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You nailed it man, very well structured design, All the best with sales!

Thx a lot.

Nice theme! Good luck with sales!

Fantastic work buddy!!!!!! ;)

It looks great! good luck bro!

great work, gud luck :)

Glamorous Design!

Good luck with sales ;)

This is the best Joomla e-Commerce theme on the market.

so u say if i buy this website the things will work the same way as they work in and i won’t need to change anything accept my product details and stuff..? b’coz i am very positive about buying your site but i am not verymuch a joomla coder i normally code in java..this is my 1st time in joomla so plz guide me through this.. thanks in advance…:)

Hello, if the displayed layout is something what you need, then your work will be limited to changing the content and images directly in the back-end of the CMS :)

ya that’s fine i can handle the database for the contents and for registration.. but actually i wanted to know if we do have add-ons for such things like wordpress does. and also that i wont have to configure the “Add to cart” functionality by myself(i.e. it will behave the same way without any extra efforts in terms of coding)

all available functionalites are visibile on the demo, other ones can need the additional addons. We have also wordpress version of the theme on our website. the add to cart functionality is configured in our quickstart package and is working out of the box if you are using quickstart.

plz help me with this..:D


Nice template!

My client is really interested in this, but he would like the front side slider to be a responsive full screen slider instead of a slider with fixed height. Is this possible, or is this something you will be willing to modify for an extra fee? Everything else is almost perfect including the text-sliding etc.

Best regards Mikkel Olsen


Unfortunately adding fullscreen slider is a bigger custom work, and we are currently too busy for it.

Looks fantastic! Well done!

Hi, I want to get this theme but not sure if it would work for me. I have a very basic godaddy hosting account and it can install joomla, in this case can I use this theme and install with ease or I should go for other hostings. What I need is a CMS to promote our brand with a function to add my products in order to show case them (and I don’t need to sell them, just show case them) For instance, let’s say I own Apple, and I want the theme’s CMS function to tell people about our brand/company, and then list out the products we have (iphone, ipod, ipad…etc), but we are not selling them only showing them is fine.

Please advise. Thanks!

Oh and since godaddy can only auto install joomla, I assume I have to install any shopping cart solution (e.g. virtuemart) on my own in order to use your theme, right? Or if I am not selling anything (just show case them) I don’t even need a shopping cart. Thanks again.

Hello, If you will use our quickstart package then you will get the demo content layout with configured VirtueMart and Hikashop components.

Hi, I have a question about the ‘cart’ module.

I want to put contact details in this position and i have managed to remove the ‘cart’ icon.

However, how do I remove the cart function/cart pop up and loading feature within that module position so that it is just static text.

Hello, I’m sorry but it is a custom work which is beyond of our standard technical support.

i have a problem with the layout-option in the template: there is no option to change module positions or make them only mobile visible. i can only change template width etc.

regards, viktoria

and i want to change the the language in the google +1 – now it is polish or something. where can i do this?

Hello, I don’t understand your first issue – the module positions should be changed in the modules, the visibility for the mobiles is set with module suffix “only-mobile”. Regarding the issue with G+ – please open file html/com_k2/templates/default/item.php and please remove line:

[code] window.___gcfg = {lang: ‘pl’};

HikaShop part is not styled at all, not styled checkout, missing breadcrumbs, adding to cart is giving error.

Regard, Emil

Are you sure that you are checking a proper demo of this template?

I mean the styles are not as good as in virtuelmart, show cart is givving error in language.php and in product page in hika when you chose size or color there is error with images.

Please send us screenshots of issues to our ticket system – we will analyze it and fix it in the next version.


Priego Purchased

Hi. Is Quickstart Package Included in ” Professional eCommerce Joomla Theme”?

Hello, Yes – the quickstart package is included in the package of this template.

when i bought this product it says it came with virtuemart 2.0, but it come with virtuemart 3.0…i got issues with 3.0, its posible to got it with virtuemart 2.0? thank you

Hello, in the rest_files for J!2.5 there should be a package with VM 2.6 and J!2.5.