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Super original work ! Nice to see someone thinking outside the Themeforest box once in a while :)

Yes. Very original work. The ThemeForest Box is getting very stuffy these days! If I see another Nivo Slider I will scream!

How involved is it to add another custom color scheme to this?


This just requires some changes to one of existing CSS files and/or image files (all .psd incuded).

Hi ! Love your theme!

Is there a ” scroll ” button or something to scroll to next pages/items ?

Now all I can see is just your typical browser bar at the bottom that you need to move to see the next items etc…which makes it kinda difficult to browse….

Thanks !


Mouse scroll works fine too.
The page behaves the same way as vertical ones, just in different direction :)

is the word stuff the logo and is it replaceable with a graphic or can the word be changed?


It’s a graphic (editable PSD file included).

This is sick :) love it… my only question is how easy is to change to a different cufon font?



It’s replacing just one file (cuf√≥n font file). There might be some positioning issues of course (then CSS will need some corrections).

wow stunning and original great work mate…


Thanks a lot, I like it too.

Just another quick question..

it looks like if the browser not in the full height it actually chops off the menus and links to posts… there are no scroll bar vertically…. this might be a serious problem…. i want this theme… is there a solution?


All content height is adjusted to the browser’s size (when opening the page – not dynamically, all the time – it would overload the browsers engine. So refresh page after changing window size to see how it works).
As it comes to menu, I recommend to add not to many items :) , but I’m thinking about long menu support in the new Stuff version.

I agree with LeBrIt:

the website looks great with larger resolutions (with more height space), but is totaly difficult to browse it with smaller ones because of the disappearing menu and cropped posts. Furthermore no vertical scrolling bar seems to appear in the browser. Unfortunately there’s still a lot of people with small screen out there and with a lot of bars enabled (eg. bookmarks) in their browser, decreasing the height of their viewport.

Other than that, it would be a first-class theme, hope to see a fix.


Guys, posts are NOT cropped :) They adjust to the browser size. If content is too long – they fade out and ”...” is added. So small screen is not a problem. Check it out (resize your window and refresh page) The problem is with long menu only. If you really need a long menu I suggest you to wait for the next Stuff version.

I have been waiting for this!!!!!!!!!! Thank you.


My pleasure.

HI KUBASTO really amazing job…....may i ask you a couple of questions? 1. does it support self hostedvideos (mp4 & flv)? if not please take it under consideration for your next update. 2. dies the bg is editable from admin panel?.....can i use different bg in each section? 3. does the blog has normal functionality?....what i mean is if someone i want to watch my video after to be able to leave his comment…..4. has SEO features? thank you in advance


1. Not yet, but I’m plannig to.
2. No, if you want to change the background image, you will need to replace the file. As it comes to changing backgrounds (actually all scheme) per page – it’s quite easy to implement, so if you need this let me know.
3. Yes.
4. The code is quite SEO friendly. What exactly are you interested in?

Hi Kubasto

Just one quick question please. How do I adjust the position of the posts on the home page. I’d like them to horizontally centered like in the Theme forest preview. Currently all of my posts are aligned equally from the top.

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Thank you


first of all great theme!!!! A question (from a really basic wordpress user). Can I change the colors of the theme (anotehr one from the five choixe you have) and also can I add my company logo and change the arrow image?

Also where can we see a list of all post categories?

Thank you


New color scheme just requires some changes to one of existing CSS files and/or image files (all .psd incuded)

Logo may be changed in the theme options panel, and arrow may be deleted or replaced manually. I’m going to add more logo adjusting options in the new version as well.

List of categories you can show in the main menu. There is no option for automatic showing full categories list inside the content. So if you need it you have to paste all of them manually. For now – I’m going to add that feature too.

Hello again,

I will be adding additional form pages for additional lead generation do you have form plugin you recommend for this theme?


Wow this design is pretty nice just featured it

Hi again,

Ok so far so ok..

I have created a one column post, added and image that is 698px. I then needed to add the !more tag, fine created columns for content. However the image I uploaded, selected featured image, is sitting inside the excerpt class and therefors is not 100% width as desired.

How do I upload an image that is 100% width please.

I am after a post like this


Instead I have this


Thanks again…

Hi again,

Hmmm ok now I’m wondering if I have missed something. So I upload an image, but the image doesn’t automatically create a thumbnail size for the main page.

Perhaps more documentation is necessary.

Thank you!


1. If you want an image to be shown on the posts list, you have to set it as a “featured image” while creating / editing post. It will also resolve your second problem with layout.

2. I’m not familiar with any form plugin so really can’t recommend anything.

Is there any chance to see admin documentation or screenshot of it? Also I have few questions:

- Can be added pages to the sidebar with external link?

- any cjhance to include “gallery” site?

- what are requirements for image sizes?

And btw, GREAAAT theme!!!! ;)


1. Yes, it’s WP 3 .0 feature, which is available in Stuff.

2. There are 2 portfolio templates and both allow to create kind of gallery, I’m not planning any new one.

3. The biggest image is 698 px wide. Hight may be any size. Smaller sizes are prepared automatically. Details in the documentation.



OK, thanks. Exactly what I wanted to hear ;)

What about posting video ? Is that easy and is it direct playing ?


Not yet. Working on it.


Thanks for the response.

I add a feature image and it displays on the main page but not on the ‘read more’ page. How do I get the image to display as a thumbnail on the main page and as a full size 100% image on the details page?

Thank you!


If you want the same image inside the post, just add it to the post (featured image is independent). Remember to put image after “MORE” tag (it’s the 13th icon in the WordPress post editor).