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Hi, and thank you for this awesome template!

I am having a problem scrolling with Safari under Max OS X. The problem doesn’t happen with Google Chrome.

Are you able to reproduce the issue?

Thanks again for your great work!

Okay, I have figured it out, sorry for not reading the help doc.

Now I am trying to change the logo, but I can’t figure out a way to replace it properly… I have replaced the “logo-big.png” and the “logo.png” in the cyan folder… But it crops my logo, which is slightly wider than the original one. Please help!

Thank you very much!

Hi, if a class.

You should look for the image in the “img” folder.

If you have any further questions, you can write to support@iwthemes.com


we launched the wordpress version! you can see it Link



HI! Is there any possibility to open a frame with a youtube video embebed instead of a picture on the works carousel section? Thanks! I love the theme :) Sorry for my english!!

hi, thanks for your purchase.

You can write to support@iwthemes.com

We are happy to help.


we launched the wordpress version! you can see it Link



Great Theme,

For some reason your downloadable video version doesn’t load the video in Google Chrome browsers, but does work in safari. Is there a reason for this? Does the video have a max video length that might cause the video not to load during rendering?


hello Davsdole. Thanks to you.. Can you write us to support@iwthemes.com. We will help you via email.

hey i recently purchased the html version of the website. having trouble finding the class ‘bg_image’ to change the background image for the homepage and about page. this should be available in the stylesheet but is not showing up. please direct me to where i can edit the background images, thanks in advance.

Btw, there’s no documentation at all…

Hello Christopher we will answer you via email. Thanks for writing us :)

demo is down?

Now it is available, thanks!!! :D

thanks! great job BTW :)

Thanks to you!

Hello. Nice job!

I validate with W3C the page: http://html.iwthemes.com/studiohtml/simple-slider-home.html and they found 8 Errors, 3 warning(s)

Before i buy this one its very impotant to have a clean scripts and fast!?

Thank you


These standards are created to target growth in internet web together and ensure the best compatibility in terms of visibility, interpretation and understanding and for everyone.

This website is not causing big problems, you can buy it and be calm because when the user tell us an error, we write a list for a new update. So, these errors will be resolved with an update.

Thanks to you :D

every time i write a message and press send it dosn’t and it start download its own php file what i do

Hello! We wrote in your email. Thanks :)

A big thank you to iwthemes!!! This team is really awesome guys, I have purchased many html templates in the past, and I have to say, I was really surprised by iwthemes’ prompt and efficient follow-up in technical support; the code is very clean, organised & well documented. You never get lost in the lines of HTML & CSS like you do with some other themes… Thank you guys, and GLWS! I can’t wait to see what you have in store next :) One thing is for sure: I am buying! Please keep on making those great themes! Cheers!

Hello, thank you very much for your comment.

It’s a pleasure to help and assist all our customers, comments like these are what make us do great themes. :)

Please help us with your vote:


Thank you. :)

Hi theorem I am not sure if I am writing in the right place. I am having a problem with the video playing in background with google chrome and firefox. safari plays well the video, but the other 2 are showing a little black box right up on the top left corner, with a miniature of the video, sometimes.

Is there any particular format for the video, is there something i do wrong??

Thank you in advance

Hi, I’ll answer the mail they sent us.


hi im facing problem with bg video as its not showing the video i tried with small size video and big size can tell what the problem


Hello, Remember the extension video should be .mp4, only write us to support@iwthemes.com and send us some screenshot with your problem. thanks. ohh ok, we received your email :D

Hello Author

Its a great theme.I loved it.

I just want to ask is there any feature to add Videos on background instead of images on home page. ? If yes ,please explain the procedure to add Video on background.


Hello RealXS..

you bought the wp version, right?? .... about your question, sure, it’s possible to add ONE video as background. If it’s what you wanted to know, we can help you after you buy this theme.


Your archive is broken. I cannot extract it

Hi, thanks for your purchase.

Our archive is not broken.

It works perfectly, please verify.

Otherwise write to support@iwthemes.com and send screenshots.

Help you personally.



Great theme but we’re having some issues with the responsiveness on mobile devices.

Is this a known issue?

Hello there, you haven’t bought this theme.. we don’t have known issue.

I viewed your live preview on several mobile devices and noticed that it wasn’t very responsive, e.g. the top heading “we are studio” gets cut off on the right of the screen, and other main headings take a while to appear as the user scrolls down

yes, these are problems are solved when the buyer has your own content for working in a real content. Thanks!!

Hello, Are you planning a “jQuery” update (maybe by dev Igor Vaynberg) because we have many problems with Windows and Android phones !? Thank you for your reply.

what kind of problems do you have? thank you

Hi, exclent template!, video could be inserted with a player by any chance?, i need it with sound…thanks.

Yes, thanks…i mean ON/OFF for the user…

you need to enter into the code and use a “true/false” as you want. we will help you. :D

hello , i have problem with the mobile , the menu not work and send message button not work.

Hi, thanks for your purchase. Please write to support@iwthemes.com and gladly we will help. Regards!

very bad customer service.no one answer for support.many problems with this template.

omg, why are you saying that??? what happened with our support? because our rating (of this theme) is saying something different.

hi, i have buy a studio template and when am extracting the files its showing empty over my cpanel. please help me out as soon as possible.

Hi, thanks for your purchase.

Please unzip and upload the files using an ftp client.

If you need help please write to support@iwthemes.com and we will gladly help.


Does this template or it’s applications require a website host? I am looking to make a digital press kit with a stand-alone (off-web) template

Hi, thanks for your interest in our work.

Not hosting is necessary, you can use it locally.