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Nice design.!! Good luck!!

Thank you for yours words. :-)

Thank you drupalet. :-)

Beautiful theme buddy!!!!! Very nice work!!!!! ;)

Thankuuuu juanmita___ :-)

Do you have screenshots of the manager controls? How does the user create new blog posts with ease and do you have examples of what an expanded post looks like? Rather than just linking the “read more” button to “index”.

Also, did you create proper TV’s for changing images and content? Or is this just another raw HTML template that was uploaded to MODx and then packaged out as a “MODx theme”

hello kzimarik, All of our MODX templates are full of tv’s for changing almost whole of the template content and it is not a raw html template, u can edit whatever u want from the template variables. If u want the blog section working then stay tuned, we will shortly come up with the updates.

great design

is it possible to add menu-items and sections for new “pages”?

Hi tomvanminnebruggen, Thank you for appreciating our work. Yes the documentation provided with the theme covers the whole and if you want further assistance then we are here available for your help.

thanks. is it possible to see a demo-version of the modx-section, so that i can see it is what i’m looking for before i buy it?

yes Give us your email and we will send you the .jpegs of modx-section. We will provide you the full support if you want to do furthermore with the design. Thank You vmwebdesign.

great design
Yes, I agree, it really is a great template.
yes Give us your email and we will send you the .jpegs of modx-section.

Please send me too screenshots of modx sections.

Hello vantuziast, Screenshots and other information has been sent to your email. Please check. Once again thank you for appreciating our work.

This is the Joomla version, correct?

Hi uppaway,

This is the modx version.

I sent you a question for a week ago , are you supporting what you sale?

Thanks for Purchase,

We have sent you an email regarding your query.

Great work GJ-Designs! This is the first template that I’ve purchased on ThemeForest, and for what I needed, I knew that whatever template I’ve purchased would require some work. That being said, for the price, the template was well worth it.

One thing I noticed is that the template uses Bootstrap 3.0. Because they changed the way responsive works in Bootstrap 3.1 (a large improvement IMO) you might want to show that. I don’t think you’ve mislead people, but I think clarifying it (or updating it to 3.1) would be a good idea.

Thanks for purchase,

Your suggestion has been noted by our team and we will shortly work on this.


i’m not hosting with modx cloud. the version i have is very different than your documentation. i do not have “Media/core/packages” under “Files Tab” anywhere . The folders i have is assets, connector, manager. where do i install it

Thanks for purchase

Please give your email so that we can send you details

I cant scroll down in this live demo, why?

Hello Grafikhorst,

First select one from 3 demos then you can see.

Thanks & Regards,

Hello, Yesterday I purchased “STYZO – Responsive One Page MODX Theme”. Is it possible to obtain the main page image of the woman with the horse that you displayed with style 1 in your advertisement? Thank you.

hey dpodgors,

Thanks for buying our theme. Can you provide your email so that we can help?


I have determined what images I will use. Thank you for responding so quickly. You do excellent work!

Thanks :)


Nice template, is it possible to add multiple page and also add multiple menu on the header section?

Just to give you an idea the menu is somewhat like this http://www.ox.ac.uk/

Hi, How can i do so that on the main page will be the certain amount of pictures pinned

Hello ghoul666,

Can you explore more so that we can get you properly.

While adding photos to separate sections, they are automatically being added together to one shared folder. Is it possible to look for 12 photos in this shared folder selectively?

no more than 12 photos in the section all


I couldnt find modx manual, the documentation is for wordpress. I think i made a wrong template purchased by mistake :( is there a way to get the modx version

hey ayafoo, you can contact envato support for money back.


I really like your MODX template, would be possible to hire you to customize styzo template?

I’m fairly new to modx, I normally develop joomla, drupal and wordpress CMS. I am in a middle of proposing a web site for a client and the design somewhat close to the template you created. I would like to know what is your going rate for custom design based on Styzo template. I will send you a link of the design that i created to give you an idea how I want the layout to be. Thanks

1. main top image has buttons to navigate to all the sliders. 2. implement a multipage 3. Dropdown menu 4. add a drawer menu for other links

Hey ayafoo,

Add me on skype “gj-designs” and ping me there.

thanks great! i will contact you soon

Hi Guys,

Im doing the site for a friend who bought it about 4 week ago . I do have a problem with the contact. Im just cant find a possiblity to change the map. I replaces all of the adress part, but it still shows the original map of mahilpur. Can you give me a hint?

Thanks Jane

Once again, hey guys,

I finaly solved my problem, but there is an error in styzo1 regarding the map. There is one file missing, while another is containing the hardcoded address somewhere in india. The dynamic_js which is containing the field google_map_adress seem to be not in use anywhere and has a wrong marker.

If you are interested in my “research” please contact me, and I still would prefer a version where the client can fill in the adress without being a modxler for 10 years. So long, besides that, I like the theme :-)

PS: Dont worry, its allways the same, if there is one error within a thing – even a small – I will find it because they allways find me :-)

OK, thats the problem, if one hasn’t done it by herself: looking for errors ins the wrong section. ;-) So while still some strange hardcoded rests remain and a missing file, here ist the real problem and very simple solution:

After installing the Theme, the ressources dynamic css and dynamic js had assigned to the wrong Template “Basic Templates” which results in an html page – bad. Changing the template to “empty” solved the problems, both files are recognized now. Maybe that had happend during Themepackaging.

So after fixing that, the site will be ready today, in a very nice and simple design, thankx for that Jane

Thanks blogitjane, :)


I buy the stynzo theme today and have a problem by installing it.I got the mesaage by uploading the style.css Stylesheet is missing.

Hello, we’re facing 2 issues: the gmap location not being set. It always shows the previous location.(According to doc we just need to change address in resource manager).

Second, the contact form is not working .It always shows error in form (I just changed the recipient mail and subject for testing ).

The public page actually hangs with the preloader animation.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks and regards, Fabian