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Looks great, best of luck with sales :)

Nice touches , good luck with this one :)

Nice theme! Good luck with sales! :)

Nice theme and graphics, good luck with sales :)

Nice looking theme! Might work for project that I am working on – but there is still some work that needs to be done. The slider is not responsive when viewed on the iPhone with Safari. The slides all show up separated and do not re-size down to fit the screen – you end up having to scroll side-to-side to see the slides.

Other than this it looks and works great.


Hi gmdpickett,

We verified our site on the following sites: http://iphonetester.com/ , http://www.testiphone.com/ and on iBBDemo 3.0 iphone/ipad simulator , it works fine. We tested it on the iPhone 4s with Safari: http://bit.ly/Ps0bi5 , http://bit.ly/Ps0d9y , http://bit.ly/PCy13q , http://bit.ly/T7mLRO.

Like pictogram images in your design.

Pretty generic :( / Wand logo is cool

rviano11 Purchased

good Morning!

Great theme… I like the cleanliness of it very much. Could you point me in the right file direction to edit the contact page elements?

Website doesn’t really fit my needs, so I either need to remove it, or put a hidden class on it.

Thanks in advanced.



Hi rviano11, please write us to our email: themewish@gmail.com .

Wery nice theme!

Suggest: next versione with some new internal pages ;)

Nice job! :)

gmdpickett is right…I had the same issue using iPhone 4S with Safari.

Tip: Why don’t addin Google+ in Socials?

Maybe with next update?


Hi MatteoCuturello, please write us to our email: themewish@gmail.com .

teradch Purchased

Hi. Thanks for the great templates. One question. I can’t seem to change the speed of the custom slider on admin panel. The button doesn’t move when I try to change the Transition time. I’ve tried it on Firefox, Safari and Chrome on Mac. Is there any to fix that?


Hi teradch, please write us to our email: themewish@gmail.com .

mgma Purchased

Your theme is broken. In several ways. And when I asked you why I couldn’t get the blog home page to display a sidebar, you told me not to bother you because I don’t know what I’m doing. Assuming I’m an idiot. you told me I had to create a category then assign every post to that category, and make that category page the blog home page. After.. I gave you FTP access. Everyone reading this, who uses WP, knows what nonsense this is.

All I wanted was straight info. I don’t mind problems with a template… but your response was unacceptable. What’s the big deal?... your template had a glitch. You thought you could make it my fault?

Crappy way to be treated after spending $40 on a template, and now, obviously, I understand that I have NO support for this template at all.

I’ll make sure I avoid you on theme Forest, and suggest others do the same.

Hey there, I loved it so much but I am having a problem. I can’t display it on my wordpress? when I click active everything go blank!

I gave caches file 777 please contact me asap!