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labemi Purchased

After trying several themes this is the final candidate for my own website. Thanks for your work! :) However, I am experiencing an issue and missing one feature:

Additional portfolio item details (defined in theme settings) always have the character “uppercased”. I’d love to have them displayed the way I entered them in portfolio item page. (Project: labemi instead of Project: Labemi)

What I am really missing is the possibility of defining individual sidebars. I’d like to use a different sidebar on portfolio pages than I’m using with blog posts (and pages, and testimonials, ...) I’ve seen this in other templates and it would be awesome if you could implement this feature in a future version.

Again, thanks a lot for this nice theme! :)

Hi labemi, thank you for feedback! If you need assistance please drop a few lines in our support forum: http://www.undsgn.com/


labemi Purchased

I don’t need assistance. I just notified you about a kind of bug and opened my heart for a nice-to-have thing. Thanks anyway. :)

What version of Revolution Slider is in the latest update my site is getting hacked I tried installing Revolution Slider 4.6.5 as it is the latest version I see but the slideshow doesnt load just grey background with egg timer continuing to load.

Any ideas

Hi, support is offered only in our support forum, so please drop a few lines and we care to support the solution!


ishia3 Purchased


I purchased this theme on April 26th after sifting through the comments and apparently I misunderstood/read information related to adding a video background. Can you please tell me if there are plans to update this plugin with video background? If not, is there a simple solution to add it to the theme?

Thank you kindly for a response.

Hi, support is offered only in our support forum, so please drop a few lines and we care to support the solution! http://www.undsgn.com/support

ishia3 Purchased

Hello, Yes, I know you only offer support in the forum and that is the reason I sent a request via the support page AND an email. However, I never received a response. Thank you!

Hi, by now all request opened in our forum are closed. Are you sure, can you please post the URL or open another one. Thank you.

Hello! I love your template! Before I buy your template, I’d like to know if I can easily customize your template to look like this: http://www.lina-zangers.de/ I know how to use wordpress but I’m not well versed in html or css. Thanks so much for your help!

Hi rosa_veloso and thank you for interest! A lot of users customise our theme with ease (like the example you posted) but this depends on your skills, you can find some tips searching our support forum but we cannot help.Let me know if you need more infos.

Hi, i saw your fantastic demo… but I need to know if I can insert post in home with random order, and if there is some module that pick-up and show portfolio categories. Thank you!

Hi tontix and thank you for interest! This is not a builtin feature by now, some users have randomise order with customisations or plugins. Just something like a random posts order plugin should works fine.

Have you to suggest one? And what’s about the module for porfolio categories? Thank you!

No sorry we have personally no tested ones. There is no a builtin module for portfolio categories, Studiofolio is based on a minimal design/concept. You haver filters for categories: http://demo.undsgn.com/studiofolio/portfolio-1/ or default wp ones: http://demo.undsgn.com/studiofolio/portfolio-category/graphic-design/


erinob Purchased

I cannot get the portfolio layout to display as the demo. I’d like the images only, with the text revel on hover- exactly as the demo. But, I haven’t found a way to turn off the titles from displaying above/below the images. The documentation videos don’t address this. Please advise!

Please see here.

Hi, support is offered only in our support forum, so please drop a few lines and we care to support the solution! . The forum is monitored from Monday through Friday and the questions will be answered in the order received. http://www.undsgn.com/support

ttfx Purchased

Hi Does this theme work on IE11? are they any plans to tweak it if required?

Hi ttfx, yes it works by now there are no issues reported!

The Demo Data does not import correctly and the folder format is poorly designed.

Hi, support is offered only in our support forum, so please drop a few lines and we care to support the solution! http://www.undsgn.com/support

Hi! Firstable, super nice theme! Really like it! I am pretty sure i am purchasing it but if you let me i have a few pre-sale query:

This beautiful theme could work like this website www.papamusic.tv in terms of:

1 permanent titles on thumbnails (not only when you hover) 2 vimeos videos popup Lightbox and play automatically 3 could i get a child portfolio from a main portfolio´s thumbnail, in which child portfolio i could offer for example 5 more vimeo videos to click on and open as lightbox too? i mean, some works i have are composed by a few videos.

The 3rd point i guess is not relevant but if we can say we have a way to make it i would be even happier.

I need my website could be like this: first have a splash screen with some logo (example splash www.hachikofilms.com), then we click and jump to the portfolio (example papamusic.tv), just videos no other stuff like images etc.. then of course the ABOUT and CONTACT pages…and that´s it!

Thanks so much in advance for any help and i hope it´ll all work so i could make my website with your theme! Cheers, Hernan

Sorry here is the link: http://demo.undsgn.com/studiofolio/portfolio-1/fluid-sidebar-with-gallery-and-custom-background/

This is a gallery demo: http://demo.undsgn.com/studiofolio/videos/

You can also create portfolio items, but they cannot be played directly in lightbox (only inside the portfolio page)

Let me know if you need more infos.

Sorry asking again, please, cause i don`t end understanding what is the difference between Portfolio and Gallery, except on Portfolio you can get to a different page through one item (thumbnail). That is the only difference or there is another?

And: if i want to make a website to show just videos in lightbox mode like this one www.papamusic.tv with STUDIOFOLIO i could do it but i should choose gallery mode instead of portfolio mode?

And if i finally can make it as a gallery instead of portfolio, could i have then permanent titles over the thumbs ?

Sorry me please and thank you so much for your time and patience! Hernan

1. Yes you should use Gallery 2. You need some easy CSS customisations.

Hi, is there also a ‘link post’ option in this theme? So the image post directly links to an other website?

Hi, klok3615, yes, there is the link option you asked.

Pre Sales Question: I have about 1.000 clips which are all hosted on youtube and vimeo and I would like to show them exactely like you do it in your demo STUDIOFOLIO > GALLERY > VIDEOS (but I need Categories) Question: Is there a chance to have CATEGORIES in this section and or is this only possible in the PORTFOLIO? Thanks!

Hi highspeed_videos and sorry for delay, by now it is possibile only in portfolio items cause galleries cannot be categorised.

Hi :) I like this theme, but I have to know – is it possible to play video background fullscreen? Thanks.

Hi elafabirkiewicz and thank you for interest you can have only inside Revolution Slider not as page background.

Hi! I bought your theme two days ago but I’m an inexperienced WP user. I’d like to change the size of the site title but I’m not able to find the way. Could you help me, please? Thank you in advance

Hi and sorry for delay! Support is offered only in our support forum, so please drop a few lines and we care to support the solution!