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Very slick, just want to preview the White Theme, but the link seems to be wrong …

Hey. Before buying the product, I would like to resolve a doubt. In the description of the product, put it works ok with i8, but when tested on PC, does not work selector types of work (load on top of each other). Can you give me information? Thank you for your answer.


Thanks for the heads up!

I just fixed it in the demo ( http://themesc.com/studeo/ ) and will be uploading the fix shortly.


The update is approved so you can go ahead and download it now. IE8 issue with the grid is fixed.


I am not an expert by any means, but how does one setup a system to just automate blog entries?


I’m not sure I understand your question but it sounds like you might want to grab the WordPress version. I’m working on that right now. Should be out soon, hopefully.

hi, can i add flash items in portfolio in this template? like here virogroup.ru?



You should be able to, yes. You might want to use a screenshot for the main portfolio image then just use an imbed tag to display your flash content (either on the project page or in a lightbox).

If you want to use the Colorbox (lightbox) script, see documentation on how to do this http://www.jacklmoore.com/colorbox. Currently only supports image links but is easy to adapt to handle Ajax, video, flash, etc type links.

Akuma1x Purchased

Hi I LOVE this theme, I just had a question.

how do I use my own fonts?

and is there a way in the projects section to make it so when the user clicks on an image it opens a unique gallery, for example, If you have 3 pictures upon opening the project page one with cats one with dogs, when you click the cat picture it opens a slideshow of just cats, and the dog one opens a galery of just dogs, any way to do this?

Thank you and Great Job!


Glad you like and purchased the template!

1.) To use your own fonts, go to the js/scripts.js file and at the top there are instructions to do just this. You should be able to use Google fonts and other font providers e.g. Typekit.

2.) There is a way, yes, but it’s not provided in the template by default per se. You’d probably need to create a page that housed this slideshow and use the Colorbox script to call up this page with ajax.

Have a look at the docs for Colorbox here http://www.jacklmoore.com/colorbox to see how exactly to do this. It should be a simple line of code.

JoeyDoey – awesome design!

Just purchased, though now i realize that the template is pretty incomplete compared to the live preview. The structure of the preview is pretty much exactly like I would like – different menu options of course. I’m not very experienced – is it possible to download the full version of the template as you have it previewed? Is what i thought i was getting



Thanks for purchasing! Glad you like it.

The downloaded files should be EXACTLY what you see in the live demo.

What is it that’s missing for you? Glad to walk you through the adjustments you want to make just let me know. But otherwise the download and the preview are the exact same files.


i have an index.php file that I cannot view in any browser can open say, Project page html, but when i click to go to index it shows me the text for the php file (black txt, white bkgnd)

other pages seem to display ok so far, but only have “Pages” > About, Full Width, Contact, Blog on left column

have gone through your TOContents, may be missing something… files? operator error? thanks for the help!


The index (home page) and contact page are php files. They need a server environment to actually work, specifically for the contact form to work.

So upload all files to your server and you should be able to view the site properly.


thanks for the fast action
total newbie operator error

looks great, super easy to edit
especially now that i can see it

How can I turn off the pagination on the portfolio? I want all the items to load on one page.

xalojuji Purchased

Hi, bought it, trying to make work the white.css it loses all the style.

Checked on the demo and didn’t notice my mistake, thank you anyway.


Sorry you’re having issues.

Email me (from my profile) with a link to your site and I’ll have a look at it.


Nice and stylish;


I appreciate that. Thanks!