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Can i have some kind of playlist in that audio feature? In demo it’s only 1 song.

Hi I need to embed this audio file onto the site. The audio shortcode you wrote won’t recognize the file. On the old site the sound clip plays Can you tell me what I need to do to get this sound clip working within the parameters you have setup in the Strings theme. Thank you.

Dave! missing translation code here: <small><span class="requ">*</span> fields required</small> comments.php : 84 change it to: <label for="comment"><?php _e('fields required', 'the_devil_theme') ?> <small><span class="requ">*</span></small></label>
Dave! missing translation code here: comments.php : 86 <input type="submit" tabindex="5" value="Submit Comment" class="submit-button submitter alignright">

This string in language file doesn’t exist. I will create one after the last comment string, named “submit comment”. Tell me if you want to change it.

Dave. I tweaked the template for contact, to show the sidebar or stretch the form to full width. Much better this way i think ! I hope you like it. <aside id="sidebar"> <!-- TWEAK --> <?php if( !dynamic_sidebar('Sidebar Contact') ) : echo '<style>#sidebar {display:none} .left_part {width:100%}></style>'; endif; ?> <!-- TWEAK --> </aside>
Dave. I found overlapping div at the faq_item toggler. Fix: .toggler { clear: both; }

Now I got stuck on this:

How I reproduce this video on top of the post ?

i tried to add the shortcode for youtube in the custom field named custom_preview, but it prints the string, instead of rendering the video. What I have missed ?

Hi, my wordpress needs to be updated to 3.5.1 but when I do the update, some of the “white” blocks in the templates appear. I restored my site to the previous backup. Is there an Update/Upgrade for Strings compatible with Wordpress 3.5.1 available? Thanks for a very nice theme. Antionette


The latest version is compatible with WP3.5.1, but maybe when you do the update, you have to re-set the theme settings….

Please let me know,

Hi there, sorry I meant “dissapear” and not appear!

Hi again, I have had some feedback from my site testers and some of them aren’t able to hear any audio. Do you think it might be a browser problem?

Ah the audio error only occurs with IE. Please let me know what I am missing in the files to correct this. Thanks.

Ah the audio error only occurs with IE. Please let me know what I am missing in the files to correct this. Thanks.

The audio player is ok for IE9+,.. there is no fix for old version of IE…

Just for information :

Yeah, I get it: IE is losing it’s market share. Firefox and Chrome are making huge gains. And only a small percent use Safari. But, people are still using it and not updating. My two testers could not hear the audio (IE and Safari browsers). You built a beautiful theme! A theme that showcases music. It needs to work in all the browsers, no?

ok, haha, nevermind..I fixed it and it was an error I did myself.


So, I’m trying to add the youtube on top of post here, and It doesn’t show. Can you guide me there, mr. devil ? :)

i emailed you the answer with screenshot ;) Thanks

I found the issue – the videos on top of post won’t show if you also add the custom field “mp3”. In this case, mp3 > video, if mp3 exists, no video shows…

Thank you Julian ! Great theme =D

Hi, I would like to exclude a filter from the template-portforlio-6. To do so, would I use this code: (‘exclude=20&title_li=’) ? Would I put the exclude code into get the filter section? // Get the filter > Category of item $catz = wp_get_object_terms($post->ID,’filters’); foreach($catz as $cat) { $currcat = $cat->slug; $catname = $cat->name; break; } I think I need to put it after ‘filters’. Can you let me know if I am on the right track. Thank you.

Hi, this exclusion of a filter from the custom query seems to be a complicated one. I have found a couple of queries on the web asking the same questions. And they have your code as the example. Might be something to consider for your next update on the theme. In the meantime, do you have any suggestions. Thank you.

Please contact me via email on

Remind me all you want to do by email please… it will be better than here…

Hi, just wondering if you received my email concerning the above. thanks.


not at all ! any email from you,...

Please, send it to or

I’m trying incorporate the woocommerce plugin into the theme, and I know you don’t do support for stuff like this.. but I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction on how to “hook” it to Strings so the pages line up right?

It would be really appreciated. I really love using your theme, but with my site, I really want to take the next step and open a store. It would mean a lot if you would assist, or take a look at it.


I’m really sorry but i never used woocommerce before… i cannot help you for that !.. i dont know if the theme requires specifical page or code….

did you check the woocommerce doc ?

yeah, their documentation is terrible… it probably makes sense to someone who knows coding, but I’m at a complete loss.

That’s the link to how to use hooks.. but when it comes to coding, I have no idea what I’m doing. If you have a second and will look at it it would be VERY appreciated… if not, I understand!

Thanks again!

wow yeah you are right… i dont understand if we have to create a specific template page with their code or ….

Maybe you can post a thread about that on the TF forum ?...

Hi, on the contact page, the submit button is not picking up on the email address entered in the Strings Setting -> website information -> email contact. That is where it is supposed get the information from right?

yes exactly….

I had to insert contact form 7. I couldn’t get the contact page to work.

The Plug-in “Attachments” has been upgraded to the latest version – I need to understand the easiest way to get it working again on my site. Is there something I am missing? Can anyone help me with this.?

Hi ! I’m having problem using the shortcode for youtube. In example it have attributes for width and height, but looking into php code, the attributes are not really beeing used by shortcode renderer.

Can you help me fix that? I tried to add the attributes, but the css is hard to fix, i can’t make the width stretch the video out.