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Hello I just bought the theme. And I am interested in changing the language of the “time to read” option, ex. from mins to ???. Can you give me some instructions?

deversus Purchased

Hi, congrats for your theme! I’m enjoying it very much! Just some issue:

1) when some images are added inside a post, they are showed again at the end of the post. I don’t wont to see them e wish to remove. Please thake e look here: http://www.odysseo.it/mal-d-asia-%E2%80%A2-viaggio-nel-sud-della-cina-est-dellindia-asiatico-in-compagnia-di-me-stessa/

Looking forward for your answer. Thanks in advance. L.


Hey Deversus,

Your site looks great. Glad to hear you are enjoying using the theme.

It looks like this is being caused by a plugin. WP User Front End. In the plugin settings for WPUF you should find an option “Show attachments in the post”. Turn that off and it should be sorted for you :)

Cheers, Heath

deversus Purchased

Wow! Really easy! Thanks a lot. I’m glad you like our magazine!! Cheers! L.

Hi, I like so much your theme, but I have a little problem :(

I can not find how insert social media buttons in posts pages


I would like to show my social buttons like this http://stream.byheath.com/ronnie-fieg-x-puma-disc-blaze-lite/

Please, can you said me how do it?

Thanks in advance :)


Hi again, I just found the solution, thanks as well


Hey there sempatiza, I just came on here to help you out, but glad you got it sorted :) Cheers, Heath

Hi Heath,

quick question, in an earlier comment someone asked about removing the featured image from the actual post, so that it only appeared as a preview but not in the content itself.

You told them to insert the following CSS into the custom CSS section, .post-img: display:none; but when I did that the featured image is still displaying inside the post.

Thanks for the help!


I do have a new question though;

If you go here http://pixelattack.net/2014/09/binding-of-isaac-rebirth-gets-a-launch-date/

You can see that there seems to be a blank space punctuated by two horizontal lines that are lined up with the right sidebar, between the date and the actual post content.

What are those there for and is there a way to hide them?

Thanks a bunch! This layout is amazing and you’ve been great to work with!


So I realized that empty section is because of my original comment, removing the featured image leaves a blank space outlined by those faint grey lines…

Let me know if it’s asking too much but is there a way to remove that featured image space in the post altogether? So for example, in my post I linked, the video is lined up horizontally with the side bar in the place of the featured image?


Easily fixed:) I will get a solution to you this evening.

sebech Purchased

Any chance you’ll update the theme so the logo is retina supported? Currently any logo I upload looks blurry on retina devices

800art Purchased
Hello i have a problem with the page single.php when i click on the article page. i don’t show the sidebar and footer. Please help me? http://dev.paginafood.it

...something is very broken there. Have you installed any new plugins lately?

800art Purchased

yes. And i have update plugin and wordpress 4.


Can you try disabling your plugins one by one to see if we can isolate the issue.

I’m facing errors in structured data in webmaster tool for this theme: Error: Missing required field “entry-title”. Error: Missing required field “updated”. Error: Missing required hCard “author”. Need help!!


OK. Can you send me a link?


I got the solution… I had to add few lines of code in functions.php

dolapoo Purchased

Hi! Awesome theme you’ve got here.

Before I purchase this theme, I wanted to ask if its possible to disable the huge slider on the front page or make it a little smaller.



Yes you can change the maximum height of the slider in the theme customizer, or if you don’t want any posts to show in there, simply don’t assign the “featured” category to any of your posts.

SHERPADD Purchased

Hi by_heath,

Thanks for the great theme. It looks and works great.

We were having some trouble with the category tabs on the front page, because one of our categories had the following parameters:

name: Beauty&Care
slug: beauty-and-care

The category tab item was being populated with the correct name but there was a problem with the ‘&’ sign. So we revised the code, in for example page-templates/home-tabloid.php and changed following lines

$catslug = $menu_item->title;
$catslug = basename($menu_item->url);

And it looks like it’s working now. :)

We just wanted to let you know and get your opinion about if this will bring some trouble when used together with WPML. What do you think?

Kindest, Berk Bayri Digital Experience Producer at SHERPA


Thanks for the feedback SHERPADD. That’ll work.

dolapoo Purchased

Hi Heath,

Thanks for your support earlier. I got the theme and its great. I’m just having a few problems.

- I have been to settings – reading to try to adjust the amount of posts that show on the home page but nothing is changing. it appears to be changing on the category pages but not on the home.

- The slider is not working and I have created a Featured category and included posts in it but nothing has come up. I have also made sure that my home page is on a stream template. (Home-Sidebar).

- Is possible to hide photo descriptions for featured images in posts?

- Additionally, is it possible to allow the view counter to include views prior to my installation of this theme?

- Some of the featured images are not displaying on the popular posts tab.

- I’m finding it difficult to locate where I update my favicon or brower tab icon. After the new installation, I cant seem to find it and my old one is gone.

- Finally, on mobile, the menu button beside the search icon brings down the menu options in huge text. Is it possible to reduce that.

Thanks very much! already got good feedback from some of my readers. The site is www.estateintel.com


Hey Dolapoo,

Thanks for purchasing.

- Looking into this – you should be able to change it via the WordPress reading settings.

- There looks to be a javascript error with MasterSlider: “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘clientWidth’ of undefined” Looking into a fix for this now.

- You can hide the image captions by adding this to your custom CSS editor, which you will find under “Appearance” in your admin area: .img-caption-wrapper{ display: none; }

- Popular post images look to be working for me?

- Unfortunately the views won’t be retroactive as the function hadn’t previously existed.

- You can use the google web fonts plugin, or alternatively paste this CSS into your “Custom CSS editor” which you will find under “Appearance”: @media (max-width: 767px) #main-menu li { font-size: 24px; }

Cheers, Heath

Love this theme! Very clean and well laid-out. Just have a quick question about something – I’m wanting to add some content to the “Above Content” widget, but I don’t want it to show up on every interior page, only the homepage. Is there a code that would prevent it from showing up on each page/category page?

Thanks in advance!


Hey bshea22,

It’s not something you can do natively within the theme – however, there are quite a few handy plugins which will do what you’re after.

The first one that comes to mind is Dynamic widgets: https://wordpress.org/plugins/dynamic-widgets/

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Heath