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Awesome, but don’t work well on non-supported html5 browser :|

Ok said nothing lol work well after refresh!

Beautiful admin template. One of the best I’ve seen. Maybe a little tip. As a user, I’d want to see tasks and contacts clickable as a whole. Not just the purple arrow that appears on hover. It’s actually somewhat annoying. :) But really a great template nonetheless.


Thanks for the tip! Will do this on the next update. Cheers!

Fantastic, just bought it, nice work !

Login Form Does not work on IE8


Thanks, but it didn’t work :(


Thanks, I copied and pasted, but I.E doesn’t want to know :P

I am using a different action (.php), but that shouldn’t effect it.

I will be using your template (excellent work!) in my next Django project. I’ve ran in a small problem in Chrome 8: item details are not displayed in the preview pane.

Uhm, I’m aware that Chrome 8 is not listed under compatible browsers – well, I just noticed that after closer reading :) – but I’d appreciate it very much if you would point me in the right direction.


Forget my problem report. I found out what was causing the problem.

Chrome gave the following error: “XMLHttpRequest cannot load file:///....html. Origin null is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin.”

As I was doing a mockup, I was using a local file. Running under a (development) webserver or starting Chrome with “—allow-file-access-from-files” (not advisable), fixed the problem.

Sorry for posting too quick.

Alisko Purchased

How can we use ajax form submit via using your validation. If we use onsubmit or onclick in form, the ajax is submitted all time. Don’t care of validation rules.


Please try this, haven’t tested yet -

  if(!e.isDefaultPrevented()) {
    // do ajax stuff here
    // prevent default form submission logic

Love this theme. What pieces are not supported in IE7 ? Is there any possibility that it could be made usable on IE7 ?

Lack of IE7 is currently the only reason holding me back from purchasing.


Hi gateshare,

The template will look and act the same on IE7 as it is on IE8 . Cheers!


@vivantdesigns Thanks so much! Buying now….

coolyce Purchased

Hello There,

I have just purchased the template and do not know how to install it. I have checked and could see that it is just flat html files.

Sorry I am not a programmer but I can have a bit of idea if someone hold my hands and show me how.

Could anyone tell me how do I go about using this template on my website?


Hi coolyce,

The admin templates here in themeforest are intented for developers building administration backends, or online software applications/services. Everything in the package is to be used only as a template, it is not a software package.

If you have links inside the list-view class list items (in the contacts, and tasks page examples), they will be unclickable due to the top level click function.

Add $('.list-view > li a').click(function(e){ e.stopPropagation(); }); To your global.js file to enable the links.

cool :) I will include this in the update. Thanks mate!

dklima Purchased

Thanks for this awesome theme.

Is left tooltip suppose not to work on Firefox 3?

I got it Ok in IE8 , Safari, Opera and Chrome.

Is there a trick?


I bought this template to use for a Ruby-On-Rails application. When installed under RoR webbrick server, I am not able to bring up the preview pane for item details.

Instead the preview pane is opening in a new page.

I checked and rechecked all CSS and javascripts and can’t see what can be causing the problem.

Please help….


On global.js, line 107, please change this line:

$(’.list-view > li a:not’).click(function(e){ e.stopPropagation(); });


$(’.list-view > li a:not(.more)’).click(function(e){ e.stopPropagation(); });

How do I set the width of table columns? I have tried nowrap, a % width on the td, etc.




Try to add a style attribute on the th, like


sorry, looks like my html code got messed up.

< th style=”width=200px;” > Heading < /th >

How can I over-ride and set the widths of the Form Text fields?



may i ask is there a psd for the main pages included?



Hi, at the moment there is no psd for the whole template yet.

Pre-sales question regarding the Task Calendar:

—is it linked to the “New Task” button/dialog? ie, if I enter something in the “New Task” dialog, will it add the event to the Calendar?

—if so, are the events editable once they are entered?

—or will I have to implement event entry on my own

Just asking because I know this jQuery calendar lacks such implementations, and I want to make sure if you are only offering the interface, or any additional code for data entry.

Thanks a lot! Beautiful template BTW .

I like it very much – but it would be handy if the PSD got included with the pack. Again, nice product. :)

Couple of things I’ve run into so far when building an app around this theme:

1. The quick add forms for a new contact and task isn’t wrapped in a form tag in the template, so the CSS is styled without a form tag wrapper in forms.css line 771.

When you add a form tag around it, style.css takes over because of line 364 (in style.css) and the fields are colored a dark grey. Can you advise some changes to the CSS on how to fix this? I need to wrap those quick add forms in a form tag to get it to submit correctly.

Update: Commented out line 365, 378, and 382 on style.css and fixed the issue. I glanced around the demo and didn’t see any form elements that were changing colors on hover and focus. Where are those being used?

2. The cancel button on those same quick forms is styled as a button. On a form, a button is also a submit, so it will submit the form with no information.

It’s probably better that we use a link there so that the JS can return false, clear the fields, and close the popup, but adding the classes from the button that was there doesn’t give the same look as a button was styled. I think this is referenced around forms.css line 40.

Update: Added a ”>” after the li element to line 267 in style.css. Fixed for now.

I bought this template and I LOOOOVE it, but… i just downloaded Firefox 4 and the form validators are NOT WORKING !!!! The problem is entirely from jquery tools, but i cant deactivate them, I tryed commenting the global.js function, something like $(”.from”).validator({....}) and it still validates the forms.

Please fix it or tell me how to deactivate form validations.


I will try to look into this if there is a fix, but right now it seems to me like it’s a bug on firefox’s new javascript engine.


I just found out that you can add novalidate attribute to the form so that jquery tools validator will work on firefox 4.