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I sent email with Magento Admin details

Hi, is this theme’s html version available?


Sorry, only Magento version available.

oyecart Purchased

Hi koolthememaster,

look this theme http://demo.yithemes.com/bazar/. it’s in wordpress theme can you develop this theme in magento with different home page variation and boxed – streched version.

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looks great but in the demo i see a field right under in the corner with submit button, i guess its for newsletter, maybe add the text “sign in for newsletter” there!

tomgould Purchased

Hello I just installed your theme and it seems like the red+ signs that when you click on it it doesnt drop down and the button is all the way to the left and not centered. Any help would be great..

Hello, can you change the color of this theme? thanks


Hi, Yes we can. Please email us for further questions. Thanks!!

dina97 Purchased

I pay for 100% responsive theme, but my site look Terrible on iphone or tablet, What can I do?


Hi, It has been tested on all of these devices. Please email your website url. So we can look into it. Thanks!!

figassis Purchased

I have a problem. I am using the first home page option, with the tiles, and I have a few categories on it. When I add a thumbnail to a category, it does not show up on the frontpage. Where do I need to add that category ID to the front page?

tomgould Purchased

Hello, I was wondering what part of the code i could put an image in the header like a nice soft photo. thank you Thomas


Hey Thomas, Sorry didn’t get you. Please email us with more details. Thanks!!

@Figassis, Do you have solved? Same problem on my customer.


Please follow up on email. Thanks!!

Hi, I have recently purchased theme and having an issue in Payment Mode. I have setup all payment options and trying to make a purchase but getting stuck in in last step in clicking “Make Payment”! its not taking to payment page. If I set the default theme and test it works fine but if I set your theme its not working. Also the single page check out is only having this issue. Normal checkout in your theme is also functioning properly. So need a quick help here to get the site live asap.

Note: I have already sent you the same query in mail but didn’t got any response. Kindly respond asap.


I have sent you a mail and posted a comment but didn’t got response for both! We are stuck up with Payment module problem and couldn’t get it fixed. Need help ASAP!!!

joe275 Purchased

i’ve installed the theme on 1.8 it gets stock on checkout process, when selecting shipping method. have you released a patch to make it work with 1.8?


Hi, Please email us with site details. We look into it. Thanks!!

joe275 Purchased


joe275 Purchased

what is your email address?

phozeex Purchased
hi, i am having a really hard time to install this theme and make adjustments please help. phozeex@gmail.com

Please email us with site admin & ftp details.

I’m trying to make a lightbox popup or a floating image in my site home. I’m not having success. How can I do that? Can you provided me some instructions? For floating image I did this:

Javascript in header.phtml

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.2/jquery.js”></script> <script type=”text/javascript”> $(function() { $(’#close’).click(function() { $(’#banner’).remove(); }); }); </script>

CSS in styles.css


bottom:400px; left:560px; position:fixed; width:auto; z-index:9999; height:auto; }

CSM page Home -

<!- DIV que o js reconhece para fechar. Se mudar aqui, mude no arquivo com o JS tb -> <map name=”Map”> <area shape=”circle” coords=”409,21,22” id=”close”> <!- ID que o JS reconhece para iniciar o fechamento da DIV. -> <area shape=”rect” coords=”130,1,303,51” href=”http://www.agoradecora.com.br” target=”_blank”> <!- Use o DREAMWEAVER para editar image maps—> </map>

But it didn’t work. Can you help me on this issue? Thank you.