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Hello, I Purchased your form template but the email does not work correctly, does not display the errors and does not erase data (input) after submit. Could you give me a hand to solve the problem? thanx

contact me through my profile page with details

contact me through my profile page with details

Support 1.5/5… very much disappointed :(

I am really sorry, I am out off office for last 10 days, I am not working full time on those days, Please contact me through my profile page with full details I will help you

I sent you an email, i hope you can reply me this time Thanks

I would like to make the first pages (slider) scrollable directly. Currently its not scrollable to next section of the main page. I have to click on the arrow at the bottom of the page to move to next section. Is there a way to make scroll enable for the first slider section? If so, please send me the fix.

Thank you so much.

I don’t want auto scroll to next section. I want mouse scroll to be enable so when user come to site and use mouse scroll, it should go to rest of the site. Using setTimeout fucntion to move to next section of parallax after 4500 ms won’t work for my site. Thanks you.

About the image link: I added url to (jquery .supersized slide function section), it only works on IE, but not other browser. any fix for that?

Contact me through my profile page with details

set active section is not working proper on the nav while using mousewheel, all chrome versions. [removed]

This template support browser history so that function is not available in this file.


i want to contact you, please can you PM me?


I can’t receive email from your side, please contact me through my profile page with your file purchase username


I have purchased your template for our company website. It has some issues when email is send. It shows email sending with activity indicator ON.

It seem ajax is not working.

can you please help? I have already contacted on your profile page with details.

thanks Stephen

Replied to email

Hi! Just a quick presale question, any change of updating for IE11? Thanx ahead

Hi Author. I just wanted to compliment your work and show you what I have done with it. http://julesnobles.com/ My client is super happy. One thing. How can I slow down the gallery in the homepage and also how can I make the text not come up above her face?



You can change the slideshow speed in mainfm plugin parameter. please see the code in html header. To change the text animation speed you need to modify the code in supersize gallery js code, please contact me through my profile page with details i will help you

Hello, I’ve purchased the this template today, but the Twitter feed doesn’t work. We get a “no dara returned” message box. Will you be fixing the code and updating your codebird.php anytime soon?


3. Please download the codebird.php and grabtweets.php and place inside th [php] folder. http://fmedias.com/studiopoint/php/codebird.php and http://fmedias.com/studiopoint/php/grabtweets.php

codebird.php and grabtweets.php aren’t uploaded properly to the above-mentioned links, please fix.

Please download here fmedias.com/studiopoint/php.zip

HI, I’ve purchased then yesterday but it Doesn’t have images that shown in preview

Hi, The images are not my own, You can see the link of the images on the bottom of the description page. You can contact the respective author to use those images

Hello, i use the html version. How can I link to my social profiles. social_bookmarks. Thanx, Stefan

Like a below code <li class="twitter_white noMargin"> <a href="https://twitter.com/envatomarket">Follow us on Twitter</a> </li>

Thanx, that’s what I tried. But when I like one Icon, the next icon disappears ?! Strange.

Contact me through my profile page with page link

Hi there and thanks for your work !

Can I change the “days” into another word/language and where ? (Counter Comming Soon page)

Thank you ! Regards, Michael

contact me through my profile page with details

Hy, I Purchased your form template but i’ve some problem the email does not work correctly ,the form send email correctly but the email does not arrive…i’ve modified the mailer.php file only with my email must i edit the grabtweet and the codebird file for the tweetter section? thanks steve

how can i change the background of twitter section?

Just change image path on data-src, data-src-small on the parallax class div. see the uppermost div of the flexSlideshow_twitter class div

ok thanks i just rename the parallax_overlay image


ziyard Purchased

HI, Why the supersized slider image url is not working? Its is working in their demo. But in the theme url doesn’t work.

Any suggestions to make it work?

contact me through my profile page with details