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Sent u a mail with the my site login after you told me, this was 2 weeks ago. I have a problem with the translating the shopping cart dropdown.

Please get back to me.

Good day,

i seem to be having a little issue with the Group Tab section (top rated, most popular, other tabs). the items seem to hover off a little bit:

I coded it the same as on my demo site, and issues still pursist www.fahqletsfight.com and demo site is www.nevertest.me/11

any advice would be appreciated.


want to use a different zoom on my product page. How can I deactivate the standard zoom? Is the theme compatible with Magiz Zoom?

It’s been several days and I’ve sent you a personal message, can I get a response? This glitch is ruining a great project and I need your assistance.

The slide is not functioning properly www.fahqletsfight.com. The items are mis aligned and I’ve poured through the code and can’t seem to find the fix. I’ve tried RAW tags and adding DIV tags as several sites suggested when dealing with TABGROUP but non of those are working. It’s simply not functioning properly.


Ok, I “Think” i figured out the issue but I would love for you tto reply.. I think the latest update to the Page Builder added some <p></p> tags in some white space of your [stylo_products] short code. can you confirm?

You haven’t replied to anyone’s messages for 2 weeks. It doesn’t look good. Do you have a support system? Or is this another WYSIWYG theme with no support. We will buy extended licences if we can get some replies to the above questions and this one. Is this built using Visual Composer? Thanks.

kolonel Purchased

Hey there,

I am noticing that the 3 zoom boxes below the slider in the demo are not centered. Can this be rectified?

Regards Rob

Hi, I just installed Stylo however the plugin Revolution Slider isn’t installing. I get the following error message “Downloading install package from /var/www/clients/client3/web23/web/wp-content/themes/stylochildtheme/functions/tgm-plugin-activation/plugins/revslider.zip…

Download failed. A valid URL was not provided.”

Please advise.