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This has to be the best theme I’ve seen so far, wow. Good job QBKL.

Hi Franklin, thank you so much for the kind words and also for the support on the open letter deal!

Regards, Alex

Keep it up man, Loved your medium post too.

Hey! I just purchased this theme and I love it. Unfortunately i am no good with technology. So setting this up is proving to be quite a task. I have so many questions – on how to assign posts to the categories on the Table of Contents, on how to ensure the disqus comments section loads (it doesn’t right now, etc) Is there a detailed guide that can help me with these things?

Will really appreciate any help!

Hi and thank you for the purchase! At the moment we are on a short vacation and the internet connections are random and we will be able to attend to your matter in a couple of days, when we get back to the office. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

PS: Have a look at the documentation file included in the archive. You might find answers to some of your questions there.

Regards, Alex / QBKL

THIS SUX!!!!!!! CAN’T USE IT IF I CAN’T INSTALL IT. NO STYLE CSS?????????????????? THIS IS CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There is no need to panic. I can assure you the file is in the archive. Please look inside the theme’s folder. It was not left out and the fact that no one ever reported such a thing before stands as proof for this. Unfortunately, I am not at the computer right now to give you an exact answer, but I can assure you that you have only two options. The file is either located in the theme’s root folder, if not, check if there is a ‘css’ folder and look inside it.

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT: Please note that Stories is a theme for GHOST, not for WORDPRESS, and if you are trying to install it on WordPress, it will not work and will throw stylesheet errors for a good reason. Hopefully, you are not trying to install on WP since this is sold clearly as a Ghost theme.

Kind regards, Alex/QBKL

Hello everyone, “Stories” has now been updated to fully support Ghost 0.5.2 – latest at this time. Enjoy the theme!

Alex / QBKL

After a year of waiting for a promised WordPress version, I broke down and bought the Ghost version. It took a little bit to get used to having to edit my own html/css to customize it to my liking, but it wasn’t too bad. For those completely new, you should google Ghost’s tutorials and read up on them. For adding Disqus to this theme, all you have to do is inject your username to where the prompts tell you to (much simpler than the Ghost tutorial). They are VERY helpful and easy to get through. I just adore the vibe of this theme and love adding stories to my blog to read. I haven’t posted much yet, but here is how my site is looking: www.nancyke.com

I hope you continue to support this theme and update it as Ghost updates. The only thing I’d like to see is the ability to have numbered page links at the bottom as opposed to just 1/100 and having to click next/back to tediously get halfway through.

edit Oh, and I’d love a black scrollbar to blend in with the background.