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Encore et toujours un magnifique travail ! Bravo :)

Celui-là, je crois que je vais vite me l’acheter ! ;)

Bonnes ventes !

Merci à toi xywe !! ;)

Encore moi ! :D

Quelques questions (peut-être bêtes !) :

1. Est-il possible d’élargir facilement la sidebar ?

2. Est-il possible de changer facilement le terme “album” des customs posts dans les liens afin de le remplacer par “livre” par exemple ?

3. Tu as prévu des formulaires de login, le thème est-il facilement adaptable à BuddyPress ?

4. Pour finir, peut-on facilement remonter le contenu (body) pour qu’il colle à la barre de navigation ?

Merci d’avance ;)

alors…. ;)

1/ La taille de sidebar est editable via css. Maintenant si tu changes cela, il te faudra penser aux éléments internes a la sidebar et aussi a la partie de gauche.

2/ Tu peux changer cela dans le code du custom post type.

3/ Et bien je ne suis pas familier avec Buddypress ( pas eu encore trop de temps pour checker tout cela ) donc, je pense que oui mais il faut tout de meme faire les changement necessaire pour Buddypress.

4/ Oui un simple changement de valeur sur une class css et c’est fait ;)

Merci d’avance ! ;)

This is a beautiful theme and all I could think was WOW , can this be extended for Buddypress? It would be superb in BP? Are you considering making a Buddypress compatible/extended version?

This is a beautiful theme and all I could think was WOW , can this be extended for Buddypress? It would be superb in BP? Are you considering making a Buddypress compatible/extended version?


Thank you !

For the moment, i’m learning Buddypress so it’s the reason i did not make it for Buddypress.

But why not… in a future update…

Creative, to say the least.

Thank you Crozer!

Oh – another question, does the front page allow category feed columns, so that at the base section it will feed in more than one category but in different areas of the page?

well, you can easily change the query to display the posts of a category.

Fantastic !! Very tempting to buy right now.

Thank you iprash! ;)

Thanks Mike !

AWESOME theme!! I will be purchasing soon. Thanks for the great work!

Thank you ! ;)

1 Look at the preview and I knew it was you. Not that I need a design like this. But amazing style. Like always.

Thank you mister Blaxus !!

Thanks joe!

Does this theme carry the same dimensions as diabolik and is the gray colour in the theme changeable? Also wondering whether it would be easy to transfer the content across from diabolik tk this theme. Kind of wish you brought this out first. I of course, have a music blog..

Well, i am the coder of diabolik so there is some similar codes in this theme but not sure you can use the exact content from diabolik in this one. I mean without some settings….

Haha ! Thanks wahkeenasitka !

I luv this theme! One question can you set the audio to auto play?

Hi, yes with a little trick ;)

This theme is perfect for my music blog! Buying this as soon as I get paid!

;) thank you !

Amazing work…finally a theme that looks like it can do everything I need it to do…Just one question…Can I place shortcodes anywhere I want? It would be perfect if I am not limited by anything…Thanks and keep up the great work!

Hi, Well, you can put shortcodes in pages, portfolio, gallery page, contact page, albums …. Posts… So yes, everywhere.

Hello. I like this theme if it works perfectly like demo.

1. Lightbox doesnt work. 2. Search doesnt work. 3. MP3 or OGG doesnt work. 4. Mini slider shows mess.


Be sure you fill all the theme settings.

But let me more.

AudioPlayerV1.js causes the problems. AudioPlayerV1_old.js -> AudioPlayerV1.js Those problems were fixed.

Great theme by the way. Thank you.

Strings theme of this year’s most awesome magazine! Congratulations is really great. Good luck for sales ..

Thank for your comment :)

I loved the theme!!! I was wondering if I could put the title in the news on top of the photos…


well it is possible with a small change in code ;)

Thanks !

fresh work man ;D

Thank you !