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Great vivantdesigns. Was just looking if someone else noticed this issue, but the novalidate attributes works! Thanks for the find.

the logo looks like the OSX App ‘Things’. Just saying.


LOL . I didn’t know that. It just so happened that we had an iOS icon maker that had that built in. anyways, that was never intended.


I’m loving this template but it doesn’t function very well in IE (I’m using 8).

Take this screenshot for example. The header bar is offset, which results in a bad rollover effect. The view switcher doesn’t work properly and there is a which just doesn’t show.

I thought I’d found the perfect template for our webapp, but unless there’s a fix for these things, we won’t be able to use it, over 50% of the net is still on IE :(

screenshot: http://picturepush.com/public/5363855

without highlighting: http://picturepush.com/public/5363861


IE 8 on Windows 7


Are you using ie7 compatibility mode for it? If so then you can download the update which fixes these problems you’ve mentioned. Not sure about the missing line on the sidebar though, haven’t found a fix for that one yet on ie7 or ie8 in ie7 mode. The updated files are global.js, PIE .js, ie.js and style.css. Cheers!


I was (unknowingly) using the compatibility view for every website. I’ve disabled it now, and it renders perfectly in IE8 (including the bar at the side). I’ll add a IE-8 meta tag to make sure it renders properly in any IE8 browsers, although I’m guessing it will still look the same in IE7 .

I presume I’m using the update, I downloaded a fresh copy to work from 2 days ago…

locomote Purchased

hi, when do you think you will have a photoshop version of this theme complete so we can download it?

Great template! Thanks for the superior work. We purchased it with a different Envato account this week.

Two questions though:

1. The help overlay is a bit slow. Where can we adjust the animation speed of it when it is opened?

2. Same for the preview extension in the Contacts page. Where can we adjust the animation speed for that preview extension that goes to the right-side?

- Jonathan

Somebody asked this question before but I did not see the answer from the author.

When are you publishing the PSD version of this template. I really need to for customization.

PS: I have already purchased the template.



The template was created purely with CSS3 and HTML so there is no PSD . If you’ve checked the sources all the gradients are done using CSS3 so practically there is no need for a PSD to create your designs. If you just need it for doing mockups and if time permits, then I may be able to update the template with a PSD file. I hope you understand and thanks for purchasing!

Is it possible to include a multilevel menu on the top or aside?


Hi mquirogao,

Multi-level dropdowns is not supported out-of-the-box, bushould be possible if you integrate it with superfish. But it’s a great addition in the next update! Cheers!


Great theme! I had a quick question regarding the preview pane. I am unable to load a modalInput through the contact page, but I can if I goto the page directly (janeroe.html) the modalInput box works. Any insight would be extremely helpful. Thanks again for the great design…


Maybe try to use the jquery .live method to bind clicks. This will ensure that any new elements added to the dom will also get the event handler.


This seems like the exact template I was looking for! However I do need one thing and I would like to check if it has it or not… Can you add a file (or a link) to a contact?

Thank you!

Hello – absolutely fantastic theme!! For some reason all preview panes come out blank for me in Chrome (10.0.648.205)

Firefox and Safari look ok.


You’‘ll have this problem if you are opening it directly from the filesystem. It should be fine if you run it through a web / local server.


Works great thank you!

Hi! This seems like the exact template I was looking for! However I do need one thing and I would like to check if it has it or not… Can you add a file (or a link) to a contact? Thank you!


Hi gspada,

What do you mean exactly by a contact? Maybe this is what you’re looking for – http://themes.vivantdesigns.com/streamlined/profile.html it’s under the recent contacts on the sidebar.

I mean like if I have a PDF file with the sales conditions of a contact, can I add it to its profile? Also, can I add a personal field? (in this case I would like to add a field saying what discount the contact has)


Hi gspada,

You have to customize this template the way you want it to, this is just an html template to start your development.


OH! So i need a platform to use it on or I need to create my own php code??

Is there a platform already made I can use it with?

Thank you


It’s intended for developers starting out a custom solution, so yes, you need custom code for this one like other admin templates here :)

hello, I know that it is not in the PSD because this is the description of the happy would buy such a panel in the PSD if you do something for me>? (ie what you have in the template>?) http://themeforest.net/item/streamlined-content-managementcrm-template/152731

I’m waiting for information BR Marcin

First off – this is an absolutely fantastic template. Wow.

Second – I am using a basic modal window and have a YouTube video within. When I close the view the video continues to play, any way around this?


Having a problem with the error / validation indicators and notices . . . the forms page works on your sample online but not after we download and run it on our computers / servers. We took the code straight from your login page and it now works the same as your sample, but ever taking the exact code from your sample still does not get it to work after download. Any hints and fixes? Anyone else experiencing the same thing?

All is good now, got it all sorted out.

A very nice design, well done!

Apart from that.. Meh..

It really is starting to get on my nerves, that most templates submitted to themeforest, lack functionality. Apart from a half coded gui, there isn’t much to it.

For example:

Pagination for tables – it’s there. Why? Because it’s just a simple already made jquery plugin, all you need to do is include it.

List pagination (as in contacts) – not there. Why? Too much work. Instead, an HTML page list is hardcoded and that’s it, figure it yourself out.

The neat (would-be) function of instantly sorting the contacts by All companies, All people etc.. The easiest part – the popup/selection is made, but it doesn’t work.

The easiest parts are coded, and some are included from elsewhere, but the main parts aren’t..

I tried estimating the time it would take to complete the template into a working condition and the time it would take to incorporate it to my project – not worth it.. I’m going with a more complete theme (only a few to be found here, unfortunately)..

I am trying to format the date in the datepicker control in your template. But I can’t figure out how. It does not seem like you are using jquery datepicker control.

Please let me know how to set the date to a different format.



Please check out http://flowplayer.org/tools/demos/dateinput/customize.html for more info on how to format the datepicker.

Is there any chance of getting a style for a disabled button?


I’ve added style for disabled buttons. Updated package coming in a few hours!