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Hello People of Envato’s world !

i just open this thread to only say one thing:

All my apologies for my so bad support during these 2 (3, 4) last months…. i was like… busy!... VERY BUSY! and i didnt get any time to do the things right here on Themeforest…

i know i missed many buyers questions and some of them can think i just “selected” my answers to the quick and easier of them…. but it’s just … all my regrets!...

So! i’m back and if you still need my support on my themes.. just post your comment on item discussion

Thanks guys for all! Julian

Hello, Julian Thank you so much for such a beautiful theme… there are a few things I have questions for How do find the user guide? How do I make the sidebar transparent? How do I make a Slider Post and Music post as represented in the live preview? and last but not least how do I change the slider size?

Thank you so much for your cooperation! :)


User guide… instructions is in the main zip downloadable on Themeforest. (the zip where you can see the PSD, licence, and the theme zip )

To make the sidebar transparent , well .. it already semi-tranparent with css background value at the line 1533 (main.css file)

#sidebar {
background: #000;
background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.8);
You can change the 0.8 value by 0 (to keep background proprieties..) or remove completely the background proprieties..

To make the Slider post… just use the custom fields : slide_1 you can use until 5 slide image … using : slide_1, slide_2 etc….

To make the music post , just use the custom fields mp3 and ogg with the url of the map3 and ogg files…

To change the slider size, check into the nivo-slider.css file , you can change the max-height of .nivoSlider class….

Good luck! ;) Thank you!

Thank you so much, it was a little tricky but I managed to fix all my problems except for the transparent background.

I’am still having trouble figuring out how to get it to be transparent. I would like for it to be as transparent as it is shown in the live preview. Is there a different way you can explain it or another way that it can be done? Im extremely sorry to bother you… however, i’m extremely grateful for you help as well. Thnx Julian, I really appreciate it. :);)

I\s there anyone else who had any issues with the custom fields? I was able to do a slider post one time… but i don’t see the option slide_1, Slide_2, Slide_3 Etc. anymore. Julian can you help me fix this problem please

I was able to fix it… thank you

Hi friend. could you please direct me to where in the css i can make the sidebar NON Transparent.

it’d be a big help. thank you :)

^^ ok ! main.css line 836:

#main .page_wrap {
background: url(../images/innerpage_bg.png) repeat-y left top;
-webkit-box-shadow: 0px 2px 4px 0px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2);
-moz-box-shadow: 0px 2px 4px 0px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2);
-o-box-shadow: 0px 2px 4px 0px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2);
box-shadow: 0px 2px 4px 0px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2);

just remove the background line; :)

You have been brilliant!

Best customer support ive EVER had on here and my companies have bought hundreds of items.

You are awesome!

Thank you daveitferris ;)

Hi !First, your theme is awesome ! ^^ I have just a question, it is possible to remove author infos under the posts ? if yes, how ?

Sorry for my english, i’m french. Thx U ;)

^Merci !

Oui tu peux simplement éditer le fichier single.php et supprimer les lignes 165 à 175 ;)

^ Thanks !

Merci, J’ai juste un petit probleme, dans l’editeur je n’ai absolument rien dans single.php ^^

Je vais passer directement par le ftp ;) Merci pour ton aide ! Continu comme ca excellent travail !

Will this work well with the new Wordpress 3.6 update? This is one of the first themes I purchased on Themeforest and have had no issues at all.




One thing is holding me back from purchasing. Could you please answer this and put my mind at ease. I need for my website to also operate as a blog. Is it possible to put a filter or category selection for my blog posts?

Thank you,


I made a Big mistake somewhere I believe idk If i changed a code or what but now all my portfolio 5’s show up as 152×85 when the rest are 152×152. I check the code in template porfolio 5 and the size is 152×152. Where else should I check??

thank you

Bonjour ! bravo pour ce theme… que je viens d’acquérir… j’ai qlqs questions : Est-il possible de créer plusieurs pages ayant le meme modele (portoflio par exemple) mais n’ayant pas le meme contenu? Comment faire disparaitre le nombre de photos contenues dans une gallery ? j’espere que ces questions n’ont pas déja été posées… Merci bien ! :)

Merci pour ta reponse rapide! c ok pour le nb de photos. je bloque cependant sur la requete wordpress :s est-ce tjs dans le meme fichier php? que dois-je indiquer? merci

oui c’est dans le meme fichier mais … apres ce que tu ois indiquer.. .je sais pas… c’est en fonction de ton besoin.

en fait, je souhaite juste créer 2 pages “portfolio” (a et b). Comment indiquer a mon article d’aller dans le A ou dans le B?

Hi, I’m the online editor for my school’s newspaper, I bought this theme as a music site i help run uses it. however, i’m trying to mimic the site layout wise (it had some work done on it

i was wondering how to make the featured pictures always go to 700×300. as you can see on the newspaper site, the photos are formatted small for most pictures except for a few taken on a professional camera. also, i was wondering how to do the header on exclusive taste with the categories and the underline with the hover. thanks :)

also, let me add that i have minimal experience with code, but i do know my way around wordpress.

Hello great theme pls how do i add photes to my nivo slider??


Thanks for your purchase !

Download the main zip with license, PSD, theme zip and Instructions. You will find in the instruction the section How to… Then, Add a Homepage Slider item ;)


Hello great theme pls how do i add photos to my nivo slider??

I’m having trouble with the twitter widget. It’s not showing any tweets, just the follow link.


twitter widget is no longer working with the new api of twitter.

please do not use widget.

Get new widget code directly from twitter.


Thanks for your support but am still unable to see where i can change the nivo slider pictures cuss i followed the process you directed me and it ended up creating a single picture display slider and where i can re-edit the name ’’strings music magazine wordpress theme’’ pls help cuss i have spend day and still not finding my way through

i mean the big slider at the home page


the nivo slider images are the featured image of the slider items….

So you have just to use the featured image ;)

Hey anyone having issues with this theme working with the latest 3.6.1 version of Wordpress? Mine has just started playing up after doing last upgrade! HELP!

the issues are: images and nivo fullwidth slider are no longer responsive and top header on main page now has become opaque…

update: the whole site has lost it’s all “responsiveness” under wordpress 3.6.1


Responsive is not related to wordpress.. it’s only css.. ( using media queries).

Hey anyone having issues with this theme working with the latest 3.6.1 version of Wordpress? Mine has just started playing up after doing last upgrade! HELP!

Hello, I have Strings 1.0.4 currently installed. How can I safely update to the new “responsive” theme? I downloaded the new version and noticed there are two zip files: and Obviously I need to back everything up first but I’m curious if I need to install the as a new theme and what will happen to my current content if I switch over to it?

Please let me know. THANKS!


the best is make a backup of the online theme folder.

remove it from the server.

upload the responsive theme

active it.


Thanks I’ll give it a try…

Hi Julian, Thank you for such a great theme, very nice indeed, after looking at the comment from ‘EverlyMusic’, what is the difference between the two files? which one is better? or should be used? im not too css minded, but will try to understand your answer as best i can. lol

no, it’s into the main.css file. css/main.css

Sorry Julian, but i don’t know where i’m meant to find that, i’ve searched, can you please tell me from this image?

you cannot edit that via WP Editor. the main.css file is in the CSS folder. Use your ftp ;)

Hi julian, I have another question for you,

where abouts in the ‘Contact Page Template (template-contact.php)’ can i change it, to make the contact page ‘full page’ as the website i’m using it on, we have no side bars on any of the pages. thanks