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Hi ArunKurian,

I’m using a Page for an “about us” page, and it’s generating this error (I’m on WordPress 3.3.1):



The solution to this problem is posted in the theme support forums: An update will be made to the theme, downloadable from TF, in a few days.

Another thing: when I try to use the custom ads widget, I try to add an image by clicking the “upload” button, and then the screen is blacked out with a white space in the middle, presumably so that it would load info on how to upload an image, but instead the screen is just white, blank, and there are 2 “x” buttons to close it, one up top and one in the middle. Nothing else shows up.

This issue was taken care of with the last version update 1.1.

Hi Im also getting the following error, with wp 3.3.1 Home Warning: array_reverse() [function.array-reverse]: The argument should be an array in /homepages/19/d409201101/htdocs/wordpress/wp-content/themes/stream/functions/framework/pivot-functions.php on line 88

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /homepages/19/d409201101/htdocs/wordpress/wp-content/themes/stream/functions/framework/pivot-functions.php on line 89 /Biography

The solution to this problem is posted in the theme support forums: An update will be made to the theme, downloadable from TF, in a few days.

Further support queries should be directed to the theme support forums: Thanks.


I have one small question: is it possible to have this blog in two languages, so that people can choose between them?


That option isn’t built into the theme, however localization support is included so you can have the website in any language you need.


I’m ready to purchase this theme but I’d really like to know if I could remove the slider from the homepage and just display different the different blog feeds and possibly add a banner advertisement to the top right of the header. Is this all possible through coding directly into the header.php and main index template? Lovely theme I just think the top right header is empty :)

Thanks, Nick

Hey Nick. Thanks for the kind words. Removing the slider from the homepage is an easy adjustment though I’m not sure what you mean by displaying different blog feeds. Adding a banner advertisement should also be relatively easy if you choose to code through the header.php file. You may also need to do some minor CSS adjustments but I can walk you through that bit on the forums.

Hello, I’m interested in purchasing this theme aswell, it’s amazing. However, I have a question: would i be able to add my site’s logo as a top header, and – is there any way for me to add a border and shadow to the images i upload on to it ? kind of like this both for the featured images from the front page ( except the slider ) and for the ones i insert into any post ?

Hey there. There is an option to upload a custom logo via the admin panel in the WordPress backend. Adding a border and shadow to the images is something that you should be able to do with a few changes to the CSS . Feel free to jump into the support forums and ask for help once you’re set up with the theme.

Hi there, i ‘ve noticed that if I create more then six categories, i can’t choose the seventh or following to fill the news block.

Simply it doesn’t appear in the news block widget dropdown menu.

Can you help me?

Thenk you

Each category needs to have at least one post in order to show up in the list of categories.

Another question: how can I remove the feature post title under the home feature slider? I ‘ve delete all the CSS , but titles are stille there.

Thank you in advance!

Hey giatsu, you can just direct all of your questions to the theme support forums as you did before. It may be a few days before I can get to them sometimes but I will.

done :-)


I left you note on the theme support forum just fyi :)

Thanks, Nick

Hey Nick, I’ve answered your questions. My solutions should work for your queries.

Hi Arun,

Can you tell me wich files was changed in the 1.2.1 ? I’ve made modifications on some files and I don’t want to update them.

Thank you :)

Hi there. The entire framework for the theme was updated (functions/framework) and the tweets widget file (functions/theme/widgets/widget-tweets.php). Since 1.2, I have included affected files in the changelog included in the root theme folder. Further, if any theme design files were changed, it will be stated in each files’ page-level docblock.

Hello, I bought the item, but it is proving difficult to get the slider. Can you help me with this?

King regards,

How I can add images to the slider?

King Regards,

Posts are added to the homepage slider by marking a post as “sticky.” Refer to section 2.4.2 in the documentation for more information on how to do that. The images that appear are the featured images of each post.


I got the zip folder and tried uploading it but it says: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

I’m quite confused ^^

Hi there. Unzip the main .zip folder that you download from Theme Forest. In it, you will find a folder titled ‘www’ and in that you will find the uploadable containing the theme. If that fails, try this method:

Hi there, I do love this theme, but I’ve a problem:

I make a submenu using some tags, but they’re more than 15 and the single column goes beyond the end of the screen, so you need to scroll down to see all tags and it’s no easy to use and no cool to watch.

I would like to limit single column’s elements number and create much column as I need on the right .

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance


Replied to your original post on the support forums.


Does the theme supports rtl ? My site will be in hebrew

The support died on this theme or something as I have be waiting a week for a reply or the forum.

Reported bugs have been taken care of as of the most recent update.

Hello, I have imported a number of blogger posts into my clients blog. I am migrating their blog. But the fonts on all the posts are messed up… how can I set them all to a simple Arial or Helvetica? I dont understand the font section in the customizer.


I have a question before purchasing. It is still compatible with actual wp? I see last update was long time agoo. There it’s any update scheduled for that theme? (maybe responsive).

thanks, R.

I have already bought this theme. It was great. And i would also but it again, if a newer version with responsive design would be released.

“buy it” again – typo in previous post