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Hi, first of all thank you for this amazing template! It looks great and I find it really easy to customize.

I only have a few questions:

Is there any chance I can remove the orbit slider on the mobile version and only have it show on the website version?

How do I remove the orbit-slide-number and the orbit-prev/next?

Thank you Jeanett

You’re welcome! Thank you so much for the great feedback!

To have the Orbit slider not show on mobile add this to the “Add your CSS” box in the theme’s customization panel: @media only screen and (max-width: 48em) { .orbit-caption p { display:none!important; } } To not display the Orbit slide #s (bullets) see this thread: To not dipslay the Orbit prev/next add another line similar to above but this instead: .orbit-container .orbit-prev:hover, .orbit-container .orbit-next:hover { display:none!important; }

Few issues, hopefully you can help…

Having trouble getting the orbit slider to look right on mobile. I’ve got longer text for the title of the image, so is it possible to make the text responsive on the mobile so it all will fit correctly?

Also, I tried removing the “x of y” and progress bar, but the code referenced above seemed to not work.. ”.orbit-bullets { display:none!important; }

Other than that, its been great working with the theme.

Well the text size already does decrease on mobile but if you need it to decrease more try adding this to the “Add your CSS” box in the customization panel: @media only screen and (max-width: 48em) { .orbit-caption h3 { font-size: 1.2em; } } Change 1.2em to whatever you want. That code above won’t work for the “x or y” or progress bar. You need to add this to have those not display: .orbit-slide-number, .orbit-timer { display:none!important; }

Thanks so much. A few additional questions…

First, how can I center vertical align and pad a few pixels left on the site name logo. Is there additional code to scale it a bit smaller for mobile?

Second, Is it possible to move the 3 column panel (orange on default) that’s by default immediately below the orbit slider, to below the main (white on default) section of the home page. Additionally, is it possible to only do this for mobile?

I believe that covers all of my questions. Thanks so much!

Can you please post these in the official support area on my site so I can respond there:

This is really just a comments area and not for support questions.


Will do. Sorry!

no problem :) thanks

Maybe also…regarding the second question.. The ability to hide the 3 column panel all together on mobile it case that looks better after playing with ordering..

Is this theme compatible with Concrete5 5.7 ?

No it’s not. It’s only compatible up to version 5.6.x. I have no immediate plans to update it for 5.7


interesting theme. planning to update this template for concrete5

no, I have no current plans to update it for 5.7

Hello, great Theme, How to click in the second level menu (in mobile or tablet Layout) for exemple on a site structure like this:

home >About Us >>About Us1.1 >>About Us1.2

How can i go in mobile to About Us, because when you click on About Us the menu goes to submenu withou the “About Us” link

Please let me know how to solve this. Thanks,

Luis Pinto

Because of how the Foundation (the framework used) menu is you can’t. The only other work around would be to add an external link as a sub link to About Us that links to the About Us page.

Hello, Im stuck at this point:

To add the list of Services/Skills, go to Edit->Properties. Click on the Custom Attributes Tab. Scroll down and look for the Services/Skills attribute in the left hand column under All Attributes. Click on it to add it to the right column under Selected Attributes. Fill in the Services/Skills. Hit Save at the bottom right of the Properties dialog box.

I don’t see any attributes. I only see the default attributes that comes with C5. How can I install these attributes manually? What are their Handle names?

Thank you!

They install automatically with the package, so I’m guessing you didn’t install the whole package like mentioned in the installation instructions. You need to reinstall as a package.

hi, a client of my bought this theme, i installed the theme on a webshot but the block add features to put the slideshow i dont see it on the concrete5 installation, any reason why i dont see it

You need to make sure you’re using the Home page type for the home page. See step 1 here:

hello i did every step of the theme installation and i dont see this option “In edit mode, click Add to Feature->Add Block add “

and also the Service and skill i dont see that either and i did the steps of insallting this package

You need to make sure you’re using the Home page type for the home page. See step 1 here:

Make sure you read all the instructions for portfolio here:

thank you, is possible to add a sidebar to the homepage? i tried to add a sidebar and when i do the features atribute and the action atribute desapear

Sure. Just look at the markup for the left_sidebar.php or right_sidebar.php file and replace the html with #wrapper with appropriate markup for #content and #sidebar.

Does this template allow for the changing of colors? For example to change the orange bar to another color?

Yep, there are a number of elements you can change the color of through the theme’s customization panel in the dashboard. That is one of them.

Does this template allow for the changing of colors? For example to change the orange bar to another color?

Dear Sir, Your thema works with concrete 5.7.x?

No, only up to 5.6.x