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Awesome! Good luck with sales. :-)

Hey Jakartanese, thanks :)

Not at all Mailchimp-ready. The items are not editable individually – theres a “edit” for the entire body of the template. Hardly Mailchimp reaady in my oppinion…

Hi Birkelund, Thanks for purchasing the template and I’m sorry that you’re not completely satisfied with the Mailchimp files. The files are editable through tagging the body of the template however I have created individual tags for each element in the files, you will receive a email notification once this is processed. Hope this addresses your concerns but do let me know if you have any other issues. You can email me direct at kaleidomatt[at]gmail.com or post straight to here and i’ll pick it up.

Again thanks for the purchase. Matt


I have a question about the responsive design. In the live preview, the mobile preview does not show the rest of the information and pictures compared to the desktop preview. Could you please kindly explain?

Another question, is it possible if I can edit the responsive design using the HTML to further expand the mobile responsive design?

Hi Matt

I just purchased your template and kindly ask do you have a video tutorial to use and edit templates? Thank you

Hi David, Thank you for the purchase and I hope that you enjoy STOX. Unfortunately I don’t have a video template tutorial for the template but this is something the i’ll definitely consider in the next versions. Thank you for the great feedback.


Hi Matt, Thank you for your reply. I have a problem in regards to the responsive mobile. The template page does not take up the whole screen on the smartphone as I like it to be. I have tried many ways to fix this problem but still with no success. I found out you can enable the template page to take up the whole screen by tapping the screen twice. My question is, how do I enable the template to full screen when going to the URL on my phone.

Thank you, David

How is this a responsive design template? I tried making the browser smaller into phone screen size but the template does not respond/change into mobile version. This is not the same experience I had encountered with other responsive design. Please help.

just to clarify, i am trying to generate my own newsletter base on the template but the default template in the zip file is not responsive at all

nevermind, i figured it out, use max-width instead

Hi Cooldar, Thanks for buying and sorry that you’ve had a problem with scaling in the browser. That is because of Media queries, and yes, max-width works. I am working on a update to the templates so that it scales in the browser and you’ll be notified once i’ve finished this. Here are examples of how the template renders on IOS http://kaleidomatt.com/test/stox/stoxIOS.zip. I hope that this helps. If you have anymore questions you can email me at kaleidomatt[at]gmail[dot]com

Is this a responsive template since iv’e tried to minimize the screen and it does not seem to change at all. Please clarify this problem.



Hi Hezi, Thanks for purchasing and your questions. The template is responsive for native IOS and Android mobile using Media Queries, which is why the template does not scale in the browser.

I am working on developing this template so that it is responsive in the browser as part of an update for the download pack.

Here is the rendering examples of the mobile view on IOS http://kaleidomatt.com/test/stox/stoxIOS.zip.

If you have anymore questions you can email me direct here kaleidomatt [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thanks, Matt

Hi Matt

I’m thinking of buying another template for Wordpress 3.9. I have bought your template before and am having a little trouble if kindly can ask for your help. I noticed the word count of English words and Chinese characters were different. In other words, are the word count according to English words? Kindly ask, how to have translation ready (Chinese)? Does it only translate the front or back page? Was wondering if all this is in the updated template version.

Hi jackychen, the content areas have been designed with English words in mind, though they’re the content spaces are unlimited so you can put as much text in as you like. I haven’t considered the design for chinese language sorry :( but I hope this helps

I just recently downloaded this template but noticed it isn’t responsive in mobile. According to some of the comments other people seem to be having the same issue. You mentioned an update? Where is it?