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Love the theme.

Wish it had a bit more of this vibe:


Will def. pick it up though.

Great work!

basho Purchased

Just launched my “Stuff” site:


Loving the theme :bigwink:



I am thinking of buying this theme. Before buying it, I wanted to know more about the portfolio features. I love the horizontal layout on the XL portfolio, is it possible to NOT ALLOW click through to the portfolio post. I would prefer not to click through to a full page. I understand that you have to create a “portfolio” post to populate content, however I don’t always want or need a page. Maybe this is an option on the backend, or maybe the new version?



Not a problem. It’s going to be in the next Stuff update.

mhphoto: You could just edit the code to not link to the full article. Might be the easiest until you find another way, but its pretty straight forward to do though.

kubasto: I know that you said the update is launching this week and that is awesome. Where will you announce the update? I thought of subscribing to the comments feed, but I see that themeforest does not offer that feature. I am waiting in anticipation for the update though, lol. :)


Stuff theme has a built-in update notifier, so if you open Theme Options sometimes, you will notice a message about new versions.

tj_brian Purchased

The lightbox does not work. Is it individual problem, or has it some else?


Could you send me your site URL ? I’d like to check it out.

tj_brian Purchased

http://www.ulaahula.com You can check it the photo of latest post. When You click to the picture, it is appering in the background.


Please insert images as a featured image. Have a look at the instruction image.

Congrats on a great looking theme…

I am new to WordPress so I wonder if you could answer these quick questions for me;

• Can some of the graphics be changed easily ie Stuff arrow, Read more button, maybe even background texture?

• Can the Lightbox support Flash or movie files?

• Can the comments be turned off completely?

Thanks in advance


1. Yes, all images can be replaced quite easily.
2. I don’t understand your question, sorry.
3. Yes.

Congrats on the theme! Elegant, unique and stylish…I love the way it runs in preview.

I am having a lot of the same issues as other users on this forum: After activating the theme, I get the “white screen of death” with an error message. The only way to go back to square one is to toss the theme directory from my FTP .

I see that you have an update on the way, any chance you have an update on when? Really anxious to get this bad boy up…

Thanks in advance and great work!


What is the error message?
Yes, new version is almost ready, and I’m almost certain your problem will be fixed.


Thanks for getting back so quickly. Here is the error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘&’, expecting T_VARIABLE or ’$’ in /home/content/g/a/v/gavinportnoy1/html/naranjo/wp-content/themes/stuff/toolbox.php on line 51

Any idea when we might expect that update?


Please ask your hosting provider to switch to PHP 5 , which is a nowadays standard. This is the reason of the problem. New Stuff version, which will be very soon, will probably fix it, but my advice is to switch to PHP 5 anyway.

Does this theme support dropdown menus??

I like so much this theme, but I need dropdown menus. Thanks in advance


No, there is no dropdown menu, sorry. I plan to add it.

stealth027: Thanks I appreciate the info and suggestion, it would be pretty easy. I think I may just wait until the updated template arrives so I don’t have to do things over again. I plan on altering the look of the site via psd and css, I’m not too keen on the grey.

kubasto: Thanks for the quick reply, I’m happy this will be a function of the new version. If it does make it into the update, 100% for sure I will buy it!


I am really impressed with your level of response on these questions and a lot of the problems seem like they have easy or overlooked solutions… probably like this next one!

I noticed on this page:


that the example has a custom permalink. I have tried editing my permalinks and I have used the various standard formats ie day and name, month and name and simply / postname / in the custom filed…

However, if I use anything other than default there is an error message saying ‘page not found’ page does not exist. If I then revert back to default everything is ok again

Problem is, default permalinks are ugly and awkward! any suggestions?

Cheers Jamie


Go to Settings / Permalinks and choose the permalink format you prefer. They will create automatically.


that is what I am doing but when it created the automatic new permalink it does not work…


I guess your server doesn’t support mod_rewrite.
Can I see your site, please?

I have 4 other wordpress sites running on the same server and they all have the custom permalinks working.

Sure, the site is http://jamieirvin.co.uk



yeah, I’m bamboozled. In wordpress dashboard I go to Settings>Permalinks and under ‘common settings’ change the option from default to any of the others (day and name for example) and it does automate new permalinks. However, when I reload the post / portfolio it can’t find them and I get the “oops…” message.

I did have an old wordpress site on this domain but moved it and installed a new version for this theme so wondering if I left something behind that is conflicting?...

I’ll get to the bottom of it sooner of later!



just to clarify, if I change the permalinks they work on contact, about, services pages etc. It is only the post pages and portfolio pages that can’t be found.

Dunno why


I really don’t know what causes the problem on your site. I doubt it’s theme, I’ve checked all the leads.

sorry, one last question…

I have changed the background image on my site. The ‘grey’ colour scheme now has an image that is mostly white. How do I get the actual background colour to match this so if I view beyond the resolution of the image, the repeat color is the same white as the image… not the standard grey?

I have looked in the style.css but can’t find anything that relates to background colour?

Thanks again



Background color is in the schemes / [SCHEME_NAME] / style.css file.

BTW , I like your site a lot.


Makes sense…

cheers dude, took about 3 days to get to where it is now. I’m addicted to this. Just finished the old site and then decided to start again… figures :)

Hi guys,
I just want you to know, new version is already available to download. I’ve fixed all known bugs and added many improvements you’ve asked:
  • better support for small resolution displays (including full support for long menus)
  • added new configuration settings for logo and side menus
  • added advanced configuration for contact form
  • added feature: filter main page post by category
  • added feature: turn on and off search form
  • added feature: turn on and off single portfolio page
  • added Custom CSS code field
  • fixed search results list with many items issue
  • PHP 4 support (experimental)
  • minimized inline CSS and JS code
  • fixed known bugs
  • many other changes and improvements


alright mate,

this may sound ‘special’ but where do I download the update? Or do I just re-download the template from my downloads section of themeforest? And if so does replacing the theme files have an implication on my site content?



Yes, you have to re-download theme from the download section.

Replacement theme files will not cause any conflicts. Everything will work without any problems.


nice one.

works great. Just a note to anyone that has edited the scheme stylesheets or theme background… these have to be re-copied to the relevant schemes folders post-update.

Only took a few minutes tho.

Cheers! :)

basho Purchased

Updated, works fine. A good update – thanks.

Have you specifically tested the site with plugins? If so, do you have a list? I find that a lot of my regular plugins break the site.

Keep up the great work!


www.buddhabooks.co.uk <- stuff’ed! www.outsidecontext.com <- Main site.

stracky Purchased

Hi, great theme, love it,

I am having a problem, i dont have the option to create a portfolio from a specific category.

In the appearance>menu page there is no option for “Portfolio Items Categories”.

Any help greatly appreciated.

stracky Purchased

dont worry, I did a full re install of WP and that has solved the problem.

Hey, have you enabled vertical scroll on this edition? if yes im getting it tonight once i get home


Not exactly, I’ve added scroll for long menus. I don’t plan to add browser’s vertical scroll – Stuff doesn’t work that way. It fully supports smaller displays, so don’t worry.

Does it support movies now ?


Not yet.

sorry for being a pain, but how hard would it be to get logo on the top left corner then menu under and all the social under that?


It’s a built-in feature. Very simple to configure in the options panel.