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Sawasdee Purchased

No problem iWebStudio! Thanks!

Love this theme and planning on purchasing. One thing, did a live preview in IE9 and doesn’t seem to be working. Any ideas?


just checked again in IE9 and everything works properly :)

Hi, I am considering purchasing this template as it is just what I am after. However I need my website to be mobile friendly and when I tested it on my iphone the top menu seems to be buggy!?

When I tried double tapping the screen to zoom in, the top navigation/menu bar seems to get larger and gets in the way….. is this easy to fix?


unfortunately strive not made to be compatible in all screen sizes, it is not responsive template. Of course it takes few additions to the HTML and CSS code to make it responsive, certainly not very easy or relatively dependent on your ability with HTML & CSS

I have purchased the theme and I like the ease of it not hard to work and easy to change.I will be ready for your next one.Thanks :)


Hi innerclick

many thanks for your positive testimonial! :)

Hi, Want to buy this theme but have one issue. The homepage sliders do not seem to have any left/right arrow to control manual transitions (except Index alt 1). Can u solve that issue?


Hi css_24

not an issue, I was just disabled the navigation on index.html (diapo slider). You can enable the navigation easily by change the parameter of diapo navigation
navigation: true, 
through the diapo setting file
ssgllc Purchased

Just purchased this template. In the live preview, the site is full screen. But in the version I purchased, it is boxed. How do I change this to the full width template?



Hi ssgllc

really? I just checked the download package and it’s not boxed,.. please re-download the theme again

ssgllc Purchased

Yes…it is ok though since I changed the background to white so no problems. If I need to , I will re-download. Thanks for the quick response and the great template! Regards.

Hi iWebStudio,

Have bought this template and is fantastic! I’m trying to get it to work in IE6 and have most elements sorted. The only thing that’s left is the jqueryslidermenu. I have the #nav ul li ul li sorted but for some reason the #nav ul li ul li ul li doesn’t appear. I’m pulling my hair out have you guys got any suggestions. Apologies I know it says that the template doesn’t support this verion of IE but I thought it was worth a try ;)

Thanks in advance.

Hi IwebStudio,

I am interested in your design and wish to buy it, but I just tested it on my ipad and the rotational images on the home page are not working, hence I am unale to click on strive demo/see the demo or any other options for that matter. Everything else look good.

Is this something you are fixing, or this site is not made to be viewed on an ipad?

I look forward to your response.


Hi cajam, yes strive was not made to be viewed on ipad or mobile device

revalice Purchased

Hello, I install the theme! but I can not activate it, the theme does not appear …

How do you get rid of the top header area rounded corner background on inner sub-pages? I need to set it to be transparent and can’t find where to edit that.



Great template. Easy to understand, use & modify.

Respectfully, LMW1

Hi, I have just noticed a bug. The toggle menus do not expand onClick “ON THE ARROWS ” in Internet Explorer 6,7,8 until you scroll and everything is back to normal. Any suggestions?


Thanks for this template !

I have a problem with the contact form, the special characters are not supported.

For exemple: été -> été in the mail

A solution ? Thanks


Thanks for noticed, we’re trying to find solution for special characters in the email

memop71 Purchased

Hi iWebStudio: This fantastic template can be compatible with wordpress? kind regards


This is HTML template so you can’t install as wordpress theme, must convert to wp theme to make it compatible with wordpress

j-vosel Purchased

Hi, great design! I have a question about the top header when scrolling down… I noticed the stay on top header & menu becomes a little transparent and you can see content behind it. How would I make it so that it is not transparent? Can you control the opacity in JS? Please let me know. Thank you very much in advance!


Yes the opacity controlled through custom.js file in folder ‘js’. currently use


. Just change 0.95 to 1
j-vosel Purchased

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate the great customer service! Keep up the great work!!!


You’re welcome j-vosel :)


Not sure if you can help with a jquery clash i’m getting? Site is running fine but we’ve implemented an Ajax form which uses Jquery 1.5.1 and when this is in place, the dropdown menus stop working but only on this contact page.

Not sure how best to fix apart from replace the contact form but ideally we would like to retain it – any suggestions as to what to do?

URL is http://www.simonantony.net/contact/



Hi Simon

Have you tried to add jQuery 1.5.1?

Yes, that is what the contact form is loading which is obviously conflicting in some way – is there a workaround?


Actually the template itself already use jQuery JavaScript Library v1.5.2 (minified) as you can see in folder ‘scripts/jquery.min.js’ Not too sure about the main issue but I think you can try to change current ‘jquery.min.js’ with the latest version


I have a question:

the sub-menu is currently drop down, how to make drop up ? Sorry for my bad english.


I’m not sure if we can make sub-menu showing with those way, cFor better understanding can you illustrate or give example from existing website which use ‘drop up’ sub menu?


We are up and running with your theme – using the contact form trying to find a way to pass the incoming URL address as the subject line for the email. Is there an easy way to do it?