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Can we set pages instead of posts?

I face a problem with the Youtube background video.When I put a video to play as a background and I choose the repeat mode when the video finishes I see a frame for half a second from the youtube that shows the squares with the relatives videos (it is the videos in squares we see when our video ends at youtube) and after that my video starts over again and at the end of the loop again I see the squares from YT.

Hi creaturesgr, please check your ticket

check my ticket again,the solution you send me isn’t working.I don’t want to wait a week to fix a problem.

It’s fixed

how can I translate comments form?

“Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. Name Email Website Comment”


Hi There.

I have asked a few question in the support system but have not heard back in weeks. Are you still supporting your products? I really need your help.



Hi Mark, Sorry for the delay i still provide support. Can you please paste your ticket ID here

Hi, Bruv!

Ticket: #385841 – “Image zoom size” Ticket: #383256 – “SoundCloud”

Many Thanks


Hi there. Any luck? Can you help me with this??

Hello I am considering purchasing this theme. I wanted to know can you instead use a different Homepage. Instead of the slider effect thing you have on the homepage? I talking making the homepage a more conventional type homepage and have the slider home as a 2nd page?

You know have the Homepage be the content with the widgets on the right or left (A page setup) I can think of a way but does the theme support that already as an option?

nevermind…..duh….. What I really need to know is custom colors. I see it only has set colors for the pages and posts. I want the option of my own color for a particular page or post.

Please answer my tickets. I have several left open. Especially ticket nr 428636. Thanks.

Hi hotspurfc, i have replied


sammiej Purchased


I have created 5 support tickets over the past 2 days – any idea when you might be able to look at them?


Hi sammiej, i have replied to your tickets


sammiej Purchased

2 still no reply, thanks


sammiej Purchased

Hi. I have a query still open about the ribbon font (and also the picture in the circles) not being resposive; and another about the fact that the Woocommerce pages aren’t displaying (yes I have unchecked the lighbox) – both have been open a week now… Thanks in advance for your prompt attention.

Circle Posts not showing!, how can i fix it v2.5.1?

Hi Joana, please open support ticket at

Mmm, my name is Jonathan* jaja, ok i’ll do

Sorry for that Jonathan


sammiej Purchased

Seems to be a bug when saving a change via post quick edit – defaults all revert to square format and lose other selections…


sammiej Purchased

Any plans for a custom video background per post? I think I can only upload a picture at present, right?


sammiej Purchased

Please can you reply to ticket #462315 – having problems with Woocommerce compatibility.

Hi, Thanks for the great theme. I would like to re-enforce other comments about the woocommerce products pages not loading. I also suggest looking at opening and closing tags regarding this because I notice the widget not loading on product pages – It looks like a broken page.

When will this fix be updated? Kind regards

472817 – 3 Weeks ago, on the 6th of July and not even a “hi, we are resolving your issue.”.

Ticket #472817

Hi JoziStudio, please make sure that you use the suported by the theme woocommerce version. Please let me know if you expiriane this problems with the supported version. I’ll reply to your ticket shortly

How i can edit homepage with visual composer ?

Hi, I have left a ticket in ticket system. Please help me with this matter. We talked about it some time ago. Regards.

Hello could You please help me with ticket #428636 ? I was contacting You regarding this froms some timee. Regards.

is it possible to assign different scroll effects for different pages ?

HI MehmetTalhaAkhan, currently there is no such feature. It will require adding of additional post option


I’m planning to buy this template. Can I try the theme for a couple of days before I buy the theme?

Thanks in advance.

Hi vivianneproven, thank you for your interest. Unfortunately envato doesn’t allow this

Hello, Does this theme supports RTL?

HI nitzanly, currently the theme doesn’t support RTL

too bad… it looks really good…

Have You stopped supporting this page?

Please check your ticket

Hi! I have a question? I know you don’t support Storyline Board and you made it very clear that to me..But I spent 20hrs of my time trying to figure out how to change the contact form 7 Submit/ send button to align together with the whole contact form.. You had customize this before as respect as a customer and I really appreciate… Do I have to buy Amy theme or timeline just to get the answer to my question above? I am not asking you to make the changes for me.. All I really need is the instructions to change so that in the future I can change it myself in case when I upgrade, I can know how to change it again. I’m ready to pay you up to $100 through paypal just for this answer,, Please let me know if this ok with you…

Hi visualstylist, can you please open new ticket with user and pass to your WP admin and I’ll check your button

Hi! I have open a support ticket! :)