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How do I change all the texts on the theme to my language, which is Hebrew? (like on buttons, time indicators, headlines like featured and so on)?

Thank you.

Hello again, I have another question:

I am trying to change the font of the site to a @font-face font I bought without success. No matter how much I define it as the font to be used and add the @font-face to the custom css page, it does not change the font. is there a place to change it I don’t know about? thank you.


got this fixed. thank you.

I see on the demo page a spot for an ad in the footer. Is there some sort of advertising support built into Stream? I am interested in using Adsense or something similar throughout a site.


Hi sabram,

Thanks for your interest. For adsense, in fact for any pruposes, I recommend using the “Wordpress Ad Widget” plugin. It’s a really simple and lightweight, plugin, that allows you to serve ads in any of the widget areas – sidebar, above content, below content or footer slots.

Cheers, Heath

Nice theme but I can’t get the slider to show up on the front page. I have a featured category that I put posts under but they don’t appear on the slider.

a got a bug and I don’t know why:

sometimes, not after all site refreshing, some of the slider images just jump up and get cut on the top of the site, What could be causing this?

www.travelchina.co.il Please help!


chrome and firefox, didn’t try explorer yet.

http://www.travelchina.co.il/problem.jpg a print screen of the problem in chrome.

Please help.


This is one of my biggest problems, could you address this please?

I have a static front page set up and the page has the tabloid template associated with it, but the slider doesn’t work. I’d tried adding articles to the featured category but I’m having no luck and it’s starting to give me a headache. Any tips would be welcome

my website is http://www.vgu.tv


Hey TheJawsh,

Thanks for purchasing. All you need to do is create a page (call it home or something similar) and select a homepage template, and then set it as your front page in “Appearance > Customize”. By default the slider doesn’t exist on the standard blog/index page. For detailed instructions on how to setup a homepage checkout the documentation.

Cheers, Heath


I’ve just been to your site and have seen you got it sorted. The site looks sexy:)

Hi Heath,

For some reason the twitter link on my clients site (camerainthesun.com) is linking to his site but not populating with the number of twitter followers he has… my developers can’t figure out the issue, any ideas?

Best, Vanessa


Hi Vanessa, Sorry for the delay in response. You need to set up a Twitter app for the client and get the consumer key and secret to populate the twitter followers.

Go here: https://dev.twitter.com/user/login?destination=home and sign in with the clients twitter details. Once logged in hover on your avatar in the top right corner and select “My applications”. Once the page loads you will see a link/button “create a new app” – click on that. Now give your app a name, description and enter the website address you want to display the followe count on. Hit I agree and “Create your twitter application”. Now you have created your app, open it up and got to the “API Keys” tab.

The keys you need are “API Key” and “API secret”. Go back to your wp admin and under arqam settings, enter the keys in the twitter box and hit save and you’re done.

Cheers, Heath

I have a bug! when I resize my browser, and make it small width-wise the logo breaks and goes down a row, it also looks like that on the mible version on my iphone.

Please advise. (travelchina.co.il)


Try putting an !important on the end to make sure it overrides your other code: .site-logo{ float: left !important; margin-left: 28px !important; }


the problem with the menu breaking down and dropping a line still happening. I think it is still because my logo is much wider then yours because when I change it it 42px wide, it fixes the problem but when it’s wider everything breaks apart on resize. could this be fixed by changing the breaking points? if so how?


Yep I see. The best solution would be to change to the toggle menu at 1024px rather than 768px. This will need to be done in the customize.php file. Do you want me to resupply the file?

Hi. Before i buy this theme, just wanted to know if there is support for portuguese (brazilian) language?


bro, where is the changelog for the last update?


Hi sanshiro

Latest update includes:

  • Revised navigation – now hover based on desktop resolutions
  • Category page titles now show only one category for posts with multiple categories
  • Child theme support bug fix.

Cheers, Heath

My slider in mobile is not cropping the images and they look warped. its not holding its ratio. Why is this? travelchina.co.il


can you send me the login info for your page via the support forum and I will sort it out.

Hey, Heath!

I can’t seem to figure out why, after I add a new post (or even posts from the demo content) when users click on the READ MORE buttons, it just refreshes the page, and never displays the post’s content… only the excerpt. What did I miss?



Hey Anika, That sounds strange, can you send me a link please. Cheers, Heath

Howdy By_Health

I love your theme and I really wish to buy it, but I have a question about the homepage designs. All three homepages have different layouts and I don’t really want to use them all. For example, say I want to use the “Fullwidth” design that you have on your demo site. Is there a way that I can remove the “Gaming”,”Latest in Pictures”, and “Fashion” from that page? Is there a way to do this?

I hope you can help me out!



Hi tom,

Yep. Those are widgets you are referring to, and they are only present if you choose to use them. Out of the box you will just have the slider, the latest posts and sidebar.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Heath

Hi Heath!

Thanks for the theme which was really easy to install. Got some questions /problems though. :-)

1. Is there a way to change the aspect ratio aof the “thumbnails” next to the post titles on the home page (not the featured ones, i mean the regular posts below)

2. Again about those posts on the homepage – On my Site there is a gap (allways the same height) between the bottom of the picture and the black line at the end of the post. Can you tell my how to fix that?


As a sidenote – I donĀ“t know why, but the thumbnail pictures on my homepage are about 50px higher (389/390px) than on the demo site.


Hey Nainokin,

The thumbnails for the latest posts are currently dictated by the height of the post content, then they stretch proportionally to fill the space. This is why yours may be slightly larger – your content/excerpt is probably longer.

I can give you some CSS to set a max height or width to achieve your desired aspect ratio, but there will more than likely be a gap between the bottom of the thumbnail and the tile.

Cheers, Heath

Can I have a page that lists all authors and then when a specific author is selected all articles from that author is shown like here: http://stream.fdthemes.com/?author=1


I can add in an author list template like on my other theme Knews: http://knews.byheath.com/?page_id=52

Just click on Authors to see what I am talking about.

Cheers, Heath


That would be really nice however, can you take a look at the Team Showcase plugin. There are several others out there. See how best you can adopt it as a built in feature. Would really appreciate that.

Also, for collaborative writing (since its built for reading) I guess it should have a simpler interface for writing too, less buttons for authors on the backend ( I am trying to use for a multi-author collaborative writing magazine)

Hello Health, how are you? I bought the Stream theme and I have some questions about customization. I would like to put a background on the homepage using the home-tabloid template and I would like to put an image as background in navbar too. I found a bug and do not know how to solve. An arrow in my menu on the left side of the text always appears. This happens on all items the 2nd from the bottom up. Hope you can help me. Thanks


Hi rodrigo,

If you download the latest update the navigation issue should be resolved. How do you want the backgrounds to be displayed? Do you want them to stretch to fill the space, or do you want them to repeat/be a pattern?

Cheers, Heath


Hi Heath, I solved the problem of bug seeing some comments here. I also managed to insert a background on the menu by editing the ‘customizer’.php. Now I have another question. How can I edit the color of navbar li? You can access to see a version I have made available on http://martinicadev.com.br/redes. Cheers, Rodrigo

Sorry for these silly questions but they are Yes or No.

Can the offwhite background color be changed?

Can you use static photos that link to content at the top of theme instead of the slider?

Can the Header/logo section be customized to a taller height?

Can there be space for banner ads at the top of the theme?

The email form you have in the demo, is that custom to this theme?

Thanks in advance for your time,



Hey Bryan,

Yes – the background colour can be changed via the live theme customizer.

Yes, you can use a widget in the “Above Content” widget area, and then don’t populate the slider

Yes, The header will adapt to your logo size, if you then want to add some extra padding you can

There is no widget area at the very top of the theme by default, but I can supply you with a customized template to accomodate

Do you mean the Feedburner subscription? It allows people to subscribe to your sites RSS feed.

Hope that all helps :)

Cheers. Heath

Hi, can you tell me how to add social media icons to the header to the left of the search icon? I have the icons, I just need to know where to place the code and how to go about doing it. Thanks.


Hey Oliver, You will need to add them into the header.php file. There are social icons built into the theme, all you need to do is reference the corresponding class: ie;

If you head over to the support forum I can supply you with a custom header.php file.

Cheers, Heath


Just opened a ticket! Thanks!


This theme has a language option for Portuguese (Brazilian)?


Hi there,

How can edit the H1 tag for the homepage?

Cheers, Lee