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I just need to correct the Leave a Replay spelling mistake and have tried to change in comment.php but for some reason it doesn’t change. I am probably missing something but if you can help please and I guess good idea to correct the spelling if I may be so bold ;0)

On my home page (or if I ever have a page/post that uses the posts effect – carousel etc) the menu at the top of the page only has the top menu items on view i.e. no drop down. Once I am into a post or page then they reappear? Can you help please


Hello – please ignore above question as it was a background manager plug in that was conflicting – thanks


hi ok I have found how to correct the replay mistake – it is in the translate tab in the theme options – thanks

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Hello I thought I had the solution to my problem above re the home page menu not working but it still seems to only show the top menu not any drop downs. Also the background images don’t show. Please help asap. many thanks Steve

splats Purchased

hellooo is there anybody out there

splats Purchased

please answer

splats Purchased

knock once for yes and twice for no

Please help me, I have bought this time and not getting any support This things don’t work: Comment – it can be removed Background video – is working on every pages where I have Select background image !! Welcome message with arrow keys – is not showing

p.s. Bought it with different username (Item Purchase Code: b3bdb5b6-8e4e-4dd2-935e-50ff936d3adf)

please can I have some support – bit boring to be honest not to get help

Hi thats only for wordpress? exist version without wordpress template?


sry have it:)


Hello, i cannot change background collor on page Contact-us, whats wrong pls?

Hi .. quick question .. is the theme support RTL ? if not is it easy to do it ?

Thank you

Hi iam having trouble setting up your templates, i sent you a pm with our login for addmegamers.com. Please let me know how to resolve the issue. Regards

Hello, It would be great if you answer the message I sent you some days ago.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, I am trying to purchase this item since 4 days using different credit and debit cards but all i get is this Error in the payment gate-way.

-The card you entered cannot be used for this payment. Please enter a different debit or credit card number.

this is the 1st theme i am buying from this website and so want to ask if there is any special requirement for the card holder to buy this, also if there is an alternative way to make this order.

waiting for your reply. thanks in advance.

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Great Day!

Everythings work well but iPAD cant’s scroll through normal pages, please help thanks~ and also it will crash at home page, for displaying 10 results, how can we fix which to display? perhaps -5 items?? Thanks and appreciate much ya~

HI, how should i make the squares on the front page bigger ?

Hi, I would like to purchase this theme, but first I would like to ask if there is any possibility how to add H1 (translatable by WPML plugin!) to the home page? Or if you plan any corrections in future…. the H1 would perfectly fit for example nearby the logo of the page….. Thank you very much.

you have the template in HTML format?


I am using Storyline Board theme for my website and was wondering if you are aware of any issues with Visual Composer Text Editor in WordPress 3.9. The reason for asking: Everything worked perfectly fine until WP upgrade to 3.9. After the upgrade I have notice that when I add a text or choose to edit an existing one in the visual composer – with the “visual” tab selected – the text is white, html marks are visible and there is no format menu available, so I cannot format the text at all (I am not familiar with HTML). I found other people had similar issues with other themes and I am wondering if you are aware of it and if there is/ will be an upgrade coming up soon?

Please let me know

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I would like to add a few more images for the background slideshow…which files do I edit to include more images?


Is it compatible with wordpress 4?


is there support for this theme?

Thank you!

no more updates??

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i have submitted a support ticket but no answer yet, i need your support ASAP. thanks!