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Im confused on a few things.


1) how do I get my menu links to show up and the bottom of the header rather than where they are now?

2) I am trying to add a google maps widget to just my contact page, but yet no contact page for widgets there is only ‘page sidebar’ which means it would show up on every page? What if someone wants different widgets for each page how do you do this?

Thanks for the reply in advance



Hey! Thanks for purchasing one of my files, I truly appreciate it! Support for all my themes and templates is conducted through the Premium Pixels support forums, if you’d like to start a new thread over there either myself or the support team can take a look at your issue :)

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This is sharp… Really! Would you mind answering a few questions before I buy?

Can multiple portfolio pages be created with separate filtering on each? One would be for graphic design : print/web, another would be for photography: people/landscape etc.

On the blog I noticed the images you placed in are at size in the thumbnail and the post. What happens if a large image gets placed into the post. Will the thumbnail crop it automatically?

Is it easy to change the colors on this theme or does this have to be done within the css? (for ex. changing the orange areas on the homepage to blue.)

Slider: Is there a fade function? Easy to turn off the captions? Can these link and jump to another page?

I noticed on the home page if you click over movie posts… it jumps to the post. (I like that). But when you do the same thing for image posts it just enlarges the image via lightbox. Is there a way to have it just jump directly to the project page instead of the lightbox?

Can the blog post have the same image slider you have going on in the portfolio page?

Thanks for your answers… I appreciate it. Troy



1. No, this supports a single portfolio page. Multiple pages would be possible but would take a degree of development on your part to achieve.

2. You can choose to either let the theme crop the thumbnail for you or generate and upload your own.

3. Anything that is orange in the demo can be changed via the theme options. So, if you prefer blue to orange, simply select blue. Any further changes would be via CSS .

4. Fade would require a simple change or code, just one line. Captions are optional and you can link them to any URL .

5. Yep, you can disable the lightbox for each item.

6. It’s certainly possible, but definitely a task for a developer as it’s not included out of the box.


Nice work! I converted it to another CMS , so I can use it with my site.

I noticed on your slider images, they have a pattern overlay in it – how do I achieve this? I didn’t see it in the PSD files.

Do you have any plans to make your themes responsive?


Not at this moment no, but, future themes may well be responsive in alignment with demand.

This is ace!! Shame its WordPress though…

I would love this theme if it was in html/css (Site templates) so clean and processional looking.

Will you be releasing it as a html theme??




Hi Matt, unfortunately not, just WordPress I’m afraid.

Is there only one blog page format? It would be nice to see a two column blog page format similar to what you have on premiumpixels.com. Also, is there pagination on the portfolio page? Thanks – great work as always!


Hi, the theme supports the standard single post format and portfolio pagination is not possible out of the box I’m afraid (but could be with some development).

Is see there are two sections on the homepage called “Recent work” and “From the Blog”, can a third section be added?

Also, is there an example of regular page with a right column, I only see a full width example.



Hi, there is a third section where the client logos are used, you can place any content in this area. To add a 4th section would take some development.

Regular pages look very much like the archives or contact form pages (http://themes.premiumpixels.com/studeo/?page_id=84) but of course with their own content.

Hi, is it possible to showcase in the main page more than 3 articles from a blog? like 6,9, etc? or display smaller preview pix in order to showcase 4 or 5 posts in a row in multiple rows? If so, I would purchase asap! Thanks!


Hi, you can choose how many blog posts and portfolio items to show on the homepage from within the theme options – completely up to you. If you choose 6 for example then you would have 2 rows of 3.

Smaller thumbnails would take modification however.


I just want to give you praise, you themes are really awsome!

We are in the process of creating our first theme for TF, and I would really like to know what your “secret” is?

I mean, 100 sales in three days? That’s got to be somekind of a record :).

does lightbox in the portfolio work with the videos also? i see when i click on a video it takes me to a different page not lightbox/prettyphoto



Hi, the lightbox is limited to images only – the script does not support other media. It would be possible to switch it out to another script but would require some development on your part.

I love your work, I want to purchase this theme and Garnished. But there is one problem, i didn’t see anyplace for people to comment on the videos. Is there anyway for people to comment on videos?


Garnish: In the blog, you can leave comments on video posts just like any other. For the portfolio, disabling the magic door makes thumbnails link to dedicated pages. You must disable the magic door in order to leave comments on portfolio items.

Studeo: Comments are optional on any type of portfolio item.

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When I try to click on a portfolio item it says “The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later.”

How can I fix this?

ace2296 Purchased

ahh nvm I figured it out lol… amazing just should of read the directions :)

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In the Portfolio page, when I click the thumbnail image, it shows this message “The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later.” Is it temporary thing or did I set up something not right? I followed the directions;;

Can you please help me out?

Thanks, LS


Hey! Thanks for purchasing one of my files, I truly appreciate it! Support for all my themes and templates is conducted through the Premium Pixels support forums, if you’d like to start a new thread over there either myself or the support team can take a look at your issue :)

Support Forums | Create an Account | Find your “Item Purchase Code”

i need to use this theme in a Right-to-Left website, is it possible to modify this theme to support that? can you provide me with a RTL version if i purchase this?


Hi, I cannot supply you with a RTL theme myself however I’m aware that previous customers have managed to make the change. Perhaps a task for a developer if you’re not quite sure on how to go about it yourself.

What is the “Studeo” font?


It is a font called Adelle.

Hi Orman,

Great theme, I’m thinking of buying but just have a quick question before I go ahead – is it possible to remove the slider from the homepage in order to use a static image instead? (I’m not afraid of some coding!)

Thanks, Fiona


Hi Fiona, you can simply add a single image to the slider and it will remain static. If you wanted to remove the slider functionality altogether then you would need to customise the code.

Couldn’t resist.

Is this theme mobile friendly?


There isn’t a specific mobile-ready version of the theme developed however the theme should display just fine in most modern mobile devices. Check it with your phone :)

Hi.. on this template, into portfolio… when I selected one work, Can I show photos and videos on the same post?... because I saw some post with video an some post with photos… but I didn’t see one post with both, photos and videos. thank u!



By default is is one or the other. Showing both is certainly possible but it would take a small amount of modification on your part.