seem to find that setting in the dashboard>theme options or in cart 66> settings

Your help is greatly appreciated.

It depends on what version of Cart66 you’re using and what payment gateway you’re using (if you’re using Lite or Pro).

For instance, if you’re using the Lite version and your site takes the user to PayPal, the redirect needs to be set in Paypal. Other gateways in Pro have an option in the dashboard.

All that said, I’ll help if I can, but you may be better asking over at since it pertains to the plugin and not the theme.

Hello! Its possible to use Stored together with WPML?

Hello! Yes it is. Many of the translatable items are part of Cart66, but both of them can be used with WPML.

hi is it possible to get a demo data file please? need to test website

Here you go. Please open a thread in my support forum if you need anything else. Thanks!

I love this theme and would like to buy it. Is it responsive and mobile ready? If not, can you offer a theme with similar features, which is mobile ready?


Sorry, no it’s not yet responsive.

As for Cart66 themes, I have Haute (Cart66 Lite, Pro, and Cloud) and Cartful (Cart66 Cloud) that are both responsive.


tope64 Purchased

I added my first product at . the product is displayed in the home but when I click I can’t see the product page. Help please ?

Hey there,

I’m able to see the single download page here:

If you’re still having trouble, could you open up a ticket at our support forum? Here’s the link:


Bryan – DC Staff


tope64 Purchased

Hi Bryan,

Yes thank you, I ended up figuring it out, it was permalinks related. I have another question though, is it possible to add a widget with “Product Type” and add widgets to product pages ?



Hey Antonio,

Do you mind opening a ticket on the forum? I’ll need some more information and it will be easier to correspond over there.


Bryan – DC Staff

I would like to use Stored in affiliate mode. I see you can modify the Buy Now button to link to another site instead of the cart. Instead of that, can I link the Details button to the external site instead? I don’t want to have a details page. I want to go directly to the external site.

Hi there,

It’s not rigged up like that out of the box but I can definitely help you get that sorted out on our forum:

Let me know if you have any other questions.



Thanks for the quick reply. One other question… can the details link or the buy button be customized to say something different?

Hey there,

Again, it would be something you’d have to customize but I can help you with that too. Let me know if you have any other questions.



Does the theme enable external vendors itself to add their products (with the corresponding external link) instead of the admin? I mean, multivendor feature without shopping cart.


No it doesn’t. That’d be part of the Cart66 plugin, not the theme.

My original 2 star review:

If I had know there would be monthly cost for an ecommerce plug in I would ave passed. Tried to open a ticket to ask a few questions. Would not let me post a question because it said the purchase ID was wrong. I copied it… and it was wrong. 61 bucks I’ll never see again. Maybe, just maybe, I can reuse the theme sans the store. Fingers crossed.

Their response:

You may have tried to create a ticket with the Envato API was down, so it couldn’t validate your code. It happens from time to time and is something that is out of our control. If you want to try to create a ticket again, we’ll be more than happy to help you.

As far the Cart66 plugin, the theme is compatible with the free version of Cart66, which is called Cart66 Lite. It’s no longer on the plugin repository, but it is available at github: – You can download the .zip there.

If you can get back over to and open a ticket we’ll get you up and running. Just know that while developed the theme to work with Cart66, we have no control over how they price their plugins.

My message back to them:

Heya DCrumbs;

I had no idea about the API being down. But basically you answered my questions in this response. Also I couldn’t find a Lite version of 66 but thank you for the link. I will check it out now.

I am also searching for where this comment is posted so I can publicly thank you for the attention to this. The theme looks great and I appreciate your help.


So, sorry bout the 2 stars. My bad. Knee jerk reaction. Anyone know how I can take that back?

You can change the review from your Downloads page. Thanks Tod!