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This is the best twitter template clone I have seen. Kudos for real!


Thanks for the kudos! :)



Thanks! I hope you will find it useful :)

Hey – this is an excellent template well done. You’ll sell bucket loads of these and I’ll tell you why – it’s the new task, new user features you’ll taken the time to include.

Best of luck with sales, I think you’ll do really well with this one :-)


Thanks mate! :)

Nice Panel – different to the the rest – but really would benefit from 2 additions:

1. An Event calender
2. Date ‘n Time Picker

Almost standard requirements for CRM / HR usage. Also maybe add statistics, Pie,Bar charts etc…

Keep up the good work – 100% for originality amongst other admin panels in the ‘Forest’ – just add the above mentioned and 100% for features too!!

Very well done – will purchase Now and add those things myself – not too hard


devGirl UK

OMG !!

Just found the EventCalender (looked carefully at the screenshot and saw it was under the sidebar Tasks menu )

Scrub my last comments (although only constructive comments – never the less not needed ) My mistake and what a good Calender too!!

Please accept my apologies – still gonna buy it now.

I’ve slapped the back of my own legs and i’m now standing in the corner.

Regards, DevGirl, UK

Great theme – really nicely done.

Two things though – can it easily be made to go for 100% screen width? Also – are there any other colour schemes which can be previewed for this one? Blue’s great, tho would be nice to show off a few other options too :)

Usability-wise I think some fine-tuning on the expanding panels wouldn’t hurt either… I can see some people having a bit of a tough time getting them open in a rush, and some of the not-so-savy-users may have a bit of a tough time figuring it out…

Otherwise, love your work—keep it up! :)

.. I think i’ll be lining up shortly to make a purchase as well at this rate!

Outstanding. Excellent job!

Good work man! That was missing here …

Excellent Theme! I’ll buy it :)



Just great… good work ! :)

Alisko Purchased

Excellent work, I bought it, but I think there is a problem header opacity. When I mouseover it, The opacity of header doesn’t change, I think it should


Hi Alisko,

You can add this in global.js inside the $(document).ready function to achieve that effect:

if (!$.browser.msie) {
    $('#wrapper > header').hover(
        function(){$(this).animate({opacity: 1});},
        function(){$(this).animate({opacity: ($(document).scrollTop()<=10? 1 : 0.8)});}

Thanks for the suggestion. Cheers!


I’ve added this update to the package. You can download it now. Please rate if you haven’t yet. Thanks! :)

Well done, this looks really good.

You need to look at it in IE your buttons are taller then they should be and the form does not display well at all, also the tools tips look a little strange. I’m sure it’s just case of applying some IE styling and it will look fine.



The template supports IE8 and I have opted not to support IE7 due to some inherent issues with that browser version itself.


dwayne12 Purchased

I used to think that I would never ever see another admin theme on this site of the same calibre as the theme Adminus… Until I found this theme and was super impressed.

Going to use this in my custom CMS that I’ve been developing and maybe in another project too. So versatile in that it can be a user dashboard / administration system.

Thanks for the great theme. I’ll be keeping an eye on your future items, any plans to make more admin themes?

This is beautiful.

Pre sale Question ;-) do you have photoshop or illustrator file for mokup ?



I do not have one currently but maybe I can include it in an update later.


Hi, I want to buy this template but there seems like a lot of issues with IE8 .


1. Since I’m new in the web programming, may I know how the flow/process to register the new member?

2. How about the database?

Best Regards and Many Thanks

Thank you, just what i needed to give me the inspiration to make a CRM !

I now have ideas on how to develop it further!! :) Oh and well worth the $10!! Thank you again!

It’s a shame the second you Google this, you see “rips” of this template.

Honestly, it would of been easy for me to download a “illegal” or “ripped” version of this theme, but I brought it.


There has been so much work, and effort produced into making this theme, that I want to support the developer, rather then taking what’s simply not mine.

Thanks once again for such a beautiful theme, and being my all time favourite admin theme.


Thanks for buying! :)